UFO Sighting in Hammonton, New Jersey on 2017-12-02 02:18:00 – Wow….Purple like so bright blue light ever seen .No fire no trailing smoke not a shooting star was a ship i felt it first.Then seen it.

Driving home from atlantic city new jersey after 2am heading nw on ac express way on 12/2/2017 felt this thing like power in the sky to my left i thought it was a nuclear missile, very scary, there was 2 other people in the car with me , i was in the passager seat everyone seen it. we all seen the same thing.It was about 1 mile before the winslow township route 73 exit . i seen a air craft like a missile silver thing and had lights like..Then it turn soooo bright blue..The blueish blue i ever seen it wasnt a half mile above land i thought it was going to hit land and crash but it didnt it was travel with a high speed an seemed to pick up even more speed and it was gone…Just wow….Blue like a blue diamond glue just wow…

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