UFO Sighting in Salford, on 2018-01-19 22:20:00 – Light appeared similar to meteor, except it stopped, waited, and moved at 90 degs again!

I was watching the sky in my usual chill out spot when i spotted what i thought was a meteor. it was a bright white light that increased in intensity as it appeared to enter the atmosphere, as you would expect a meteor to. however, it slowed down and came to a stop, and as it was slowing down the light faded.

after a second or two at most, the light reappeared in the same location, but made a white streak across the sky (aprox 5degs) at 90 degrees to the direction it entered.

it was as though a ufo expected to land behind cloud cover, but missed and had to re-adjust its location. call me insane, but i know what i saw, and i cannot explain it any other way.

i have never seen a ufo before, i’m 29 years old, and it made me have a breakdown about an hour later when it started sinking in what had happened. elated at first, disillusioned and terrified later on…

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