UFO Sighting in Muncie, Indiana on February 7th 2016 – Bright Yellow/White light

At 7:10AM I had just clocked out of work and was in the process of walking to my car. I looked across the parking lot and to the North over the tree line I noticed a very bright Yellow/White light slowly moving toward the South. I could not tell the exact distance to the object but based on aircraft I have seen in the area I would estimate it to be less than a mile away. It was just around daybreak and the sky to the East was beginning to brighten however this object was easily brighter than anything I’ve ever seen in the sky easily brighter than landing lights on planes. The object made no noise whatsoever and was traveling very slow. If it were a helicopter I would have expected to hear a noise at that distance. I watched the object for just under 10 minutes and it did not close the distance to my area it seemed. I unlocked my car and placed my work bag on the seat, as I turned back to where I’d seen the object there was now nothing. The total time it had taken me to unlock my door and place my bag would have been less than 10 seconds. If it were an aircraft I would have been able to see it if it had turned to the east or west. The only thing that was visible at that point was a jet at a very high altitude to the east of my location traveling to the south east.

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