UFO Sighting in Salem, New Hampshire on September 17th 2014 – Black flying objects observed in video taken, at least 3

This sighting I only recgonized last night (2/7/16) but occured in the early fall of 2014. I was outside my old work taking a video as I did quite often (I am a prop mamipulator). I thought it was just a normal video this whole time, until last night when I couldnt sleep. I found myself going through old videos on my instagram account (I have a 15 second clip saved on my smartphone so I dont need to send a link). I clicked on one & a black object caught my eye. At first I was skeptical & thought it was a bird, until I searched on my facebook page and found the whole video. I noticed it firstly at 2:27, but upon further investigation I found that these objects appeared as early as :09 seconds in. They would be visible in one spot, then disappear. The more I watched it(which I would pause frame for frame) the more I would watch these objects move around & fade or move further from its spot throughout the same second. At 2:27 the object comes up from behind my head, & as I slowed it, I watched it dis purse into 2 objects. I paused it, screen shotted it when the object was one, then again as it changed into 2. THEN I noticed a 3 black object. They moved kind of in a pattern but at the same time its hard to tell because I am dancing in the video. They seemed to come out of no where in the clouds. I dont know any bird that can multiply itself in mid flight. My feelings are confused. My first ufo sighting was when I was at 5 years old, & have seen more since this sighting. Ive always kind of thought I was watched by something, but never contacted. I also dont know to many kids that checked out books on aliens in first grade(I did), & have been intriuged from a young age. I lost sight of the objecys many times(as they can go invisible). I just want help figuring out what it is. I can attach many screenshots & the 15 second clip. If mufon thinks its actually something I would love to be contacted by the nhmufon head so I could possibly discuss & review the whole video with them. Please let me know your thoughts. I have showed many friends the video and my boyfriend. My boyfriend thought I was just being my usual alien self until he saw the video as well. I dont know an exact number on whos viewed it. Sorry the photos are so blurry, as I had to zoom in.

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