16 April 1897
(Deseret Evening News, Great Salt Lake City, Utah)
Source: Universityof Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Quote from the article:
“People in Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois and Iowa seem to have been agitated lately over the appearance of something they believe to be an airship, and others a star. A farmer living in the vicinity of Sioux City, Iowahas given publicity to a story to the effect that he, about midnight on the 3rd of this month saw a strange light in a cornfield. He knew there was no house there. As he came nearer he saw a cigar-shaped object about 35 feet long and under it a gondola. The captain of the craft, the farmer says, suddenly discovered him, gave an order and away went the airship.”


Satellite photo of Sioux City, Iowa(tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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