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Rock Star’s Upcoming Announcement on UFOs

Rock Star's Upcoming Announcement on UFOs

     LAS VEGAS – Can a rock star do what generations of investigators have failed to manage — that is, find out what the government knows about UFOs?
By George Knapp

Last year, Tom DeLonge, the co-founder of Blink 182, told the I-Team about his plans to create a multi-media empire based on inside information given to him by military sources he had cultivated.

Since then, DeLonge has taken some lumps, and his grand plan was nearly crushed by the WikiLeaks disclosures.


On his Twitter feed, he’s acknowledged delays in making his big announcement but says it’s still coming. …

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UFO Research Just Might Save Mankind – Tom DeLonge

UFO Research Just Might Save Mankind – Tom DeLonge

     For a long time, Tom DeLonge’s interest in aliens came out in small ways. In the early years of Blink-182, he would read about abductions and quantum physics for hours as the band drove from gig to gig through the desert. For 1999’s Enema of the State, the multi-platinum album that launched the group to TRL megastardom, the
By Elisabeth Garber-Paul

singer/guitarist wrote the song “Aliens Exist.” And in the years that followed, as DeLonge founded a tech company, continued to play with Blink and started the band Angels and Airwaves, he kept researching what he calls “the phenomenon,” the collection of eyewitness accounts that has led generations to believe we’re not alone.

“Does part of me get bummed?” says DeLonge of band estrangement. “Totally. But it doesn’t consume me”

But since DeLonge parted ways with Blink-182 in 2015, his interest in extraterrestrials has become more than a hobby. “The more I got into it, the more I realized it was all real,” he tells Rolling Stone. “

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Jacques Vallee Continues UFO Research

Jacques Vallee Continues UFO Research

     Recently a person who calls himself “Concerned Earthling” wrote a fan letter (1) to Jacques Vallee (2), a noted computer scientist, venture capitalist, and UFO investigator to inquire why he was withdrawing from the field of UFO research. Vallee wrote back(3), reassuring the fan that he was not entirely separating himself from UFO studies, but plans to continue delving into the phenomenon.
By Mark Whittington
Top secret Writers


As a computer scientist, Vallee started to notice common patterns in not only UFOs but also religious visitations, sightings of cryptids, and psychic phenomenon going back throughout history. He believes that every one of these events, once one accounts for events caused by natural phenomenon, is the result of a nonhuman consciousness, likely from another dimension, attempting to manipulate the consciousness of human beings to effect social change.

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UFO Research Against Skeptics | VIDEO

     NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. —
For many, UFOs are the stuff of science fiction movies that belong in the same category of little green men and alien abductions – but one Orange County nonprofit begs to differ.
Anabel Munoz

Jan Harzan, the executive director of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in Newport Beach, believes that we are definitely not alone in the universe.

“UFOs are real. These are structured, highly technological, structured devices flying in and about our planet under obvious intelligent control that’s not us,” Harzan said.

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195. Jack Brewer

imageAlejandro Rojas with the news, Martin is Buzzing Off hair for kids with cancer, Guest Jack Brewer expresses his feelings about the UFO research, how he personally has felt duped, and what needs to change, plus a lot more. Check out his website, UFO Trail here as well as his book: The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community,. Click here to find out how you can listen to full shows and archives for as little as $2 per month!

Show Notes

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Interview with Annie Jacobsen on DARPA

I was fortunate to spend some time with Derek and Sharon Gilbert last week in Missouri. One of the things we talked about briefly was Annie Jacobsen’s work. I highly recommend her books Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base and Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America (though the former is disappointing for its lack of documentation on her take on Roswell).  Derek interviewed in regard to her latest: The Pentagon’s Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America’s Top-Secret Military Research Agency.

You can listen to Derek’s interview with Annie Jacobsen here. Can’t wait to read it (hopefully by year’s end).

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Navy Arctic UFO Photos from 1971: An Open Minds Report

I highly recommend watching this Open Minds TV report. This is what’s supposed to happen with such things — people doing real investigative work.

Here are some of the photos. They are indeed stunning, but most likely not extraterrestrial.




Presuming you watched the video report, here’s my own two cents on why the original naval guys said they didn’t know what these objects were (especially when a naval weapons exercise makes sense):

1) Maybe they never actually saw such a test — in which case, they’d be telling the truth.

2) Maybe they are still under some sort of secrecy oath — in which case, they’re avoiding the question.

In other words, there need not be anything conspiratorial about their ignorance.

Now one obvious question for those who’d insist these *must* be ET craft, against where the evidence is pointing right now: If these are not extraterrestrial, doesn’t it seem reasonable that this sort of balloon / dirigible technology, extant in 1971, underwent further development and could explain a lot of UFO sightings (triangles and cigar-shaped)? You may not like it, but the answer is yes.

I really wish this one had turned out to be real and unidentified (i.e., they weren’t ours — which doesn’t mean they are ET)  … especially given the northern location (cf. The Portent).

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Recent Loch Ness UFO Photo Analyzed and Debunked in Detail

Yes, you heard that correctly — “Loch Ness” and “UFO” in the same sentence.

The photograph is below, with a close-up (both via the Huff Post):




Here’s the analysis — someone with obvious experience in photography and these sorts of “effects” on photos. Quite interesting.

This is the sort of thing the UFO community should be endorsing and doing — it would demonstrate seriousness with respect to separating the mistakes from the truly anomalous. Here’s the “About” page to this debunking site. It’s not about blind zealotry.

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