UFO Sighting in Greenfield, Ohio on 2015-11-20 00:00:00 – A gray vortex opened up in my back yard and entities have been coming and going in and out of it

Filled out at mufon headquarters with witness on the phone, by field investigator l. flechtner 108809 on april 11th, 2017
witness set up several inferred cameras in his yard because he had things missing. while looking at the inferred pictures he saw a gray vortex open and shoot out several orb creatures.They seem to come in and out of the vortex. the vortex is near the ground. the biggest one is a white round one, with eight legs and is tapered in the front. witness calls her the mommy one, the second one is smaller and is orange with eight legs. they seem to have smaller ones with them and the smaller ones have been known to fight.
witness thinks their antics caused his tv to blow out. they seem to have a force field around them. witness can not see them with the naked eye.

witness has no internet so witness will send the pictures to mufon hq and we will forward them to the assigned f.I.

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