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Paranormal Highway of America (Part 2); The Unexplained Files episode.

In a previous post my initial 37 Degree Latitude theory matured into more of a Paranormal Highway that shot across the US. This highway encompasses underground bases, military structures, caves, some sacred Native American sites, UFO crashes and other very interesting sites like Fort Knox, Area 51, and a little higher up the 38 degree latitude, the Pentagon. In 2013 I shot a Cattle Mutilation segment for Science Channel’s, “The Unexplained Files” season one, filmed by RAW TV Productions. In that segment I briefly discussed my 37 Degree Latitude Theory pertaining to Animal Mutilations and UFO sightings we’ve had in Colorado and the surrounding states. The production company was so intrigued with the theory that when they found out the Science Channel approved a season 2, they pitched my theory to them as a full episode. The Science Channel agreed so I worked closely with RAW TV putting together the episode. Since most episodes contain two 1 half hour segments, my episode was a full one hour, so there was a lot of work to do.

The following gives you an idea what we covered within two weeks and in five states interviewing a lot of eye witnesses. Some people I interviewed didn’t make the show, and I’m sorry for that. I know how it feels being on camera and not making the cut, having it previously happen to me with a clip I filmed for the “In Search of Aliens” TV show. So for those eye witnesses who didn’t make the cut, I’m sorry but extremely honored I got to interview you. For those who made the cut and aired on the show, I thank you for all your time and effort to meet with me.

We started our filming in Missouri, then Illinois, then Nevada, then New Mexico, and finally Colorado. Four thousand miles later on my truck, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. A lot of hard work, but definitely worth it.

University of St. Louis, Missouri


The main reason we visited the University of St. Louis first, was to learn about alternative sources of energy which could possibly explain the non-conventional propulsion used on many of the unknown crafts people are seeing. One of the engineers at the University of St. Louis built a working Ionocraft model, so we went there to learn more about it. This was a very informative and fun segment that unfortunately didn’t make the show.



 Actual demonstration of a working Ionocraft, totally cool!

During the 1960’s, engineers were looking alternative sources of energy for travel, the Ionocraft was briefly considered. One of the reasons the Ionocraft concept was dismissed, was due to the tremendous amount of voltage needed to lift the craft.

The Ionocraft consists of two parallel conductive electrodes, one in the form of a fine wire and another which may be formed out of wire grid, tubes or foil skirts with a smooth round surface. When it’s powered by high voltage (in the range of a few kilovolts), it produces thrust in the air without requiring any moving parts.

The problem with using this technology is the amount of voltage needed to propel it. The small model seen in the above picture needed over 46,000 volts for lift. To make a craft large enough for a crew to fly, you would need voltage in the multi-millions which was and still not feasible.

Filming at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri


 Raw TV crew setting up to capture me walking into the Physics building at Washington, Universtiy.


 Director Sean and cameraman Ben discuss physic questions with Professor Bender.

The segment with Professor Bender didn’t make the show. Our interview with him was discussing the unknown craft people are seeing. He basically said the maneuverability of these craft defy the laws of physics as we know them, so that can’t be possible.

Radio DJ Dennis Havis
Piedmont, Missouri


Director Sean and Production coordinator Nick discuss how they want to set-up shooting with Dennis.

The interview segment with Piedmont’s former radio DJ, Dennis Havis didn’t air. Dennis was the go-to person for media and personnel on the 1973 UFO sighting there. He was a wealth of information, and one of the most important things I learned talking to him was something not commonly; Undercover Air Force agents showed up interviewing the eye witnesses. The craft wasn’t theirs.

Cathy Leach
Eye Witness, 1973 UFO Sighting
Clearwater Lake, Missouri


Cathy was one of the two women who saw a craft hovering over the water of Clearwater Lake. Here the crew is getting a firsthand eye witness report about the sighting which will help them set up their shot.

Melvin Noll
Eye Witness 2000 Triangle UFO Sighting
Highland, Illinois


 Me and Melvin just after shooting his segment.

Melvin’s interview didn’t make the show which was a shame. He was the first person to see the triangular craft slowly pass by his location. As the craft got closer to him, he described it as rectangular with two stories of windows running down its side. He said it was larger than a football field and completely quiet. Melvin was the one who initially reported the sighting to the police department.

