UFO Sighting in Springfield, Missouri on January 9th 2016 – Viewed across a small park, light appeared, brightened, then slowly pulsated, then disintegrated.

My girlfriend and I were parked in the lot of a park near our college cuddling in the backseat. It was just after 11 PM when a bright light pierced through the darkness and shone directly onto us. Our first initial thought was that someone had a flashlight and was walking towards the vehicle to tell us to leave because it was after hours–maybe a cop or something. I squinted at it to see if I could determine the source of the light and it looked as if it were coming from a window of a house that was towards that end of the park. She was antsy and wanted to leave but I was mesmerized. We were stating our observations aloud, trying to piece together what the light was. It had a yellow-orange tint, similar to some surrounding street lights, so another theory I had on the spot was that a street lamp was shorting. As I observed, the light seemed to grow brighter, almost as if it was coming towards us. It was a fair distance away and hovered at first-floor-window height in accordance with house behind it, so probably a few feet from the ground, though it was hard to tell. The light grew and then rapidly shrank, making it easier to focus on. That’s when I saw that it wasn’t coming from the pole of a street lamp or a cop car’s spotlight, or any human holding a flashlight. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It wasn’t displaying a beam, so that ruled out a few possible sources. It grew back to its original strength and then seemed to pulsate very slowly between extremely bright and moderately bright, then it slowly dimmed until it disappeared completely. It was then that I got a good look at where it seemed to be emitting from and concluded that theres no way it could’ve come from the house’s window. As it was dimming, I could see the window behind it. The shudders were unaffected, they didn’t have a glow behind them. When the light was completely gone, I could see that it hadn’t lined up with the window directly either. It then struck me that what I had witnessed was supernatural in nature.

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