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Gaia TV-Jaime Maussan Mummy Fraud Exposed

The UFO Watchdog has an informative write-up chronicling the demise of yet another Jaime Maussan fraud: Gaia-Maussan Mummy Comes Unraveled. I can hardly wait until the next one. I wonder what’ll come first … a new phony end of the world date or another Maussan fiasco.

The article features a screenshot of the DNA report below along with commentary:

“This looks to be a single page from a forty-two page report and this page clearly states that a bone sample taken from the hand of the mummy was examined and found to be “a 100% match to Homo sapiens (human).”

There you have it in very plain words; the mummy is human.  End of story.  It should be, but now Gaia.com is saying the results were 99% in an attempt to muddy the waters so they can further attempt to propel this story in an effort to hook more subscribers.  It was predictable that Gaia would put some kind of spin on this to try to keep this story alive.  If Gaia.com was dedicated to the truth they make their mantra, then why have they not released the full DNA report?”

Nice rhetorical question.

Here’s another post on the same testing.

I sincerely hope that Peruvian archaeological authorities investigate everyone involved with an eye toward establishing that human remains were altered and desecrated. That might mean prison, which would be a happy ending.

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Remember this Famous FBI UFO Memo?

Below is one of the most well-known FBI documents associated with UFOs. It’s known as the Hoover-Tolson (or, Ladd-Hoover) memo and is dated July 15, 1947. The chronological proximity to the Roswell case is, of course, what makes it famous. UFO researchers say it’s proof that the government retrieved a flying saucer from Roswell.

It isn’t. First, what some researchers interpret as “Sw” in Hoover’s handwriting isn’t “Sw” (for “Southwest”; i.e., New Mexico). It’s “La” for “Louisiana.” The disk also isn’t what you may have been led to think. Check out this link for what’s really going on.

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The Sad Demise of MUFON

If you have a sustained interest in the subject of UFOs and their investigation, you’ve heard of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). This at-one-time important grass roots network has been steadily sliding toward irrelevance (see here and here for past issues). Events of more recent days have all but sealed the organization’s fate as something to not be taken seriously.

This isn’t cause for rejoicing. In the early days, MUFON did some valuable research and investigation. It lost its way on the trail of sensationalism (and what others call “retail ufology”), but the current status is a living caricature. I know from my recent trip to Roswell that serious people within the organization have lamented the situation for some time.

Here’s a summary by Robert Sheaffer of recent events that have put MUFON on life support.

One note … Part of Sheaffer’s critique is MUFON’s support of a secret space program. I’ve said in the past that I suspect NASA is (pardon the pun) moonlighting out of the public eye. But I don’t mean what MUFON means by that.


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PEERANORMAL Episode 10: Interview with Jack Brewer on Hypnosis, Alleged Alien Abduction, and U.S. Mind Control History

Jack Brewer is the force behind the excellent blog, The UFO Trail. Since 2009 Jack has devoted considerable time to researching the connections between elements of the alien abduction narrative, hypnosis techniques used to “recover” memories of the alleged abduction experience, and research programs and personnel associated with documented government mind control programs such as MK-ULTRA. These connections are well documented in his book The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community. Jack shares elements of his research in this interview.


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Jaime Maussan Is At It Again: Three-Fingered “Alien Mummy” Claim

Many readers will have seen the slick video report about an alleged “new species” mummy found in Peru.

This is a well-done video by Gaia TV, sure to appeal to the gullible. Lots of folks with white masks saying sciencey things (i.e., speculating with big words). Some of them even have degrees (which makes me wonder why no one let them use an actual lab for the “examination” — instead they did that on a roof top). Maybe some degree programs in science don’t use labs, or teach their grad students that lab conditions aren’t necessary for sound analysis. Oh, we get a CAT scan, too … one that honestly doesn’t show much. As if that can tell us anything (think about it — it’s going to detect skeletal structure and whatever is stretched over that, but not what any of that is made of, or the genetic profile). The specimen is of course unprovenanced (the video shows where it was purportedly found, but no actual extraction from said location). And conveniently there are three-fingered glyphs nearby. But I’m sure they didn’t find the glyphs first and them make a specimen to match after the fact. No, they wouldn’t do that …

Let me go out on a limb and say this will turn out to be a fake. All I really needed to know is that Jaime Maussan is at the center of it. (He of “Roswell slides” infamy — at least that was the last one). Here’s another Maussan hoax.