Police Dispatch, Tina Joaquin
2000 Triangle UFO Sighting


 Director Sean and Production Coordinator Nick discuss how they want to film Tina.

As a former Deputy Sheriff who had always engaged with dispatch when on duty, it was fun talking and interviewing Tina for the show. There was a form of familiarity and commonality we shared that made the interview fun. Tina is very professional and as the police dispatcher in 2000, handled the sighting with expertise while communicating with multiple law enforcement agencies during that phenomenal event.

Detective, Mark Lopinot
2000 Triangle UFO Sighting


 Detective Mark Lopinot being interviewed in his car for the show.

Detective Lopinot who was a patrolman back in 2000, worked for the O’Fallon, Illinois Police Department. He was in his squad car traveling east on Highway 50 and as he passed over the Interstate 60 bridge, he spotted the craft.  He told me the craft was hovering over a convenience store a few hundred feet off the ground. It was huge, larger than a football field and made no sound. When it moved locations, it didn’t drift, it would dart from one location to the next, within a blink of an eye.

It was pleasure interviewing Mark, and we hit it right off. Joking and poking fun at the camera crew, we nailed the interview segment in 30 degree weather. One important thing I learned from Mark about the craft he saw was, as large as it was, the lights on the craft reflected no light. This is common in many UFO sightings, the light just doesn’t reflect.



Detective Mark Lopinot is showing me an actual picture that was taken by law enforcement of the craft. The squiggly lights in the picture are due to camera shutter snap motion caused by the person taking the picture. This is a common occurrence we investigators see in pictures all the time, camera movement.

Air Associates Flight School
Chesterfield, Missouri


 The Raw TV crew setting up to shoot the flight simulator segment.

Patrick Russell
Flight Instructor


 I’m sitting next to Patrick getting ready to shoot the flight simulator segment.

Patrick was supposed to take me and a cameraman up in an actual airplane and perform a stall scenario. The stall segment was to show what would happen to conventional aircraft that tried to hover not under power unlike a Harrier Jet. Well conventional aircraft would drop like a stone. Unfortunately it was too windy that day to safely go up and perform a stall, so we used their stat-of-the-art simulator. This was way cool. I had taken a couple of flight lessons in the past, mostly doing figure eights and ovals, but this time I was able to crash an airplane and walk away unharmed.  Fun!

Little A’Le’Inn, Rachel, Nevada


 My truck parked at the famed “Little A’Le’Inn” Rachel, Nevada

Pat Travis
Owner, The Little A’Le’Inn


 Raw TV sound engineer Rob, setting up Pat for her interview.

I had met Pat Travis years before when I investigated Area 51. No, this show was not the first time I’ve been to Rachel or have seen Area51, it’s just that the director wanted it to appear it was my first for continuity. Over 15 years ago I had hired an guide and we hiked Tikaboo peak just after Freedom Ridge was taken by Nellis. I saw the base with my own eyes.

I had talked to Pat many times in the past and while we were there, I convinced her to go on camera with me. She was hesitant at first because of the movie Paul. The movie crew from the film Paul, told her they were filming a documentary and there was no compensation given to the Inn. They, sucked for doing that. Anyway, I got to interview her for the show and we sat at the bar while she told me about her Area51 UFO sighting. Unfortunately that segment didn’t make the show which is a shame because she is so animated on camera. Such a lovely person to speak with.

T.D. Barnes
Area 51 Retired Radar Engineer


 Taking a selfie with Mr. Barnes in my truck before shooting.

It was really enjoyable talking with T.D. Barnes about his career at Area51. I located Mr. Barnes for the show after speaking with journalist George Knapp from Las Vegas. George had told me about the club, “Roadrunners International” out of Las Vegas and T.D. Barnes is the president. George also told me Barnes used to work at Area51 and that I should speak with him, so thank you George for the T.D. Barnes heads-up, it was terrific!

John Lear
Las Vegas, Nevada


 Raw TV cameraman Ben, setting up a shot with John Lear.

What can I say about John Lear, what a wealth of information! The show made it appear as if I didn’t know who John Lear was or that he wrote the Dulce papers (which I had acquired years ago) but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Anybody who is anybody in Ufology knows who John Lear is and all he has contributed. I’ve wanted to meet him for years and now was my chance. Out of all the people I interviewed for the show, John was the one person I was most nervous about. He’s an icon and a giant in his field and highly respected among UFO investigators, and I got to talk to him “mano y mano.”

