UFO Sighting in Duncan, Oklahoma on April 18th 2012 – Large orange red orbs light larger than a harvest moon at the lorizon. Appeared suddenly for about 20 seconds then contracted. Appeared again about 100 ft away for about 20 secs.

I was setting on my front porch about 3 40 in the morning and noticed a suddenly appearing orange red orbs light . It was present for about 20 seconds and then appeared to collapse to the center. I got a good look at it and just set there and wondered what it was. ablout s15 minutes later it appeared again same size and color. It had moved about 100 feet but was at the same height. It again disappeared in a collapsing fasion with out making any sound whatsoever. I went in the house and got my binoculars and came back out to look for it but saw nothing in the night sky. It was a moonless morning and very dark. I was not afraid or bothered by watching it just wondered what it was. I have seen ufos before in my lifetime.

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