UFO Sighting in Marblehead, Massachusetts on 2016-06-20 21:40:00 – I was driving and saw 2 lights ahead, hovering just above the tree-line. there appeared to be light coming from it, like a helicopter beam, but that light wasn’t there once i got close to it.

I waited a long time to submit this because i have had trouble describing what i saw and have been looking for reports of anything similar. i came across mufon case 75504 and finally, saw a object/experience that was like my own. i also had another experience a few months later, in september, which has video but a completely different type of “object” or objects(multiple). anyway, on 6/20/16, i was driving home from vinnin square, down tedesco st.,into marblehead. tedesco is a long, straight road. the first intersection is a 4-way stop. it’s visible from a decent distance on tedesco. driving toward it, i noticed 2 headlight-like lights, very bright, hovering not too far above the tree-line. i also thought i saw light coming down from the object, and assumed it was a helicopter. i wondered what was going on-what had happened. i expected some sort of movement, even hovering, helicopters tend to “waver,” as do their lights, but it held steady. there is an elementary school on the corner and i was also expecting that it might move to land there, or that another would appear and land. it was a very quiet night, there was no one else on the road. this whole time, i was coming up on the intersection, waiting for some sign of…Anything, and it still just wasn’t moving at all. i had deliberately slowed down to watch and to try catch the red light–there was no one behind me, so i went very slowly and let it turn red, and still the object just sat there. i swear to you, i don’t know why, but i 100% felt it “knew” i was looking at it, and it was looking at me. we sat like that for about 10 seconds and then it started moving toward me. i rolled my window the rest of the way down and at the same time, was detaching my phone and turning off the music because i felt i needed to pay attention. still, “intellectually,” i guess, i was sort of expecting that with the window wide open and the music off, i’d hear the sound of a helicopter and see the wind generated by one, but there was nothing. it was noiseless. no wind. it had gotten a little lower in those 2 seconds or so and was just beyond the intersection it got almost right in front of me, then smoothly veered to the right–up maple st., diagonally, as if heading toward salem or out to sea, and was gone from sight. the lights in the intersection and on the “vehicle” turned it into a fuzzy silhouette. it looked like it had corners and curves. there were more lights on it, but i didn’t see the beam-like light anymore. i wasn’t sure i had seen it at all. i wrote 2 facebook posts about it right after.

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