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Florida witness reports rectangular UFO near Tampa Bay

A witness in Tarpon Springs, Florida, observed a rectangular UFO during the day, according to a report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) earlier today.

Tarpon Springs (red marker) in relation to Tampa Bay. (Credit: Google Maps)

According to the witness, he had gone outside to smoke a cigarette when he noticed a flat rectangular object under the clouds. He says the area has a lot of air traffic, and at first he thought it might be a helicopter, but soon realized it was not. After a few seconds of watching it, the object zipped off.

The witness estimated the object to be about 100 miles away, over the Gulf of Mexico. He said it was headed south, towards the coast of Tampa. The witness drew a map (seen below) showing the path of the object.

Witness provided map of path of object. (Credit: MUFON)

Another strange aspect to his sighting, is that the witness claims he saw spots when he closed his eyes. Apparently like those when you look at a bright object, like the sun. However, the witness says he was not looking in the sun direction.

The witness report, verbatim:

Came outside for a smoke facing west on a clear sunny day with a few clouds at 11:27 am on 10/16/17. We have a lot of air traffic in the Tampa bay area. I noticed a dark rectangular object at 33 degrees to the NW over a mile away. I thought it was a bird gliding at first. Dark with no reflection from sun. Sun was still in the east and object was west so it should have been bright if it were a plane. We are subject to military aircraft such as black hawk helo’s. Object appeared a thin rectangular object and moved south in front of clouds for several seconds. In less than a mile and aprox. 100 mph it just vanished. No cloud cover when this happened. I tracked it’s known path for a while to see if it would reemerge. It did not. Then I noticed my eyes were full of spots every time I blinked. Similar to a photo flash but in a 20 X 20 grid of dots. This is not unusual looking up in the sky in Florida but not when looking away from the sun and not in a grid pattern. Not sure what I saw due to it’s distance. I know I was fully awake and conscious and saw this event clearly. The object would have been over the Gulf of Mexico at least a mile out.

Alleged rectangular UFO photo taken in Federal Heights, Colorado. Photo info: “On an unrecorded day in August, 1987, Joe Clower was out driving with his camera in his car when he spotted a most unusual flying object in the twilight sky. It was a dark flying rectangle having lights in all four corners. It flew over silently as he prepared his camera and got this one picture of it above. When that film was finally developed and he saw the image, he could no longer accurately remember the date. A friend was with him during this photographic event.” (Credit: OpenMinds.tv Photo Archives)

The vast majority of UFO sightings turn out to be mundane objects, but once in awhile there are sightings that are much more difficult to explain. MUFON conducts investigations on sightings submitted to their website, and if they share their conclusions, we will let you all know. Meanwhile, others will likely chime in and we will try to keep you up to date with any discoveries. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this sighting in the comments below.


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Update on former deputy sheriff’s Roswell UFO sighting claims

By Irena Scott PhD & Philip Mantle

Philip Mantle and I released the testimony of a new Roswell witness, the late Deputy Sheriff Charles Forgus, in the new book, UFOs TODAY, 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-Up, in June 2017. Deputy Forgus thought that he had witnessed the UFO crash at Roswell in 1947. He had been the Deputy Sheriff in Big Springs, Texas, after serving in the military during WWII.

He was en-route to Roswell with the Sheriff to pick up a prisoner. When they approached the Roswell area, they heard about the crash on the police radio and were able to find the roads to this area. When they arrived, they observed the recovery of a 100-foot diameter round craft and four strange-looking dead bodies before being told to leave the area by the military. This testimony was given to a US private investigator by the name of Deanna Short in 1999. Unfortunately, she has also passed away. There is a video interview of Deputy Forgus where he details these events which runs for approximately 16 minutes.

Charles Forgus with his wife. (Credit: Irena Scott/Philip Mantle)

Thus, the crash might have happened in 1947, which was the time that Deputy Forgus recalled that it was.

Glen said that Charles was very straight arrow and not impressed by false knowledge. He was a no-nonsense type of person, having been in law enforcement. He had been a police officer and in the military. Glen looked up to his father as a John Wayne kind of hero. During the war, Charles was in the army but on loan to the Navy and was a deep-sea diver. Charles and his crew would dive down and weld patches on the sunken ships so they could refloat them and get them out of the harbour. When MacArthur made his reappearance to the Philippians, there had been a lot of fighting and there were a lot of ships sunk in the harbour. One of the ships settled on a reef, and the wave action would rock it. The ship slipped off the reef, squashed him in the mud, and it took three days to get him out.

