UFO Sighting in Warner Robins, Georgia on 2018-01-18 19:30:00 – Saw several small lights and one bright light and what seemed to be a triangle shape craft

This will be the third one i’ve reported since oct. my sister who was aware of my previous sightings, was keeping sn eye in the sky as i saw the same last night. she called and told us to look outside and there it was. the same bright light every one else has seen it seems, only mine was tainted slightly by a street light. after the lihjy started to fade i was able to see what looked like the silhouette of a triangle. i couldn’t get video in time so i snapped a quick photo. it also seems to look like a triangle.My husband who is active duty military saw the same and it just took off so fast it left like a trail. never seen anything like it. soon after fighters and oth3r jets were launched and there was an odd military jet i’ve not seen here flying low over ism i noticed what looked like fighters circling the airspace. i don’t think it was any type odrill because if so, either he (husband) can’t say ot anyhow ill attach the photos

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