UFO Sighting in Antioch, California on 2018-01-22 21:10:00 – traveling east bound hwy 4 about 21:10 and saw what i thought was a large plane and when pointed out to my wife she said it just hovering. i lookes back over head and saw a large black triangle with a white light at each point, leading light was flashi

i was traveling on hwy 4 east bound in the area of antioch,ca, contra costa county at about 9:10 pm returning home with my wife from a class when i saw two lights from what i thought was a large plane. i pointed it out to my wife and said that the plane was flying pretty low for such a big plane. i’m a retired fire captain from the san francisco bay area. it caught my attention because a commercial passenger plane would not be in this area so low unless it was in some kind of trouble. i saw two solid white lights and one white light blinking. my wife then looked over and said it’s not a plane it’s just hovering. as i looked back over i could now see the solid black triangle hovering about 2-300 ft to my left and about 300 ft in the air.The two solid lights were on the outside edges of the triangle with the leading light blinking. since i was driving my wife continued to watch it and said it had turned and was now above us. she had opened the moon roof and i could see it clearly. when i had first seen it , it was pointed to the west and now was pointed south/west. i pulled off the nearest off ramp and got back on the freeway heading west to continue watching. by the time i had got turned around it had disappeared in the steam cloud produced by the hydro electric company. we then pulled off the freeway again and positioned our self’s below the steam cloud waiting for it to reappear. we waited several minuets and was unable to see it again.
when i first made it out to be a triangle i was slightly excited cause i’ve belonged to mufon in the past and was just looking ate some old mufon magazines last night. i said to my wife ” it;s the triangle ufo i’ve shown you and talked about”. the amazing part is that now we were both seeing it as clear as can be.

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