Forgus’ Army discharge papers.

One main thing Glen emphasized was that his father was very honest and ethical. He was definitely not the kind of person who would make up a lie. Glen gave the same impression–he was very knowledgeable about current news and events and very civic minded. He had an electric car and powered it using a wind turbine power generator.

Thus the possibility exists that Deputy Charles Forgus did see the crash in the time frame that he reported. Charles had said that neither he nor the person he was with talked about it much, and this was likely because no one had heard of UFOs or Roswell at that time, which might help to further date the event. In addition, he did not recognize the uniforms of the attendant soldiers as Air Force, which did not did not become a separate military service until September 1947.

Artist’s impression of the Roswell UFO crash. (Credit: Flying Disk Press)

When we released the original information regarding the late Deputy Charles Forgus we were criticised far and wide despite the fact that we also pointed out the number of discrepancies in the testimony on tape. One well-known Roswell researcher simply labelled the testimony from Deputy Forgus as a lie. Now, we have information from a nephew and the son of this witness the latter of whom supports his late fathers story. Do doubt we will still be criticized but I think it is fair to say that we have now been vindicated in releasing this information and to continue to look for more.

About the authors:

Dr. Irena Scott received her PhD from the University of Missouri in physiology, did post-doctoral research at Cornell University, has been an Assistant Professor at St. Bonaventure University, and has done research and teaching at The Ohio State University, the University of Missouri, the University of Nevada, and at Battelle Memorial Institute. She worked for the Defence Intelligence Agency and the Aerospace Center in satellite photography, was a volunteer astronomer at the Ohio State University Radio Observatory, and has taken flying lessons. Her publications include books, and works in scientific journals, magazines, newspapers, and she was a correspondent for Popular Mechanics magazine. She served on the MUFON Board of Directors (1993 to 2000), is a MUFON consultant in physiology and astronomy and a field investigator. She co-edited eight symposium proceedings, has been a State Section Director for Ohio MUFON, was a founding member of the Mid-Ohio Research Associates (MORA) and its journal editor, and has published UFO material in books and journals (including scientific journals).

Philip Mantle is the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and is the founder of FLYING DISK PRESS. He can be contacted at FLYING DISK PRESS: FlyingDiskPress.blogspot.co.uk.

UFOs TODAY – 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-Ups by Irena Scott PhD is out now on Amazon. For more on this story, see Mantle’s original post on it here.


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Mystery in the Southwest: A Look Inside the Infamous Bradshaw Ranch

From the Phoenix Lights to the Mogollon Monster, Arizona has long been known as a mecca for the strange. According to the Mutual UFO Network’s reporting archives, Arizona ranked as one of the top three states in the country for UFO sightings per capita in 2013. Arguably, one of the most concentrated areas of reported anomalous activity is centered in Yavapai and Coconino counties. This area was first inhabited by indigenous tribes including the Anasazi, Hohokam, and the Sinagua, all of whom were deeply rooted in the belief that their ancestors came from the stars. Petroglyphs dot the canyon walls, hinting that visitors from other worlds had wandered amongst them and many locals maintain the belief that otherworldly visitors remain attracted to this unique area.

Sedona, a small city located within this region, has roughly ten thousand residents and attracts more than four million tourists annually. Some come solely for the natural beauty of the unique red-colored sandstone formations while others come to explore the mystical and spiritual implications of the area. Known for its vortices (sites where the energy of an area is allegedly magnified), metaphysical bookstores, crystal shops, and aura readers, the city openly embraces its eclectic personality. In fact, these traits, combined with the abundance of UFO sightings, have prompted many paranormal researchers and enthusiasts to relocate here permanently.

Just outside of Sedona down a long, rough, dirt road winding through the desert lays an expansive ranch that currently sits quietly deserted. The weeds are overgrown and the ground is parched. In the distance you can hear the eerie squeak of the windmill slowly turning. The gate towards the main ranch house is closed and a small sign indicates that trespassing is illegal as the property is owned by the United States government, specifically the U.S. Forest Service. Hiking trails line the outside of the perimeter, though they seldom see many visitors. But the ranch wasn’t always this way and there are some who firmly believe that this serene piece of land isn’t as quiet as we’re led to believe. 

Bradshaw Ranch

In 1945, Bob Bradshaw, a budding photographer and actor, moved to Oak Creek Canyon to alleviate seasonal allergies. Soon after he opened a Kodak licensed photography shop and quickly established himself as a pillar in the community. It was during this time that Hollywood gained significant interest in using the majestic red rocks as a backdrop in Westerns, television programs, and commercials. Bradshaw became integral in their productions.

