UFO Sighting in Fall River, Massachusetts on January 9th 2015 – driving on 195 south in westport/dartmouth/fall river area and saw flaming obect fall from skill leaving a trail

I was driving on 195 south coming from the cape cod area .. while in westport dartmouth area going by whites restaraunt .. I saw to my left a flaming object …. looked like a comet of sorts but then burst and descended toward the ground .. it was about a mile away in the fall river area … I could not help but notice because it was very strange experience for myself … at first I thought it was a comet and then it burst into flames and I thought was that some sort of space junk … lol … I knew it was something that was not typical to be seeing in the sky…. it seemed to of disentegrated into the atmosphere as it was falling from the sky.

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