I wish I could tell you everything we talked about off camera, John is an encyclopedia of UFO related information, and I savored every minute. There was one moment during filming which I had to re-ask my question to John multiple times and finally nailed it on the fourth try. John was purposely making faces at me trying to crack me up, but I succeeded with my question. He asked me, “How could you stay so professional while I was off camera trying to make you laugh?” I replied “It was easy, I was talking to John Lear”. (enough said)

Final Wrap-up in my Colorado Garage


 Raw TV cameraman Ben, setting up shots of my investigation gear. In the background you can see my truck and my wife’s legs towards the center right, and my other best girl is seen towards the left, my Harley.

Raw TV, Film Crew in front of my House


 Starting on the left: Rob, Ben, me, Sean, Nick

The Raw TV film crew hails from London and it was a blast spending a couple of weeks with them. Very professional and very experienced, this was by far the best crew I’ve ever worked with. They were very considerate with the UFO witnesses unlike other crews I’ve spent time with. These guys are top notch and I hope I get to work with one or all of them again in the future. Thanks guys.

Raw TV productions started up in 2001 and since then they’ve been busy making popular and award winning shows for broadcasters in the UK and US including the BBC, Channel 4, Five, CBS, A&E, Discovery, Nat Geo and others. March of 2014 Discovery Communications acquired RAW with the intention to have them expand into scripted programming and push further into high-quality independent films.

What a ride it was filming this episode, I envy those who get to do it all the time.

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Are Aliens Attacking Our Nuclear Arsenal? | VIDEO

Are Aliens Attacking Our Nuclear Arsenal?

Are aliens attacking our nuclear arsenal? ‘Unexplained Files’ explores this Tuesday

By Maureen Elsberry

     Science Channel is set to explore a highly debated topic within the field of UFO research. Are extraterrestrial civilizations trying to shut down our nuclear weapons? This Tuesday, on The Unexplained Files, hear from retired USAF officer Robert Salas, Paul Stonehill, and others.

A release from Science Channel explains, “From the U.S. to Great Britain and Russia, senior military personnel worldwide have witnessed strange UFOs over nuclear installations. In some instances they have reported that all nuclear warheads became inoperable when the UFOs are overhead. In this all new episode of THE UNEXPLAINED FILES, former military officers believe the U.S. government and others know the answer, and aren’t revealing all they know to the public.” . . .

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Are aliens attacking our nuclear arsenal? ‘Unexplained Files’ explores this Tuesday

Science Channel is set to explore a highly debated topic within the field of UFO research. Are extraterrestrial civilizations trying to shut down our nuclear weapons? This Tuesday, on The Unexplained Files, hear from retired USAF officer Robert Salas, Paul Stonehill, and others.

A release from Science Channel explains, “From the U.S. to Great Britain and Russia, senior military personnel worldwide have witnessed strange UFOs over nuclear installations. In some instances they have reported that all nuclear warheads became inoperable when the UFOs are overhead. In this all new episode of THE UNEXPLAINED FILES, former military officers believe the U.S. government and others know the answer, and aren’t revealing all they know to the public.”

The all new episode of The Unexplained Files airs this Tuesday, September 9th at 10 PM ET/PT on Science Channel.

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Paranormal Highway of America (Part 1); The Unexplained Files episode.

ET Highway

For over 25 years I’ve been reading and researching reports of UFO sightings, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, and other strange phenomenon happening across the US. Some I’ve been able to investigate, others only read about, but I was always looking for a pattern. Our galaxy, solar system, and planet also follows certain distinct patterns, so it’s safe to speculate strange phenomenons may follow patterns too! After personally investigating cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, and even alien abduction cases here in Colorado, I started to see patterns within my own investigations. After extensive research on other web sites that record many different UFO type sightings and combining it with my own investigations, I did indeed noticed a pattern. On September 15, 2011, I posted a Press Release on my, “37 Degree Latitude Theory”.

(Link) http://www.ufonut.com/archives/3455

My Theory in 2011:
Researched based on my investigations and other sightings reported seem to show a linear pattern. When looking across the US on the 37 degree latitude line, I started to see very interesting things.

