UFO Sighting in Bristol, England on March 4th 2012 – seen so many the closest one was the scariest all started around 2012 london olympics

Hi i would like to Start with it all happend around 2012 olympics i have Seen ufo alone One after another andd around 15 flying together i have so many sighting That i dont Know where tp start i have shown all my friends when i Spot One to the point we’re they beleive but the main One ii want to report i was stood outside with a cigarette with my girlfriend as Usual when a huge ufo went past so big i was petrified it was so close i normaly Run Inside but it has me motionless i was so scared i thpught they wanted me it was so silent i couldnt belive it it before this i had Seen 50+ always the Same direction anyway it felt like it wanted to be seen this happehappend again 2 times bit Not as close i haave so many i dont Know wehre to Start and this is wehre you might belive me since the olympics 2 years ago i have Seen less then 10 ufo i Would be happey to Reports the. Others but im on mmy phone and its hard to Type

One more thing everytime it was silent bright white light i fealt i weird sort of scared
The date and times i entered are wrong as it happend so many times

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