UFO Documentary Film: “Evidencia OVNI: LOS OVNI’s – PROYECTO DE INVESTIGACION Ecuador: ARGENTINA – Pampa, Tango y OVNIS” (“UFO Evidence: UFO’s – RESEARCH PROJECT Ecuador: ARGENTINA – Pampa, Tango and UFOS”)

Source: Jaime Eduardo Rodriguez Tanguay (YouTube channel)
The documentary film is produced and narrated by the Ecuadorian UFO researcher Jaime Eduardo Rodríguez Tanguay.
The documentary contains a night-time UFO video (at 13:49 minutes (Part 1)) (recorded in Victoria, Entre Ríos) and a daytime UFO video (at 24:03 minutes (Part 1)) recorded from the cockpit of an airplane. The daytime UFO video was presented on a Nuevediario (Telenueve) TV news broadcast.
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