Updated Theory due to further research and updated Map:


The 37 Degree latitude theory was a starting point to try and understand why most cattle mutilations in Colorado occur in a particular location. In 2011 I had contacted my sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer who is an investigator in Missouri, and had started looking at cattle mutes there. We saw there were not only cases of animal mutes but also UFO sightings close to the 37 degree latitude.

Since then looking at other anomalies across the USA, I noticed that 37 degree latitude appeared to be the center of the Highway with left and right lanes converging into 36 and 38 degrees, thus creating a Paranormal Highway. After continuous discussion with my sister on my underground base theory, Debbie suggested to look at caves and their general locations. The thought pattern here is, yes absolutely we have underground bases, but to take advantage of an already existing Mother Nature’s cave system would accomplish this:

  1. Ease of drilling time utilizing caves in the area.
  2. Insure base structure integrity due to millions of years of cave stabilization.
  3. Free water source due to underground streams and reservoirs.
  4. Unlimited access to other locations due to cave veins stretching out.

I noticed a few caves existed in Colorado within the 37/38 degree latitude area then noticed caves were also located within that area in Missouri which is abundant with caves. When I searched further I saw Kentucky’s Mammoth cave park is located within the 37 degree latitude also.

My 37 Degree Latitude theory matured into more of a Paranormal Highway which encompasses underground bases, military structures, caves, some sacred Native American sites, UFO crashes and other very interesting sites like Fort Knox, Area 51, and a little higher up the 38 degree latitude, the Pentagon.

Is this all related and what questions needed to be asked about specific areas?

– Is there an alien/human underground base at Dulce, New Mexico?
– Why are so many proposed UFO bases occur on this highway? Because of the caves?
– Was the Taos New Mexico humming sound underground drilling?
– Are very shallow earthquakes experienced on this latitude caused by Fracking, or drilling underground bases?
– Are the massive cave structures along this route used as underground passage ways?
– Why are some locations within this highway sacred to our Native Americans?
– Why is Fort Knox and the Pentagon located on this Highway? Are those sites also taking advantage of underground tunneling due to the use of existing caves?
–  Are Extraterrestrials taking advantage of our underground caverns and using them for their bases with entry locations across the USA?

Is there only one Paranormal Highway? Let me explain..

Just like major auto highways traversing across the US like Interstate 70 or even old Highway 66, there are multiple Paranormal Highways too! But just like our auto highways, there’s certain ones that are the most traveled. I beleive my Paranormal Highway centered on the 37 degree latitude, would be considered the most traveled out of all the other Paranormal Highways, Freeways, Turnpikes, or Interstates.

Here are some interesting areas across the USA which fall within a 36/37/38 degree latitude, “The Paranormal Highway”:

– The Pentagon, Arlington, Virgina, 38.871523,-77.055963 (Underground tunnels fact!)
– Fort Knox, Kentucky, 37.909534,-85.946045 (Underground tunnels fact!)
– Area 51, Nevada, 37.6150857,-115.8593802 (Famous Top Secret Military Base.)
– Joplin, Missouri, 37.090514,-94.513033 ( History of unusual lights seen called the “Spook Lights”.)
– Athens, Greece, 37.984257,23.729041, (Home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum.)
– Death Valley, California, 36.544949,-117.064819, (1947 Nevada News, 32 caves said to have remains of 8-9’ giants.)
– Owensboro, Kentucky, 37.7737,-87.111626 (1948 Mantell UFO incident.)
– Irvington, Kentucky, 37.881967,-86.284218  (1948 Mantell UFO incident.)
– Granada, Spain, 37.239075,-3.572314 (1976 Famous UFO sighting.)
– Aztec, New Mexico, 36.830447,-107.992227 (1948 UFO crash.)
– Dulce, New Mexico, 36.939465,-107.000368 (Proposed Human/Alien Base.)
– Taos, New Mexico, 36.414099,-105.572145 (Taos hum and possible underground base.)
– Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 37.313656,-89.518373 (1941 UFO Crash.)
– Fukushima, Japan, 37.83148,140.427246 (2011 Earthquake.)
– San Francisco, California, 37.778856,-122.419968 (The Great 1906 San Francisco quake.)
– Grand Canyon, Arizona, 36.16227,-112.118665 (Cave locations throughout.)
– Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, 37.245088,-108.460574 (Native American site.)
– Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, 37.193416,-86.102312 (Natural Cavern site.)
– Zion National Park, Utah, 37.195331,-112.983398 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah, 38.32442,-109.89624 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Utah/Arizona, 36.998166,-110.110474 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Navajo State Park, Arboles Colorado, 37.006939,-107.430688 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Comanche National Grassland, Pritchett, Colorado, 37.186579,-102.930908 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Alabaster Caverns State Park, Freedom, Oklahoma, 36.694851,-99.157983  (Natural Cavern site.)
– Cimarron National Grassland, Elkhart, Kansas, 37.015712,-101.815796 (Native American site.)
– Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico, 36.071302,-107.969019  (Native American site.)
– Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Big Pine California, 37.182202,-118.306274 (Native American site.)
– Land’s End Labyrinth, San Francisco, California. 37.780314,-122.511642 (Unusual anomalies site.)
– Cahokia Mounds, Illinois, 38.656292,-90.059323 (Native American site.)

