UFO Sighting in Florence, Kentucky on July 15th 2014 – Was leaving girlfriends apartment with girlfriend when we noticed 7 objects flying that came right over head and continued until our of sight

My girlfriend & I were leaving her apartment complex, she was driving & I was riding passenger, when before even leaving the complex parking lot we noticed these lights flying over head coming in our direction. We witnessed them coming towards us & I asked her what they were. Not knowing but very curious she stopped the car & we both got out to observe the objects. We observed 7 objects all together fly directly overhead of us in a straight line , one after another, until they flew out of sight. The first five objects were going pretty fast and about the same speed. Following them though at a bit of a slower more lagging speed were two more objects of the same origin. The difference though in the first five objects and the last two is the color varied from Orange I the first five top the following two being more of a yellow Cole. The objects almost just resembled lie a glowing orb or star but that was low abd flying following one another. I honestly have no idea what they were.

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