Unusually huge object spotted near the sun on Dec 28, 2015

UFO hunter StreetCap1 has spotted an unusually huge shape near the Sun in an official NASA SOHO Lasco2 image released on December 28, 2015. Many people believe that these Unidentified Objects are just ions, electrons which are released during a flare or CME of the Sun, others are convinced that […]

Golden morphing plasma UFO filmed over New York

Some UFOs are intricately connected to plasma. Tony Shia recorded with special equipment an amazing plasma UFO in the sky over New York, last September 2015. When the camera gets in focus we can see something strange. The plasma UFO continues to change its shape in the sky. Sometimes it […]

Huge Cloaked Cigar-Shaped UFO Photographed Over Mt. Democrat, Rocky Mountains, US

Witness, resident of Leadville, Co states: I was photographing old mines and Fall foliage between Leadville and Mt. Democrat on a clear afternoon (9-12-15). The object appeared in one in a short series of photos taken at the site of an abandoned mine dump and mill. It was between 5 […]

Strange light hovers nearby Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano on Dec 25, 2015

In a new video, a UFO seems to approach Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano. The webcam footage captured on December 25, 2015 shows an unknown white object rises up in front of the Volcano in Mexico and continues its path until it disappears. The volcano known for its many UFO Sightings is […]

Original 1954 footage of BOAC Boeing UFO sighting by Captain James Howard

In 1954, a British Overseas Airways Corporation Stratocruiser was flying between New York and London when it encountered a large, shape-changing UFO surrounded by smaller objects off the left wing while over Labrador, Canada. At a refueling stop, the crew was questioned by members of the US Air Force, and […]

UFO in the shape imperial TIE fighter Star Wars near the Sun? Dec 17, 2015

The latest anomaly near the Sun looks like Star Wars imperial TIE fighter, says Myunhauzen74 of Youtube who spotted the strange object in the latest SOHO images, December 17, 2015. The object has a material structure and while there is some comparison with the TIE fighter, personally I think this […]

UFO activity during manual docking for Soyuz TMA-19M to ISS

A dramatic docking for the Soyuz TMA-19M when the automated systems onboard failed close before the planned docking on December 15, 2015. Soyuz commander Yuri Malenchenko took manual control of the Soyuz before resuming for another attempt at docking which was successful at 12.33 p.m. EST. It’s remarkable that during […]

New Rosetta Image Reveals UFO On Comet 67P

An image taken by the Rosetta spacecraft of Comet 67P and released by the European Space Agency appears to show a UFO on the surface. According to NASA, the most intriguing and distinctive features are boulders that dot the surface of the comet. Despite NASA’s explanation that the most UFO-like […]

UFOs over Australia with James Gilliland – Dec 12, 2015

UFO and Extraterrestrial expert James Gilliand and Contactee has encountered both in physical and energetic form different types of ET races. On December 12, 2015, during a workshop in Australia, James Gilliland recorded several Orbs. James describes what Orbs are. He says: Orbs are an extension of consciousness. When we […]

UFO ‘Hessdalen Light’ caught Live on Hessdalen Cam, Norway

The Hessdalen light is an unexplained light usually seen in the Hessdalen valley, Norway. The Hessdalen light most often appears as a bright white or yellow or red light/Orb of unknown origin standing or floating above the ground level. Sometimes the light can be seen for more than one hour. […]