UFO Sighting in Placitas, New Mexico on July 1st 2016 – saw lights in clouds moving in a circle counter clockwise-lasted 20 minutes

i stepped out on my patio before going to bed and looked up at the sky to see if i could see the stars/milky way (as i do almost every night in summer). it was mostly overcast. my patio is on the south side of my house and as i looked toward the foothills to my left (southeast) i caught a light out of the corner of my eye up in the clouds, streaking across the sky. when i turned to look directly at it, i saw quite a few more all moving in the same direction. i was baffled. my first thought was that it was car headlights in the distance bouncing off the clouds. then as i continued to watch, i realized the lights were not bouncing off the bottom of the cloud cover but were in it-and appeared to be going in a large circle. as i continued to watch, i could occasionally glimpse the lights moving in the opposite direction as they went around the back side-which confirmed the circular motion. i was home alone and got a bit freaked so i came inside, shut off the light and watched through the bedroom window. i noticed my stomach was knotted-still is. this continued for about 20 minutes-white lights going clockwise. initially there were multiple lights in quick succession but as i continued to watch, there were just two close together (for a couple minutes)- then it was just one light going around. the circle it transcribed was huge and it remained stationary the entire time. i finally walked over to my bed, sat down and got on my laptop to see if i could find any other reports of this. i pulled up a reporting site and filed it there. after filing, there was a notice the site was down with technical issues. i also noticed others stating they reported their sightings here so i decided to do the same. but first i went back to the window to check the lights. as i could no longer see them, i went outside. the clouds had thinned and cleared up in most areas (though not completely in that area) but there appeared to be no longer any sign of it.

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