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Questions Surface Regarding the UFOs in the NY Times UFO Program Story

Robert Sheaffer has a worthwhile post over at his Bad UFOs blog. If you’re interested in those videos that accompanied the now-famous NY Times story about the secret DOD UFO program, you’ll want to give it a read. These are the sorts of questions that need to be asked — specifically on the basis of comparable data.

The jury is still out, of course, but the comparison to the now-debunked “groundbreaking” Chilean UFO video is very interesting. The question it provokes (why don’t we ever seen clear, sharp images of UFOs in videos like this) is an important one. Check it out.

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About that DOD UFO Program: I’m with Nick

Nick Redfern has a short, to-the-point essay over at Mysterious Universe. I agree with his tepid enthusiasm.

And I’m still waiting for those emails where Tom DeLonge (and let’s throw in John Podesta) grilled their sources for whether Project Palladium had anything to do with these videos. Yes, there are other possibilities (again, Navy pilots would NOT be in  a need-to-know position when it comes to exotic Black projects), but this is an obvious starting point.

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On Those “Alien Alloys” Noted in the NYT Report on the DOD UFO Program

Here’s an interesting piece from Scientific American (SA) on one point of the UFO story of a week or so ago from the New York Times. The claim SA is objecting to is this one: “In a group of buildings in Las Vegas, the government stockpiles alloys and other materials believed to be associated with UFOs.” here’s (fundamentally) why (from the SA article):

“I don’t think it’s plausible that there’s any alloys that we can’t identify,” Richard Sachleben, a retired chemist and member of the American Chemical Society’s panel of experts, told Live Science. “My opinion? That’s quite impossible.”

Alloys are mixtures of different kinds of elemental metals. They’re very common – in fact, Sachleben said, they’re more common on Earth than pure elemental metals are – and very well understood. Brass is an alloy. So is steel. Even most naturally occurring gold on Earth is an alloy made up of elemental gold mixed with other metals, like silver or copper. [8 Important Elements You’ve Never Heard Of]

“There are databases of all known phases [of metal], including alloys,” May Nyman, a professor in the Oregon State University Department of Chemistry, told Live Science. Those databases include straightforward techniques for identifying metal alloys.

If an unknown alloy appeared, Nyman said it would be relatively simple to figure out what it was made of.

That’s pretty straightforward. The point: aliens would be using the same elemental metals we know of to make alloys because we’re part of the same universe. So, unless ET has discovered a new elemental metal (from where exactly?), the composition of alloys could be discerned.

The article has more on these and other “alloys,” so check it out!

And by the way, I’m still waiting for Tom DeLonge or anyone else to verify that the Project Palladium technology was not behind the Navy fighter / UFO videos. As noted earlier, that’s a reasonable question. If Tom really wants to be Mulder, he’d ask that question of his insiders — and the people (I hope) he has watching them, too.

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Secret Defense Department Investigation into UFOs

Here’s a pretty compelling UFO video — from the cockpit of a Navy F/A 18 Super Hornet:

As the captioning notes the UFO video comes to the public via the Department of Defense (DOD). I found it reading an article in the NY Times about the DOD’s secret program to investigate UFOs.  It was called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. It cost an annual $22 billion and was hidden away in the $600 billion DOD budget. The program was pushed through to approval by Nevada’s former senator Harry Reid. The Nevada billionaire Robert Bigelow — whose name is well known to UFO enthusiasts — benefited directly from the program and provided the DOD with documentation of incidents such as that in the video.

The article is well worth a read.


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Fake 2011 Video of UFO Over Dome of the Rock on the Jerusalem Temple Mount is Still Fake

Breaking news …


Please don’t send this to me or post it on social media where I’ll see it. It’s fake, folks.

Here’s the video. Watch it and you’ll see something very odd (not the “UFO”) that tells you it’s a fake:

What’s the tell-tale sign? The star-shaped lights in the foreground never move or flicker. NOTHING in the video ever moves or flickers or reflects light. It’s static — except for the UFO. That tells you it was superimposed on a still photograph and then made to look like a video. Anyone who’s ever looked at a city skyline at night will know how unnatural the video looks.

I can recall the first time this was circulating on Christian ministry “research” sites. Embarrassing. Still is.

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Tom DeLonge: Stop the Madness

Robert Sheaffer has another funny-but-sad essay on the antics of Tom DeLonge, he of Blink182 fame (I confess to not knowing anything about the group, but it helps with Google search results so there it is). Sheaffer chronicles some fake photos and such that DeLonge has been posting (and removing) that are part of his effort to make money on disclosure. Here’s a choice paragraph:

Now that a few weeks have passed since that famous announcement, we are getting a clearer picture of DeLonge, and his venture (which has now raised almost $2 million from “investors”, who are perhaps better called “suckers.”) For one thing, he is a Serial Deleter on social media. Meaning, that he carelessly posts stupid stuff, that he soon has to delete after the embarrassment of having it quickly shot down.


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Not Your Typical Mainstream Media Yuck-fest: Newsweek Special Edition on the Search for Alien Life

Alejandro Rojas has a short description of the recent special edition of Newsweek. Here’s his first paragraph:

Newsweek recently released a special edition magazine titled Life Beyond Earth? The Mission to Find the Answer, and while one might expect it to be dominated by stories about NASA’s search for extraterrestrial microbes, or the SETI Institutes search for extraterrestrial radio signals, instead it is full of information about topics such as UFO investigations and alien abductions. That may make some of our readers cringe in fear of ridicule, but the stories are balanced and largely treat the topics positively.

Click through to read the rest of Alejandro’s post — and get the issue!

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UFOs Over Nuclear Bases and the Paul Bennewitz Affair

Robert Hastings recently posted an essay that intertwines these two familiar UFO research topics: UFOs Filmed Hovering Over U.S. Air Force Nuclear Weapons Storage Area: Important New Revelations about the Paul Bennewitz Affair.

The connection? In a sentence: “. . . Bennewitz became a casualty of the Air Force’s determined efforts to direct attention away from the real story—repeated UFO incursions at the Manzano nukes storage site—evidence of which he had captured on film.”

It’s a fascinating (and important) read.


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