UFO Sighting over British Army base in UK & Air Traffic cover up

Hello guys, I registered on here to share a sighting of a UFO over a military base in the UK. I wasnt really sure if people would be interested in this, as most would try explain it away as “something military”. I am currently serving in the British Army and have been since 2005. I do not want to disclose my unit / regiment on here for obvious reasons. What I witnessed was absolutely not UK Military Aviation / Test aircraft etc – I am “aviation aware” as we say in the military, and have 10 years experience in this field, therefore I have to put this down to being a UFO.

Also, to be perfectly honest – I was s*** scared. My gut feeling was awful, and it felt like what I could see was almost magnetic in that I could look away. I know this seems crazy, but if anyone is interested in this, send me a reply on here and I will happily tell my story.

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