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Unseen Realm Video Series on Faithlife TV

Faithlife TV has just added what they’re calling an “Unseen Realm lecture series” to the channel’s content. You need to subscribe to Faithlife TV to watch them. It’s very inexpensive (I think around $5 a month). I hope many of you will do that, as it will encourage Faithlife (my employer, the maker of Logos Bible Software) to do more of that sort of content. Let’s be honest … no one else is doing that. So it’s a good idea to let Faithlife know you want more.

The “lecture series” is actually a series of videos of me summarizing the chapter content of my book The Unseen Realm. These videos would be very useful for introducing people to the content of the book and getting them interested in reading it. So subscribe and show a few to folks that you know need to read The Unseen Realm!

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Teen Captures UFO On Video?

Teen Captures UFO On Video 6-12-17

     During a recent ride home, the student and small business owner pointed his cellphone camera outside and captured an object fly across the night sky.
By Fernie Ortiz

“I told my mom to drive and rolled down the window ’cause I wanted to get footage of where we were recording,” Ceniceros told ABC-7. “As we were going through the same place, I saw, like, a weird looking object.”

Ceniceros thought what he saw was a bird, so he didn’t care much for it. When he got home and uploaded his video, he realized it wasn’t a bird or an owl or anything like that.

“It was actually as UFO, as people might call it,” said Ceniceros, who was shooting a promo video for his screen-printing business.” I wasn’t expecting to find anything at all. I just wanted to get that footage to put in a promo video. But then I was analyzing the video … I just saw that object, and I didn’t know. I thought it was fake at first. I thought that the camera was malfunctioning. But no, it was actually like a UFO.”

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President Kennedy Saw Evidence of Aliens and UFOs? | VIDEO

President Kennedy Saw Evidence of Aliens and UFOs?

A “FORMER pilot” for John F Kennedy has been filmed saying the
assassinated president had seen government evidence of aliens and UFOs.

     The man, who … is seen speaking to camera about a conversation with the president.

He described the pair discussing a newspaper article that mentioned UFOs.

By Jon Austin

The man, who is not named in the clip … says the president asked him what he thought, so he threw the question back at JFK.

He said: “JFK responded, ‘well I asked you first’.”

The man then said he did not think humans could be alone in the universe.

He claimed JFK replied: “You’re right young man, there is considerable knowledge as far as the being of UFOs and the ET phenomenon that we are aware of today.”

Unacknowledged claims to expose years of coverups within the US government over the alleged truth of alien visitations of Earth being kept hidden from the public.

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Registration for MEMRA Module 2 for 2017 Now Open

I just posted the new module registration page for the second module of MEMRA’s 2017 language courses. In case you are not familiar with my MEMRA site, here is an explanation from the landing page:

MEMRA courses provide academic content at a level similar to what would be experienced in a college or seminary course. Students are expected to put sufficient time into coursework. Dr. Heiser has created hundreds of videos to guide students in learning to read / translate each language. Students work through grammar, vocabulary, and exercises aided by these videos according to a 52-week schedule. Dr. Heiser answers student questions via posts inside the Classroom or by email.

This second (and last) module for 2017 offers courses in:

  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew
  • Beginning Biblical Greek
  • Beginning Biblical Aramaic
  • Beginning Ugaritic

Each course is $120 for the entire year. Students are not eliminated from the classroom site after the year is over. Textbooks are sold separately on Amazon. Textbook requirements can be found in the course descriptions.

To register for a course, click here. Registration stays open until July 3. Courses begin on July 17.

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Noted Actor, Kurt Russell Admits Seeing Phoenix Lights UFOs | VIDEO

Noted Actor, Kurt Russell Admits Seeing Phoenix Lights UFOs

     On a recent visit to the BBC’s The One Show, actor Kurt Russell and Chris Pratt were on promoting the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie; in the clip below the host brings up a news story about a
The One Show

pilot’s report of seeing UFOs while on approach at an Arizona airport; Russell interjects and admits that he was indeed that pilot and the event occurred the night of what is now known as The Phoenix Lights.

Interesting to note that in eyewitness, Mike Fortson’s original report, he saw what he described as a huge v-shaped craft very near the Sky Harbor Air Port and believed he was about to see a plane crash and or collision. As in Kurt Russell’s experience the craft and or object did not show up on radar.–FW

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Rendlesham: Colonel Charles Halt Returns to UFO Site | VIDEO

‘Something extraordinary happened here’
– Colonel Charles Halt returns to UFO site in Rendlesham –

     “It brings back old memories,” said retired US Air Force colonel Charles Halt on his return to the spot where, in December 1980, he was at the centre of a UFO mystery in Rendlesham Forest.
By Tom Potter

As deputy commander of Bentwaters and Woodbridge bases, Mr Halt wrote a memo to the Ministry of Defence describing the incident, and recorded what became known as the Halt Tape – made public the following year.

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Star Trek: Discovery – First Look Trailer

U.S.S. Shenzou / Star Trek Discovery

     Last night we got our first good look at the new Star Trek TV series, Discovery; its trailer was packed with some gorgeous shots, as well as new ships, uniforms, and tech of the show, which is set 10 years before the original series. Here’s everything we noticed.
By James Whitbrook

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Barry Gibb of The Legendary Bee Gees Talks UFOs

Barry Gibb

     Barry Gibb, the last remaining member of the Bee Gees, has been looking back on the group’s career, their biggest hits, their friendship with Michael Jackson and his encounters with UFOs.
By Channels Television

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Anniversary of Aurora’s UFO Crash & ‘Alien’ Pilot Pass without Fanfare | VIDEO

Anniversary of Aurora's UFO Crash & 'Alien' Pilot Pass without Fanfare

     AURORA, Texas — An anniversary quietly passed in March without much notice in Aurora, Texas.

By Kevin Reece

The story is Aurora’s biggest. The Dallas Morning News wrote about it in 1987. In the report, they wrote about a “terrific explosion” that occurred when a flying saucer collided with a windmill, and that the”badly disfigured” and deceased pilot “was not an inhabitant of this world.”

There’s an historic marker bearing that same story at the old Aurora Cemetery. Amid the gravestones of Aurora’s founding fathers and mothers, we were able to have a conversation with the city administrator while she sat on a large rock.

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Space Debris: Is The Garbageman (Finally) Moving to Space?

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Space Debris

      Over the past 25 years, the amount of space junk orbiting Earth has grown exponentially, and the problem is bound to get worse: Some experts claim the feared Kessler Syndrome, an unstoppable cascade of collisions, is becoming a reality.
By Tereza Pultarova

The U.S. Space Surveillance Network currently tracks some 18,000 objects larger than 4 inches (10 centimeters), of which only 1,200 are intact, operational satellites. In addition to that, there are 750,000 so-called “flying bullets” about 0.4 inches (1 cm) in size and around 150 million fragments smaller than 1 millimeter.


British firm Hempsell Astronautics has proposed a system dubbed Necropolis that would collect defunct geostationary satellites and deliver them to a single spot in the so-called “graveyard orbit.” This area is situated a few hundred kilometers above the roughly 22,000-mile-high (36,000 km) geostationary ring.

Necropolis would consist of two spacecraft: a Hunter, which collects other spacecraft and pushes them up away from the geostationary ring, and a Terminus, the final parking spot for the no-longer-needed satellites. …

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