UFO Sighting in Cambridge, Ontario on September 16th 2014 – watched as 3 stars danced and disapeared in the middle of the day!

Sept16/2014 .. today my neighbor my wife and i watched 3 stars take different formations and sometimes disapear behind clouds or by some trick of the light. I have pictures and original sd card but not the current means to transfer them to the site as this is on my phone.. i told the story better twice to have the page mess up on me so this is the short version.. would love to hear anything about what these objects could be as its not the first time weve seen these.. also while looking at these stars i got little sparkles of light aswell but figured it was just from staring so hard.. would love to share my photos and hear any theories or similar sightings thanks.. for 40 minutes they hovered and danced around one another settling sometimes in a lin or triangle was very weird yet exciting…

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