UFO Sighting in Ludowici, Georgia on 2017-08-18 22:30:00 – I had just got home from working late i parked in my driveway walked around the truck to get my computer bag out looked up like i always do and i said what are you to the sky then the bright flashes of light started to appear

I was about to open my passenger door to get my computer out and go inside. i looked up as always and i saw the stars clustered together and i said what are you. at that point i saw a flash of light and i just thought it was a shooting star. i kept looking up and saw the flashed of light many more times it looked metallic but i argued with myself because the sky w dark and the object was so far away. i went inside to get my wife and kids to tell them to come and see. by the time they got outside it was not visible anymore.

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