UFO Sighting in Buffalo, New York on July 11th 2015 – Black Conical Domed UFO Floats Over Elmwood Village, Buffalo, NY July 11, 2015

I’ve been sitting on these photos for a while for various reasons. As soon as I started documenting the geoengineering activities laying waste to the skies, anomalous objects started appearing that I had trouble comprehending. Pulsating lights, silver orbs floating in sky, appearing and disappearing, and this object, which I still cannot identify. A friend of a friend also saw the same thing about a mile away from my location. Drone? I don’t know. Never seen a shapeshifting drone before. The object was completely silent unlike a noisy drone. It was pitch black and moved swiftly, horizontally. I was taking pictures of the sky when the object emerged into view from behind a tree. All photos taken at 20:25 EST from Elmwood and Lafayette Avenue with zoomed in screen shots following original photos. Notice the change in shape of object from first appearance to later photos.

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