UFO Sighting in Long Lake, Minnesota on July 1st 1980 – I observed an egg shaped airborne, flying craft,15-20 ft. diameter, flying west to east at approx. 80 mph

I was traveling alone, by car, stopped at the intersection of Us Hwy 12 and Hennepin County road 6. ( This intersection has now been changed significantly) This area is about midway between the towns of Long Lake and Maple Plain, Mn. I (and my car) was facing south, waiting to turn west onto Hwy 12.
I noticed a flying craft, heading east, paralleling U.S. 12. It was the exact color and shape of a common chickens egg, (white variety). The diameter I estimate at 15-20 ft. i estimate the speed at approx. 80 MPH. I estimate the altitude at 300 ft.(maximum). It was well under the intermittent cumulus cloud cover.
It was right in front of me. I had an excellent view for 5-8 (?) seconds.
I knew immediately it was not something recognized by mainstream science. I knew it was what is commonly referred to as a UFO, likely extraterrestrial in origin. I was neither frightened nor particularly surprised.
I lost sight of the craft as it headed east, out of view.
I have extensive experience working visually with distances and altitudes.

I have 2 other personal sightings of differing (UFO) craft, ( one with an additional witness). Both occurred within a mile of this sighting location.
I will submit them separately.
I have a family member who had an interesting sighting while as a child in the 1940’s.

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