UFO Sighting in Nixon, Texas on 2017-09-02 09:30:00 – Thought i was looking at maes until it started moving

I live in the country. just moved here. we live on a ranch with 70 acres. well, we don’t have light pollution so the sky is really clear. 9/2/17 around 9:45 i just looked at the sky for a long time and thought i was looking at mars. but then it starts to travel. it was going straight and then it started going in a up and down motion. then i see another one heading towards the other one. i could tell they weren’t planes because the flashing wasn’t like a plane. it’s hard to verbalize and describe this flash. and get this, it’s so quiet here i could hear them. and it sounded like a distorted deep humming noise. then it flashed several colors so fast i couldn’t keep track of all the colors. once they came to each other they stopped for a while then just kept traveling but in that wavy motion. i could only keep my eye on one at a time so i kept watching one, then looked for the other one and kept watching again. now i look back again to look for the other one and it was gone.

last night, 9/6/17 around 9:45pm

i went outside to see if i could get more glimpses of what i saw the other night. so i watched the clear sky. spotted 3 planes. then finally, i spotted what looked to be a star that looked like what i saw the other night. it wasn’t moving at first but then it began to move, and started moving in a circle motion. and then it stopped doing that and just kept still. and i was about to go inside because being in the field can be dangerous. possibility of wild life. anyway, before i started heading back, i see it’s flicker start to fade away, but i just kept walking. i turned back again and it was gone.

furthermore, the picture i will share was a attempt of me trying to get a picture of the solar eclipse but ended up catching something else. i enhanced the contrast to see it better btw.

i want to be heard! i can’t talk about what i’ve seen to people because they either think i’m crazy or they don’t believe me. please someone who runs this website. please contact me back!

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