In Part 2, I’ll talk about the filming of; Science Channel’s “The Unexplained Files” episode, “Paranormal Highway of America”.

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Mystery of the Dying Elk: The Unexplained Files


(Picture courtesy Science Channel’s, The Unexplained Files screen grab.)

On Tuesday, July 29th 10:00pm Central time, the Science Channel premiered its second season of, “The Unexplained Files”. Their premier episode, “The Real Exorcist and Mystery of the Dying Elk” I thought was pretty good! Of course I may be biased because I had a segment in the Mystery of the Dying Elk episode. Numerous times throughout that episode I was seen stating the mysterious elk deaths may be UFO related. There’s a good reason for this, and this following blog explains why. If you have any comments, please express them at the end of the blog, and as always, all comments are welcomed good or bad. (thank you)


(Picture courtesy KRQU via YouTube screen grab.)


On August 27, 2013, a hunter on a 75,000-acre ranch north of Las Vegas, New Mexico came upon a most grueling site, more than 100 elk lay dead among the trees. With no immediate or apparent cause of death, officials with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish stepped in to take a look. Initial investigations ruled out common causes of death from predators to poachers to lighting, so on-site necropsies were soon followed.

1. 113 Elk lay dead in close proximity.
2. No immediate signs of death were determined.
3. The animals showed signs of struggling before death.

Kerry Mower, investigator for New Mexico’s Department of Game and Fish, visited the area looking for an answer. He checked for the following:
1. Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD): This is a hemorrhagic untreatable disease spread by insects.
2. Anthrax: A disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis which can be found in soil which is digested by animals through ground feeding. Very deadly to both animals and humans and used in biological warfare.
3. Water sources: Samples were taken from a natural water source and two separate cow watering troughs.
Note: Blue green algae was located in the water of the troughs which could create a neurotoxin which would be deadly to the elk, but no neurotoxin evidence was found in the water, or in the animals or even their droppings.

Out of all the checks Kerry Mower did and the lab analysis results he acquired, no direct evidence could be linked to the elk deaths; Yet the New Mexico Game and Fish department issued a statement “Toxic Algae Bloom” was responsible for their deaths even though no evidence was ever found. Why?

Interesting Facts:
1. The average size of an elk is around 500 pounds.
2. The average amount of deadly neurotoxin to kill and elk is around 3 ounces.
3. The average size of a rancher’s cattle trough can hold 100 to 500 gallons of water if plastic and 2000 gallons of water if a fiberglass model 20 feet long.
4. 113 elk lay dead all together not spread out while a herd travels.

Enter the UFO Investigator.


(Water source near area, but not on private ranch.)

Blue Green Algae was found in cattle watering troughs but not in a natural water source pictured above. Here’s the problem I have with the neurotoxin scenario.

 1. No neurotoxins were found in any water source or found during animal lab analysis.
2. If the water was poisoned, then 113 (500 pound elk) would have to drink from both cattle watering troughs at the same time to become poisoned at the same time. That’s 56,500 pounds of animals drinking from two 20 foot by 4 foot watering containers in a very short period of time.
3. All the animals needed to drink at the same time to enable them to die at the same time to be found in one location.
4. For all the animals to die at the same time, they would need to have equal body weight and equal body digestive metabolisms.
5. No other animals were found dead due to any water poisoning, Deer? Squirrels? Birds? Nothing! No other animal lives in that area?

