UFO Sighting in Cincinnati, Ohio on 2015-11-11 00:00:00 – I was driving home and i saw a very large circular craft, silver grey in color, just 20 feet off the ground, just hovering. i don’t remember what happened after that.

Filled out online with witness on the phone at mufon hq, by field investigator l. flechtner #18809 on 4/19/2017

i was driving home on delhi street, about 3 am, coming home from my mother’s house.
i was going north and turned east. that’s when i saw this huge circular craft hovering 20 feet off the ground.
i really don’t remember what happened after that.
i feel i was abducted because i have missing time.
i see tracers on anything that moves and my eyes glow.
i have had dreams of aliens and craft ever since that night.
i don’t have a computer, but i’ll try to take the experiencer questionnaire online as suggested.

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