Part of a western set used in commercial shoots at the Bradshaw Ranch. (Credit: Sedona Monthly)

Part of a western set used in commercial shoots at the Bradshaw Ranch. (Credit: Sedona Monthly)

In 1960, Bradshaw acquired a large parcel of land covering 140-acres. At the time, the only remaining structure was an old adobe house. He quickly put to use his Hollywood contacts and utilized the ranch as a filming destination. According to ADayintheWest.com, the tour company operated by the Bradshaws, Bob worked on twenty-eight films, nineteen television shows, and seventy-seven commercials during his lifetime, and the ranch itself hosted five films, two television series, and numerous commercials. An old western town movie set was erected on the grounds during filming of the 1967 Elvis Presley film Stay Away Joe, and remained a fixture of the property until the 1986. Bitter Creek, as the town was known, was rebuilt in the mid 1990s. It was during this time when John Bradshaw took over management of the land and utilized it as a dude-ranch: a tourist destination for horseback rides, cookouts, and jeep tours. Bradshaw Ranch wasn’t all Hollywood glamour though; it hosts an obscure history that revealed itself suddenly, though for those involved, not unexpectedly. 

Strange Anomalies Plague the Bradshaw Family:

Dirt road leading to the ranch.

Dirt road leading to the ranch.

It was in 1992 that Bob Bradshaw Jr.’s wife Linda, along with several of her sons, began to catalog unusual activity on the property. It began slowly with sightings of unusual lights in the clear desert sky and escalated into tales of Bigfoot, UFOs, extraterrestrial beings, dinosaurs, and strange creatures. The experiences she reported, along with other witnesses, border on the strange side, even for the UFO community.

Linda firmly believed that the ranch was home to what she referred to as a light portal. She inferred that whatever the anomalous and strange activity occurring was due to an inter-dimensional window to which creatures benign and benevolent could freely travel from one dimension to another. This is not a new notion however; in 1975 the interdimensional hypothesis (IDH) was presented as a favorable theory by Jacques Vallée in his collaboration with Dr. J. Allen Hynek, The Edge of Reality: A Progress Report on Unidentified Flying Objects. IDH states that UFOs and related paranormal phenomena are not visitations from other planets, but from other dimensions that coexist as separate entities alongside our own.

In 1995, Linda, along with her close friend and UFO researcher Tom Dongo, published a book filled with their alleged encounters and photographs they claim are otherworldly beings, strange flying craft, and unexplained light anomalies. Merging Dimensions: The Opening Portals of Sedona was a book they thought would change the world, but they were both disappointed and frustrated that it released to little fanfare.

One encounter Linda described was that of being woken by one of her sons, who was in the company of a woman and her daughter, in the early hours of the morning. She alleges that at approximately 2:45 a.m. her son and the woman not only spotted an unidentified craft but had an encounter with extraterrestrial beings as well. She describes:

Strolling past the window were four short-statured aliens wearing tight-fitting one-piece uniforms of a light tan color. They were what are typically called the Zeta Reticuli (also known as the Grays), only these appeared to be a bit more ashen-colored, almost white. Once the beings were out of sight and the witnesses recomposed themselves, the three of them jumped into their car and sped to the house where I was sleeping. I remember so vividly how my son vigorously shook my arm to wake me up. I can still hear the trepidation in his voice as he said, “Mom, wake up. They’re here!” I raised up and said, “Who’s here?” He exclaimed, “The aliens, Mom.”

The encounter further evolved when Linda saw one of the beings outside, and resolved to investigate further the following day. Small unexplained footprints were spotted in the dirt and the evidence was documented via her son’s video camera. If the story is to be believed, the strangest turn occurred when the witnesses spotted what they referred to as a dinosaur in one of the washes. Two of the witnesses described a dusty-colored, five foot, lizard-like dinosaur that stood erect, while the other two only made it in time to see a long tail vanishing into the bushes. In future encounters, they would discover large reptilian-like prints on a reoccurring basis.

The strange sightings persisted, and Linda continued to document to the best of her ability. She would take photographs in random areas to see if things would develop on film that she could sense but were invisible to the naked eye. The photos were taken on 35mm film and developed at a local photo processing center. She amassed a large collection of photos of light anomalies, what she believed to be alien beings, as well as various unidentified craft. She also captured and had interactions with a Bigfoot she referred to as “Big Girl” and believed that she was in the company of young offspring as well.

