"Come with Me," it said | MY ALIEN EXPERIENCE

Reader Submitted ReportAugust 2013      I was down with an ankle/foot injury which left me a cripple for a long time. I will have a permanent limp and pain with this injury, but I had some help with walking. Night #1: I was laid up on the couch, and […]

People say they see Moon Bases I do not know…

Here are some videos from old NASA  moon photos that people think are bases and civilization on the moon… I do not know personally..   AN Alien space craft on the moon? Again I do no know lol! More PROOF of Aliens on the Moon.. Maybe! I wish the Gov’t […]

UFO ALIEN WAR 2011? UFOs Disabling Nukes? Darpa looses test Space HTV2?

Is there an Alien war coming? Some people seem to think so! Is this something the government is keeping from us? Does the US already have space ships orbiting earth? Are Nukes being disabled by UFOs? Do you remember hearing about issues with our Nukes? Then they came up with […]

Strange Blue light in the Mexican Sky.

It is amazing how many UFO sightings there are when you start to do research on UFO sightings. Here is another an actual video. Is it s UFO? I do not know but it is strange! This one was on October 17th 2011. If you look at the ufotracker.com there […]