UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2018-01-07 13:35:00 – Multiple shiny objects mostly spheres and some pill looking ones

I was standing on sidewalk of frank sinatra dr., facing south when i noticed a plane (from the southwest) giving a chem- trail that was thicker and whiter then usual. i followed it until it was just right above me, when i noticed what appeared to look like a bunch of balloons above the planes path. after focusing more on the “balloons” i realized that were very shiny, metallic layer on them and that they were perfect spheres, and that they were the same size of the plane flying by with the chem trail, but higher up. the objects were in a mass group with the spheres in the front and pill-like objects towards the rear. the plane with the trail, was traveling northeast while the objects were in perfect line with the planes trail traveling southwest as if to cover the objects. as this was happening there was another plane below the plane with the trail and the objects, traveling a high rate of speed towards the southwest appeared to look like a fighter jet. about two minutes after watching this a blackhawk helicopter flew right over head, maybe about 100 ft. above ground moving very fast, heading north. i was overwhelmed at the time but managed to capture some photos.

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