UFO Sighting in Birmingham, on May 16th 2015 – weird lights and pure speed

Saw a bright light bigger and bigger than other lights in sky.
Not far from local airport but weren’t a plant as only one white light.
I was driving home and one second the light was to my right then a second later was to my left but in the distance. Has I kept it in sight I noticed it started hovering in the distance and was a white light in a circle shadow which was stationery but no noise. Then a second light appeared the same as the first light but underneath, it slowly went into the original light.
Which then turned into 4 individual lights of a more square nature, they lot up one by one till all for was lit up and then the lights disappeared and the craft had vanished also.

I called my wife to let her know what I’d seen who didn’t believe me as normal but only found this site today to report my sighting to.

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