‘FAA’s Release of its First Official Report on UFOs’

Meanwhile, south of the border … By Billy CoxDe Void12-22-15      Wonder how Argentina’s air force (FAA) would respond if a UFO were on track to bust the no-fly zone over the home of its president, as happened in the United States in 2008? Or if a UFO briefly […]

Argentine Air Force’s UFO Study – First Report

By Alejandro Rojasopenminds.tv12-16-15      Argentina’s Air Force (FAA) has an official UFO investigation organization which studies photo and video UFO cases. Although they were established in mid-2011, they have just recently released their first report. The FAA first announced the creation of a commission to investigate UFO reports in […]

‘UFO’ Reported Above Box Hill

By Dorking Advertiser7-3-15       A possible UFO sighting has been reported after a fast moving yellow light was seen in the sky above Box Hill last night (Thur). The strange object was spotted by Diane Cooper of Cottage Farm, Betchworth who contacted the Advertiser after spotting the mysterious […]

Carrickfergus UFO – Buzz Lightyear or Camera Shake?

Carrickfergus UFO – Buzz Lightyear or Camera Shake? Originally titled, “Buzz Lightyear-shaped UFO spotted over Carrickfergus” in the Belfast Telegraph and of course the similarities with the Toy Story legend are obvious, but is it just due to camera-shake? From what I can gather from the website and for all […]