New Search for Aliens May Be Funded By Congress

      A climate denier from Texas may be the reason the S-word is back in vogue in Congress. Oh yeah, not that S-word, the other one: SETI. By Jeanna BrynerLive Science5-10-18 That’s right, Congress is talking about spending a bunch of money on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence […]

Object Lands On Highway

     Sightings of a blazing oval shaped object that landed on highways and then took off at tremendous speeds straight up early this moring have been reported to sheriff’s offices here by at least five witnesses from different points near Levelland. By Amarillo Daily News 11-4-1957 […] “I’ve had […]

Anniversary of Aurora’s UFO Crash & ‘Alien’ Pilot Pass without Fanfare | VIDEO

     AURORA, Texas — An anniversary quietly passed in March without much notice in Aurora, Texas. […] By Kevin Reecewww.khou.com5-10-17 The story is Aurora’s biggest. The Dallas Morning News wrote about it in 1987. In the report, they wrote about a “terrific explosion” that occurred when a flying saucer […]

Unsolved UFO Case Baffles Police Officer

     HOUSTON (KTRK–The Mutual UFO Network in Houston reports about 80 suspected UFO sightings a year. That’s not including the ones that are seen but not reported. One top UFO expert, Fletcher Gray, explains why so many of the sightings aren’t UFOs. But, he also says there is one […]

UFO Contact in Loco, Texas – April 1, 1967

      Carroll Wayne Watts said he had a close encounter with a UFO the night of March 31, 1967, but it was not reported until the following day, on April 1. Watts lived in the tiny town of Loco, in the Texas Panhandle, just south of Wellington, about […]

UFO Kills Electronics, Creates Fog?

      A Texas witness at Katy recalled a UFO encounter from early 2016 where he and his wife watched a triangle UFO the size of a “mother ship” that apparently affected their electronic equipment at ground level and created a fog around itself, according to testimony in Case […]

UFOs Filmed Over Austin

     Some Austin residents want to know if the truth really is out there. On Monday night, they recorded video of what they think could be UFO’s. There are reports that several people saw something in the sky over Texas. By Ashley Paredez Fox 7 News1-24-17 […] “I believe […]

Ghost Rockets Documentary – A Review

Watch the skies for Ghost Rockets, which received its Texas premiere today at Other Worlds Austin In search of UFOs and meaning      There’s a supreme arrogance to pretending there is no life beyond Earth. But isn’t it equally hubristic to think they would traverse inconceivable interstellar distances, just […]

UFO Flying Across San Antonio Skies? | VIDEO

By Tyler Whitewww.mysanantonio.com1-27-16      Fox Mulder and Dana Scully returned at just the right time, because we’ve had another UFO sighting here in San Antonio. For those who believe “the truth is out there,” the sighting allegedly occurred Saturday, when the viewer saw a white object moving through the […]

Air Force Probes Mysterious Egg-Shaped Object | UFO CHRONICLE –1957

By Ocala Star-Banner 11-5-1957 See Also: The Night A UFO Landed In Levelland Texas Army Reports Huge UFO Hovering Over First Atomic Bomb Explosion Site | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957 ‘Huge Oval-Shaped’ UFO Hovering Over A-Bomb Bunker at Trinity Site | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957 Motorists Were Terrified By ‘Hovering […]