UFO Documentary to be Filmed in Bridlington (UK)

Russ Kellett

UFO Documentary to be Filmed in Bridlington

By Stewart Paterson

     A UFO investigator is calling for anyone in the Bridlington area who believes they may have seen a UFO, to appear in a new documentary.

Russ Kellett, of Filey, is widely regarded as one of Britain’s foremost UFO investigators and has appeared in both national and international media to talk about his encounters of the third kind.

Russ said: “I want to speak to anyone who believes they’ve had a genuine encounter of the third kind.

“This part of England is a real hot spot for UFOs – I have seen things you wouldn’t believe and plenty of people from the Bridlington area have told me about their own sightings.

“A lot of people who come to me with their stories want to remain anonymous, and I can understand why.”

Over the years Russ and his colleagues has amassed a collection of what they believe is genuine proof that aliens have visited the Bridlington area.

Now Russ’ notoriety has prompted a film company to produce a documentary about his life as a UFO investigator, which will appear on Channel Four or Five. . . .

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