UFO Sighting in Wath upon Dearne, England on 2017-04-06 21:45:00 – Bright white ufo ascends with red burner then vanishes

Actually 2nd time in a week witness exact same event.
white light going through sky with no sound gradually ascending getting smaller then a red glow then vanishes.
both times in distance a commercial plane coming towards ufo and one following behind the ufo at a slower pace both planes with flashing lights.
on 2nd event it was pretty much identical to the first time i see it with planes again but on 2nd event a helicopter arrived within minutes to circle around several times but at a much lower altitude, quite possibly just a coincidence.
i am convinced it wasnt anything other than a ufo and if i see this from ground level then both airliners definately see what i saw alot clearly than i did.
this happened in the same area im convinced theres a portal which my wife also see with me and we also video the event and posted it to facebook for a friend to see (he was amazed)some time ago and it was deleted from facebook along with any other copy even from phone!

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