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UFO Sighting in Moorpark, California on 2017-06-25 11:24:00 – Cloak failed, i saw “usaf 003” on the tail stab, white paint on black metal or paint. orb.

Sitting in drive thru line, just appeared in my sight line, looking right at it, my eyes hurt to look at it, it is using some kind of neural confusion it was like trying to look at a needle coming at your eye. it gave off some type of electrical interference, and seemed to rotate radially even though it was stationary. it looked big enough to hold one or two people. i could see very clearly on the tail stabilizer usaf 003 in white paint, there were bright silver fixtures and they had solid beacon lights that were white.The tail moved independent of the fuselage, there was a cockpit windscreen/canopy, it was non reflective silver material, that had very odd indentation, it looked like a cookie sheet with a larger section around it to extend it, like a top hat. the electrical interference seemed to pick up, it disturbed another one just like it in formation next to it and i could see an illusion effect and then nothing as the cloak reengaged and they were gone. there was an inaudible pulse like concussion as well i said “holy shit” and it went over the microphone to the drive thru guy and he said “hold on” and it definitely changed the electromagnetism around us something felt off, the air was empty. it felt like a rug had been pulled out from underneath the air, it’s hard to explain.

they were about 400 feet above the 118 overpass in moorpark california, i swear by this statement and its truth. the metal looked old, and was matte like, it did not pick up light like high gloss paint. i’ve been going through books since i came home. it’s good to know it’s us that has this stuff.

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UFO Sighting in Ocean City, Maryland on 2017-06-25 04:10:00 – Saw odd light over the ocean

I woke up this morning at the beach became fixed on a bright light over the ocean. light was much brighter than any star and would go from bright to dim intermittently also looked like it was traveling in and out at high speed to achieve the dimming affect. then disappeared duration about 5 minutes took photo while visible. object did not look like anything that i could debunk it with like plane or helicopter. looked weird

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UFO Sighting in Weaverville, North Carolina on 2017-03-17 16:00:00 – Two black military helicopters flying by, took pictures for my kid and saw object appear in photo that was only milli seconds after previous phot showed nothing. applied filter and zoomed, saw round disk shape with middle light section

Two black military helicopters flying by, took pictures for my kid and saw object appear in photo that was only milli seconds after previous photo showed only the second helicopter. applied filter and zoomed, saw round disk shape with middle light section. didn’t see it with the naked eye while observing helicopters.

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Roswell celebrates 70th anniversary of UFO incident

Roswell Celebrates 70th Anniversary of UFO Incident


The so-called Roswell Incident of 1947 is the reason the city of Roswell started a UFO Festival in 1995 and will host the 2017 festival Thursday, June 29, through Sunday, July 2.

By Ollie Reed Jr.

It’s the reason stores along Main Street sell T-shirts embossed with little green men and slogans such as “Roswell – Green since 1947.”


It started when W.W. “Mac” Brazel, who was running a sheep operation on a ranch 30 miles southeast of Corona, in Lincoln County, found debris scattered in his pasture in the summer of 1947. It was described as lightweight wood, tinfoil, tape, paper and strips of rubber, which sounds mundane enough. Except that some of it has also been described as impervious to fire, knife and hammer and unnaturally resilient.

When Brazel told neighbors about it during the first week of July, they said he might have found wreckage from one of those flying saucers that had been in newspaper stories recently. So Brazel drove down to Roswell Army Air Field and reported his find.

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Mysterious UFO Photographed Over Oshawa, Ontario

Mysterious UFO Photographed Over Oshawa, Ontario 6-21-17

     OSHAWA — Wildlife photographer Ken Rice was out shooting photos on Saturday when something unusual suddenly appeared in his camera lens.
By Parvaneh Pessian

“It came out of no where, this thing,” said the Oshawa resident, who was at the marsh area near the General Motors of Canada headquarters on Colonel Sam Drive at about 7:45 p.m. on June 17 when he noticed the object off in the distance.

“I was walking back to my car and I just saw something pop out of no where, way up high, far away in the sky,” he said.

“I thought it was a big turkey vulture so I just took a picture of it anyway and then it kind of hovered, sat there for a minute and then it took off.”

After returning home, Rice took a closer look at the image and said he has no idea what it could be.

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UFO Sighting in Castro Valley, California on 2011-04-02 00:00:00 – Google earth image, dated 4/2011, only appears on 1 image on this 50 ft long park entrance road – so i assume it was moving?

Google earth image, dated 4/2011, only appears on 1 image on this 50 ft long park entrance road – so i assume it was moving?
in google earch, you must be on the right side of this part entrance/parking area, about half way to the gate. stay zoomed out when looking for the correct spot. other images fwd and back do not show this object in sky, so i assume it moved. could be a small model aircraft, etc. but it is directly over an abandoded nike missle silo sf-31 in san leandro, ca.
found on google earth on 062517.

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UFO Sighting in Indian Shores, Florida on 2017-06-17 00:00:00 – Bright white sphere appears in self photos, it is in various positions on pics.

i was in indian shores, florida taking pics of myself w/ ocean behind me, it was daytime. i did not see object at that time, only when i saw pics
later at home after uploading to pc. the object was very bright white
round sphere. i was standing in same spot mostly, but the object in the pics
seems to have moved a number of times. it shows up on my right side, my left, and high over my head. i use the sun as the reference point.

when i zoom in on pic, the light shows a little red and green on opposite
sides. so that makes me think its not a planet. and not a star, cause they
don’t move like that. anyway, there are other anomalies around the sun, that
could be a photo mess up, i can’t tell exactly why those colors are there.
but the video explains what may have caused it, maybe a photo expert can tell what it is or isn’t. i’m sending this just for the record. the white sphere is the reason i’m sending this. thankx

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UFO Sighting in Wilson, Kansas on 2017-06-17 01:08:00 – While fishing at lake wilson ks we were watching the sky and all the sudden a small star grew too about the size of a nickel into the west sky and started coming closer too earth and then it flashed its likes a few times and then it went back too the star

We were fishing at lake wilson in ks at around 1:45am we were looking in the sky at the stars when one of the little stars grew too about the size of a eraser head on a pencil in the sky and started coming to the earth. it came closer too earth and then it stoped and flashed it lights 3 or 4 times and then it went back too the form of a little star and then started to make its way back up into the sky at a very fast rate it darted around and then it was gone into the north west sky. when the light left it looked like a regural star in the sky it also turned a light green with a little blue too it when it was the size of a little star.This dot was really fast and could really dart around and move very quike like. we have see these lights before at the lake in kansas.So we thought we would report it we hope too see more action when go too the lake some more this year.

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