UFO Sighting in Colchester, England on August 21st 2014 – Starlike thing in the air. Looked like headlights from a plane lit it up more and it moved out of the path of the plane. A flew off changing directions.

Me and a friend was in my garden smoking a cigarette when we noticed a airoplane flying over and we’re intreged about its bright headlights. We watch as it flew over and I notice something which I thought was a star but it got brighter by the planes headlights and seemed to move up suddenly out of the path of the plane. That’s when I pointed it out to my friiend. When the planed passed it moved very quickly, maybe as fast as the plane in a different direction, but not going in a straight line. It then seemed to disappear into the darkness getting further away. We were both quite confused about this because of the way it moved and how quick it was. So I thought I’d report it and see if any pilots happened to report anything from the same sort of time, date and area.

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