As a self-described animal lover, Linda became increasingly agitated that some of her dogs and horses were falling ill with tumors and other maladies the vet could not rationally explain. She was also disturbed to discover that someone or something had torn the manes off several of her horses. She was perplexed, stating, “Her lovely, long golden mane was missing. The mare’s mane was not cut off evenly. It looked as if it had been torn off, resulting in extremely jagged edges.” She surmised that it could not be the work of humans, but what ripped the hair and the purpose of the action remains a mystery to this day.

The unusual activity on the ranch continued to be an almost everyday occurrence until the late 1990s when it seemed to stall quite suddenly.

Rumors of a Cover-Up

On September 22, 2000 in a USDA Forest Service Release, Bill Kusner, spokesperson for Keep Sedona Beautiful, alluded to the government’s interest in the property. He stated,

These public purchases will serve to preserve the spectacular open landscape well known throughout the world, to provide opportunities for additional access for recreation, and to protect archaeological resources. Keep Sedona Beautiful is hopeful that a $3.5 million appropriation in FY 2001 will allow for the purchase of 90 acres in Yavapai County locally known as the Bradshaw Ranch.

US Forest Service sign at Bradshaw Ranch. (Credit: Cottonwood Hotel)

US Forest Service sign at Bradshaw Ranch. (Credit: Cottonwood Hotel)

After years of property tax hikes and the government’s pressing interest in the property, the ranch became another parcel of federal land, acquired by the U.S. Forest Service. In May of 2003, the Bradshaw’s vacated the property.

Conspiracy theorists were quick to dismiss Kusner’s words, and insinuated that the ranch was really purchased in order to conceal the powerful inter-dimensional portal alleged to exist on the property. Others speculate that it was a tactical maneuver to conceal a top-secret military base and an even larger extraterrestrial cover-up.

There have been rumors for decades of the existence of top-secret underground bases and an elaborate tunnel system, which some suggest is used by both extraterrestrials and the U.S. military. They vary in location, and some believe there to be entrances at a large cement plant in Jerome, beneath Bradshaw Ranch, and in various canyon areas around Sedona. Numerous reports of hikers encountering and being threatened by heavily armed soldiers with no visible insignias on their uniforms have strengthened this opinion in believers. UFO researcher Tom Dongo expands on these ideas in his book Mysterious Sedona: Year 2000 edition:

A machine gun, usually an M-16 (or in some cases semi-automatic pistols) is then leveled at the hikers. By the tone of the voice of the “soldiers” the hiker(s) is left with no doubt that he will be shot on the spot if he does not turn around, retrace his steps, and rapidly leave the area . . . every single one of these gunpoint encounters has taken place along the route of the probable tunnel system.

Those looking for hard evidence of these claims won’t find it. There are plenty of stories of suspicious activity, missing persons, and aliens and UFOs spotted in conjunction with soldiers, but no substantiated evidence exists to prove these theories. Military activity in the area could very well be routine training exercises and those hikers asked to turn around may be done for their own safety.

The Ranch Today

There are a variety of researchers and authors who supplement their time by providing UFO and vortex tours in the area. Several of these tours include a visit to Bradshaw Ranch for those hoping to catch something out of the ordinary. Tourists can venture out with Sedona resident Jocelyn Buckner, who wrote a guide specifically focused on the ranch. She urges visitors to respect the fence-line and claims, “There’s no reason to trespass. Invite the ‘unseen others’ to visit you. You will hear, see, or feel them if you remain open.”

The most reported “sightings” during these tours are photos of “orbs.” The orbs are not visible to the eye, but show up on photographs often looking as if they are attracted to certain individuals. The orb phenomenon is an extremely controversial topic with proponents offering up the “it’s not dust” mantra. Opponents and many professional photo analysts surmise that the majority of objects referred to as orbs have very simple, terrestrial explanations. Objects appearing in the circle of confusion, or the point where the lens of a camera cannot focus, and dust, moisture, and other particles in the area can form this optical illusion.

The ranch continues to attract international recognition as a paranormal hotspot through various television programs, books, and websites. In April of 2013, Discovery Channel’s Uncovering Aliens filmed multiple segments at the ranch. During filming, self-described extraterrestrial contactee Steven Jones alleges that he experienced his own bout of the unknown. While an interview was being conducted with Dongo, Jones had wandered off on his own, past the properties windmill above the fence-line on the hill. Jones returned thirty-or-so minutes later, interrupting the crew, flustered, asking the time and yelling for everyone to look at his wristwatch. It had stopped. He recounted that he had heard unusual voices or odd whispers coming from somewhere around him, experienced a brief period of missing time, and visually pointed out the electrical disturbance of his watch. The experience was not aired on television, and we can only speculate as to what really happened when Jones was alone in the desert.


