UFO Sighting in Thetford, on 2018-01-21 03:30:00 – What appeared to be a reddish orange star pulsating then dimming for a matter of minutes.

At 3.25-30am my partner woke me up to observe a strange star, it was orangey red, (reddish orange if you will) pulsating it would shine bright for up to 45seconds then dim out for up to 3 minutes, almost long enough to question ever seeing a light to begin with. only to begin glowing back to a brilliant orange, almost white light, for again, roughly 45 seconds and then dim, it was low, low enough certainly to not be mistaken for a star, i would pass it off as a satalite if it moved.. but it just pulsated for a total of 20 minutes before just fading to black,

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