UFO Sighting in Stateline, Nevada on 2018-01-19 22:30:00 – It was lightly snowing and i looked up to sky and saw a small skein of snow geese. they moved quicker and became larger- above, they banked a right turn and disappeared into the mountains.

1- smoking a cigarette and standing in a gas station parking lot.
2- it was a glowing v shape in the sky.
3- a small skein of snow geese.
4- chevron shaped, 7 lights, level flight ( approximately 500 ft above).
5- after realizing that the chevron was lit, and not a flock of snow geese- i was very surprised. i exited my vehicle to take a closer look. their speed increased dramatically as they got closer, passed over me, and then they banked over the mountains and disappeared into the current snow storm.
6-the chevron banked along the side of the mountain and i lost sight of them.

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