Game and Fish Departments reasoning? Ok get ready for this:
The neurotoxins created by the Blue Green Algae have a very short life span, thus after the bacteria dies, it leaves absolutely no trace in the animal or in the water, ever, ever, ever, ever. Really?

Well between July and August of 2004 in Arusha, Tanzania, at least 16,000 Pink Flamingos were poisoned due to neurotoxins in blue-green algae in Lake Manyara. Direct correlation between the toxins and the bird’s deaths were found not only in the water, but in the animal’s carcasses and their droppings as well. Hmm the toxins can be found in a 6 pound Flamingo but not a 500 pound Elk?

Alert! Unusual anomaly also found in news video footage:

Something very interesting was seen in the released news video, a crop circle like pattern off in the distance.


(Picture courtesy KRQU via YouTube screen grab.)


(Picture courtesy KRQU via YouTube screen grab.)

Numerous attempts were made to contact the rancher asking permission to go on his land, but access was denied. If I had the opportunity to visit the site, I would have checked radiation levels, EMF (electro-magnetic-field) levels, I would have taken infra-red photos of the area, taken water and soil samples from the location the elk were found and also investigated the unusual anomaly circle shown on the news footage.

Circular ground depressions have been seen at many of the animal mutilation cases I’ve investigated. When depressions are visible, I take soil samples inside the depression and outside the depression then ship them off to a lab. They run a complete soil nutrient analysis on both samples in which I compare the results. Every case where depressions were visible, the CEC’s or Cation-Exchange Capacity were altered in the ground depression compared to the test site. The soil is less soluble, in other words the nutrients have been altered. I’ve seen these results not only in Colorado soil, but Missouri and Georgia soil as well. This tells me the lab results are not dependent on sandy soil like Colorado or clay soil like Missouri or Georgia, but have similar results regardless of location!


Unusual circular ground depression, Crested Butte, Colorado.


 Unusual circular ground depression, Trinidad, Colorado.


 Unusual circular ground depression, San Luis, Colorado.

The San Luis case pictured above, the animal was laying in the middle of the ground depression and a bear purposely drug it out of the depression before it started eating the carcass. I’ve seen this one other time before in Missouri where cattle refused to cross a ground depression where a cow was mutilated. Sometimes animals react to these strange ground anomalies.

Are UFOs responsible for these animal deaths?

Eye witness testimonies claim strange lights have been seen in the mutilation area.  Actual craft have also been seen maneuvering like no known aircraft we know of. One case out of Washington which was reported by my colleague Ruben Uriarte in this episode, eye witnesses saw a craft actually lift an animal and fly away! A witness I talked with here in Colorado, saw the same thing near the San Luis area. Then sometimes the infamous Black Helicopters show up afterwards and take a look around.

Since 1967 an estimated 10,000 strange animal deaths have occurred across the US and every case law-enforcement has investigated, no human evidence has ever been found. No one caught, tried, and convicted. This is the largest Animal Cruelty Case in American history, yet some people seem to shun and laugh at it.

Well the ranchers aren’t laughing.

I’d like to thank the Science Channel for giving me the opportunity to “chime-in” on this particular episode. Some critics don’t think The Unexplained Files show is properly suited for the Science Channel, but I disagree. Science is changing all the time, and some science as we know it is definitely unexplainable, like the Elk deaths mentioned above.

So… “The Unexplained Files” is where Science Fiction meets, Science Fact!

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‘The Unexplained Files’ returns to Science Channel

An all-new season of Science Channel’s hit show The Unexplained Files will premiere Tuesday July 29th at 10 PM ET/PT.

A press release from the network explains, “Using dramatic reconstructions, riveting never-before-seen footage, first-hand eyewitness accounts, and expert interviews, The Unexplained Files takes a scientific look at the inexplicable, uncovering paranormal activities that have mystified scientists, inspired legends, and captured the human imagination for centuries. Many of the stories featured will reveal new evidence and bring forward previously undisclosed eyewitness accounts to shed light on stories that have baffled experts for years.”

