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"Come with Me," it said | MY ALIEN EXPERIENCE

My Alien Experience

Reader Submitted Report
August 2013

     I was down with an ankle/foot injury which left me a cripple for a long time. I will have a permanent limp and pain with this injury, but I had some help with walking.

Night #1:

I was laid up on the couch, and had been for months. One night I was awake, smoking a cigarette and watching a movie in the dark. I saw a bright light outside my window. I thought it was a car pulling into the driveway when I look and see the shadow of a man standing by the window. That’s all I could see from the light behind him. I couldn’t tell it was a male, a lot of this was just a “knowing”. This would scare me, but for some reason I felt nothing at all but peace. “Come with me” it (said? I heard?). “I can’t walk” I replied. “You will”, it said.

It came and picked me up and carried me through this tube of some sort. Looking back, I believe in wormholes, and I wonder if it was one because no one else had seen any light of any sort. Again, anyone including myself would have the shit scared out of them from this, but I felt a strange sense of peace. Nothing was said, and it was no time before I was laid on a warm slat of some sort. A female shadow (again, the light behind them and a “knowing” it was female). She stroked my hair and said “Relax. Look at me.”

I felt a tingling in my foot, it wasn’t painful which was odd. As soon as this happened the “male” carried me back through the tube and laid me on my couch. They were gone, the movie was at the same part it was on when I left. My cigarette in the ashtray was still burning.

Night #2:

Basically the same event happened. (Only I was reading and wasn’t smoking at the time). The same things were said, the same lights, shadows, tube, being carried, brought back and put down, ect.

Night #3:

The same, only the greeting was “Hello”. I had incense burning, listening to music. The same. Carrying me, being laid down, the female stroking my hair, the tingling without pain in my foot, carried back. The same song was playing and the incense was still burning.

Night #4

Here’s where it changes a bit. I was smoking, watching a movie. The greeting was “Hello once last time”. Picked me up, carried me through the tube, laid down, the tingling without pain in my foot, and this is when the “female” told me “look”. I looked down when I felt the tingle. A huge needle was being stuck through my foot. Blood gushed, and as soon as the needle came out, the blood went back in to the “hole” in my foot.

Now, please understand I have a phobia of needles, to the point of not being able to go to the doctors office without the fear of them having to take blood. But I felt nothing but peaceful. These 4 nights I felt nothing but a calm that I hadn’t felt for a long time.

The “male” picked me up, carried me back, laid me back on the couch. Cigarette still lit and movie at the same part. As he was leaving he said “You will walk again.” Gone.

Not but a day later I felt the need to walk and I took my first step. Only a couple, and they were painful, but this was without any crutch or walker. My next visit to physical therapy, they asked me about a spot on the top of my foot. “have you dropped anything”, other related questions, to which I said “no”. I walked for 30 seconds that day. The next visit I walked for 5 minutes by myself, which at that point I collapsed into tears and joy.

I visit the doctor, he also asked questions about the strange spot on my foot, which had not been there before. I mean, he had seen it plenty by this time, as with the physical therapists.

Now I can walk, not well, I will always have pain and a limp, as I said. But I can walk. Take this story with a tiny grain of salt. I’m about 99% sure I hadn’t fallen asleep and had re-occurring (and extremely vivid) dreams, wishful thinking, or whatever. I actually felt a tingle with pain relief, I felt someone carrying me, I felt being picked up, put down, I felt someone stroking my hair, I felt everything. Only I know what I experienced. And I honestly think that not all UFO’s are evil beings coming to abduct people and cut them open like a frog in a biology class, or invade Earth. I also don’t believe I was taken onto a ship. I don’t think I was “abducted”. I moved through time (I guess).

Anyway, that’s what I experienced. As I said, whether it was a half a second nap, half a second dream, I don’t know. But I felt everything, experienced results, many people noticed the strange mark on my foot. And I have a picture of it below. It has faded a bit over the year, but it’s still visible.

Mark on Foot

If you made it through this, thank you for your time. If you think it’s a bunch of bxxxxxxt, that’s fine. Most people would. I don’t much care if people believe me or not. It was a peaceful and near spiritual experience.

Thank you.

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