UFO Sighting in Lancaster, South Carolina on 2018-01-19 23:15:00 – Wife and i saw 2 oval shapes, moving in different directions with very bright lights.

My wife and i went outside for a cigarette and saw the objects in the sky. there were 2 of them, fairly close together. they seemed silvery with lights that were reddish and a few green. they moved at different speeds and moved up, down, left, and right. they seemed to hover/vibrate/pulsate as they weren’t still. a tiny red light moved from the one on the right…..The red light moved from the right of the object at an angle really fast and seemed to go to the ground. we got our binoculars and could see the shapes better, like long, oval, cigar shapes. also could see the lights, like a ring of red around the middle. this was not a plane, helicopter…..Nothing i ever saw in the air force moved in the many directions these objects moved.

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