Rita Mullin, General Manager of Science Channel said, “For season two we’ve uncovered deeper mysteries that are bound to leave our audience confounded and motivated to continue the search for answers.” Those mysteries will be covered over 12 all-new episodes and include topics such as the Mexican Chupacabra, strange pyramids in Bosnia, unexplained animal deaths, and mythical creatures. They will kick off the premiere episode by discussing the exorcism that was the inspiration for the 1973 film The Exorcist and include testimony from the last surviving witness, Brother Greg Holewinske.

The Unexplained Files 2013 Comic-Con panel, featuring Chuck Zukowski, Chandra Wickramasinghe, Phyllis Canion, moderated by Huffington Post's Weird News editor Buck Wolf. (Credit: Science Channel/DCL)

The Unexplained Files 2013 Comic-Con panel. (Credit: Science Channel/DCL)

The Unexplained Files will be hosting a panel at San Diego Comic-Con to promote the show. A group of experts from the show will reveal never-before-seen footage from the series and share accounts of strange happenings. Panelists include Ken Gerhard, Troy Taylor, Chuck Zukowski, and special guest Linda Blair. Blair was the star of The Exorcist and will discuss her experiences on the set of the film. The panel will happen this Friday, June 25th at 7 PM PST in Room 7AB. For more information visit: San Diego Comic-Con.

For more information on the Science Channel’s most watched show of 2013 visit: The Unexplained Files. You can also stay up-to-date by following @sciencechannel on twitter with #UnexplainedFiles.

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PRESS RELEASE: Chuck Zukowski Represents the Science Channel, for a 2014 San Diego Comic Con panel.

2013_comic_con( San Diego Comic Con July 2013 )

2013 the Science Channel asked me to help represent their new show “The Unexplained Files” at the world famous San Diego, Comic Con, California. Sitting on the panel, I covered the animal mutilations episode I was in. This year it’s a great honor to be asked back again for the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. This time I’ll be talking about my own personal one hour episode which will take viewers across the US covering a possible Paranormal Superhighway. You won’t want to miss that one!

A big surprise for panelist this year is a special guest appearance from Linda Blair. Famous for her role in the movie, “The Exorcism”, I liked her best in the hit TV show, “Scariest Places on Earth” which she hosted from 2000 to 2006. Also this year’s moderator is, Cliff Ransom editor and chief of Popular Science magazine.

The following is the Science Channel’s Press Release:

July 17, 2014



Star of the “The Exorcism” Linda Blair makes a special guest appearance

(New York) – Science Channel announced today that Comic-Con International audiences will get an exclusive, first-look at the sophomore season of the network’s hit series THE UNEXPLAINED FILES. On Friday, July 25 at 7 PM PT in Room 7AB, Science Channel panelists will reveal never-before-seen footage from the series, and share eye-witness accounts of strange happenings including the location of a possible paranormal superhighway, evidence of the Mexican Chupacabra, and the real story of the exorcism that inspired the film The Exorcist. In addition, Linda Blair, star of the 1973 classic film The Exorcist, will also join THE UNEXPLAINED FILES panel to discuss her experiences on the set of the film.

Featured panelists appearing for THE UNEXPLAINED FILES include: Ken Gerhard, a Crytozoologist who will speak on the “Mexican Chupcabra” phenomenon; Troy Taylor, a noted author, writer and supernatural historian who has studied exorcisms extensively; and Chuck Zukowski, Paranormal Freelance Investigator and Comic- Con veteran who has been researching and investigating the paranormal superhighway for nearly 30 years.

In season two of Science Channel’s THE UNEXPLAINED FILES 12 all-new episodes will launch viewers into another gripping exploration of the unknown by investigating more of the most puzzling, global incidents from the United States and Russia to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico and more. Using dramatic reconstructions, riveting never-before-seen footage, first-hand eyewitness accounts, and expert interviews, THE UNEXPLAINED FILES takes a scientific look at the inexplicable, uncovering paranormal activities that have mystified scientists, inspired legends, and captured the human imagination for centuries. Many of the stories featured will reveal new evidence and bring forward previously undisclosed eyewitness accounts to shed light on stories that have baffled experts for years.

Season two of THE UNEXPLAINED FILES makes its world premiere on Science Channel Tuesday, July 29, 2014, at 10 PM ET/PT.

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