The Black Vault offers a succinct summary of some problems with the “specimen.” Here’s another one from Doubtful News.

I’m referenced in the Doubtful News piece. I had send them the link to the video the morning it appeared (not surprisingly, in my In Box). I offered my suggestions on how this could be faked (at least how I’d do it, based on the sort of chicanery that I suspected was behind the “demon fairy” silliness). Doubtful News didn’t get into the “how,” which I appreciate. It’ll be fun to see if I got at least some part of method right once this turns out to be a fraud. The Black Vault piece states the first and most obvious issue — this doesn’t look much like Peruvian mummies (there are a good number of them). It looks like a plaster cast … the creativity will be in what’s under the plaster.

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Did Anonymous Claim a NASA Announcement About Disclosure was Imminent?

Various news outlets breathlessly reported that the well-known activist / hacktivist group known as Anonymous had posted an announcement about an impending NASA announcement that intelligent ET life was a reality. The link above leads to a video that purports to be this announcement.

The first thing I did was to check the OFFICIAL Anonymous website. After all, it would seem reasonable that, if Anonymous had insider information like this they would post it. As of this writing, there is nothing of the sort on their official website. (Go ahead … search the site for “alien” and “extraterrestrial” and “NASA”). If one clicks on the “Message for Humanity” on the official website (of the same date as the alleged ET announcement) and watches THAT video, there is nothing mentioned about ET — and the video is quite different. Here’s the video from the official site:

So, why the incongruity? Why is there nothing about a NASA ET life announcement on the official (read: real) Anonymous sites?

My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that someone wanted lots of web traffic, so they posed as Anonymous and made their own video. It wouldn’t be hard. After all, anyone can get one of those Anonymous masks (the official site runs an ad for getting yours). Sure,. this could also be a “move the herd” social experiment, too, but I’m guessing it’s about selling ads and web traffic.


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Instagram and Novel # 3

Well, I’ve entered “novel #3 research mode.” Not sure what clicked in my head, but the last couple of days I’ve had a bunch of scenes and ideas fly into my head. I guess it’s time. I hope to start writing this fall.

Readers of The Facade and The Portent will know that one of the new characters introduced in the latter was Summit. That’s the nickname of my youngest daughter. Like her namesake character, Summit (real name: Simcha/Simmi) is something of a prodigy. In her case it’s drawing. Here’s something she just posted on her instagram account (she’s been watching the Anne of Green Gables remake, “Anne with an E”). It’s an hour’s worth of work. Free hand. Good grief. The girl that plays the part in the show “liked” it on Instagram, too.

Her picture actually reminded me that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that my wife started an Instagram account for me. It’s part of the Miqlat newsletter. Please subscribe! (Where else can you see genuine pictures of Bigfoot? … he showed up at our FringePop321 studio).


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PEERANORMAL Podcast Episode 09: Is Rh-Negative Blood Proof of Alien or Nephilim Hybrids?

Short answer: No.

For why, listen to the episode and read its associated source material.

Description: The idea that people with Rh-Negative blood indicates alien or nephilim ancestry is on the rise in fringe internet communities and websites. In this episode our panel is joined by someone with medical training (MD) who is familiar with blood typing and the genetics behind Rh-negative blood. The episode discusses the nature of Rh-negative blood, its genetic explanation, and speculations about other traits associated with Rh-negative blood.

Guest host: Mike’s pastor, Dax Swanson, an MD who practiced medicine for six years and did post-MD research on blood and immunology.

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Documentary About UFOs Over US Nuclear Bases Now on Amazon Prime

This film documentary is about UFO incidents involving multiple military witnesses at U.S. nuclear weapons facilities. It is based on the research of Robert Hastings, one of the serious people in ufology. The documentary — widely praised for the quality of the research behind it — has been out for a while and is only now available on Amazon Prime.

The content of the documentary is serious material whether one agrees with any conclusions drawn or not. Cases involving prolonged, dramatic UFO encounters over some of the nation’s most sensitive nuclear bases have only come to light after de-classification. Many of the principals involved in the incidents are still alive and have provided detailed testimony of the events in addition to documentation obtained after de-classification. Prior to the documentary Hastings chronicled this evidence in a lengthy book UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites.


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