Bradshaw Ranch is set to remain an enigma. The likelihood that any serious investigation could take place, akin to the in-depth scientific endeavors of the National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS) at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, is slim. The U.S. Forest Service maintains a strict no trespassing policy in order to protect the historic and anthropological landmarks on the land.

This small piece, as well as the expansive canyons surrounding Sedona, will continue to be shroud in mystery and attract the curious and likeminded. Its residents will continue to defend their experiences and beliefs wholeheartedly and unapologetically. If you do take a trip out to Bradshaw, you may not see anything mysterious, but there is a calm quiet, an eerie breeze, and maybe, locals will tell you, something watching unseen in the distance.

This story originally appeared in the last issue of Open Minds Magazine.


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Daily UFO Headlines 9/12/2017

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Lee Speigel – Close Encounters and UFO History – September 12, 2017

Lee-Speigel-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: Lee Speigel is a journalist who has spent much of his career covering UFOs. He has worked for ABCNews.com, AOL News, and, most recently, the Huffington Post. He is now working with filmmaker James Fox on a script for an upcoming UFO documentary.

In 1975, Lee produced a documentary record album, “UFOs: The Credibility Factor,” for CBS Inc. It marked the first time that military and scientific voices came together to disclose their personal UFO encounters and to call for government recognition of the phenomenon. Soon after he aided the Prime Minister of Granada in an attempt to get the United Nations to officially investigate the UFO phenomenon. During this effort he worked with UFO research pioneers Dr. J. Allen Hyenk and Jacques Vallee, and was invited to meet Steven Spielberg, who wished to aide the group in their efforts.

In this interview, we discuss the recent re-release of Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Lee’s visit with Spielberg, and how Hynek and Vallee felt about the movie. Hynek served as a consultant to Spielberg on the film, and Vallee was the inspiration for one of the main characters.

For more information about Lee, visit: LeeSpeigel.com

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Lights dance around the sky in Arizona UFO video

A witness in Arizona submitted a video to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of lights dancing around the night sky. The video is very impressive, but the lights are most likely drones.

Screen shot from UFO video submitted to MUFON. (Credit: MUFON)

Screen shot from UFO video submitted to MUFON. (Credit: MUFON)

The witness submitted the video on September 10, 2017, indicating the sighting had taken place on the evening of September 3. The witness wrote that the UFOs were witnessed while driving in the Oro Valley, a suburb of Phoenix. The witness stopped the car to take a look and film the objects.

Marker indicates approximate location of witness. The objects were likely around the park at the bottom of this image. (Credit: Google Maps)

Marker indicates approximate location of witness. The objects were likely around the park at the bottom of this image. (Credit: Google Maps)

The witness described the objects as “3 balls of light with glimmer of red and blue hovering, flying near tangerine rd and copper spring dr.”

The witness stated the objects were seen for about 10 minutes. The video lasts almost 2 minutes, and can be downloaded here.

The park where drones were most likely launched. (Credit: Google Maps)

The park where drones were most likely launched. (Credit: Google Maps)

The lights dance around the sky, and the video is impressive, but so are modern day drones. Another giveaway is that the objects seem to launch from a park in the distance.

Drone technology has come a long way. In fact, drone racing has become a popular sport. Drone racers can don a virtual reality goggles and view the race first person. It is like a real-life video game. Check out this great video below of drone racing from GoPro. The drones are very maneuverable, and because Phoenix enjoys great weather, it is a hot spot for nighttime drone racing.


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Canadian UFO researcher and author to teach UFO continuing education course

Chris Rutkowski is a science writer and UFO researcher. He has authored several books on UFOs and has also taught courses on the subject. Next month Rutkowski will begin teaching his latest UFO course for the continuing education program for the St. James-Assiniboia School Division in Winnipeg.

UFOs are still somewhat of a taboo topic and often met with ridicule in the world of academia, so UFO courses are few and far between. However, ridicule is something Rutkowski combats well with a well developed sense of humor. And, being a science writer, Rutkowski also understand how to bring credibility to a topic that is often misunderstood.

When-They-Appeared-Book-Cover“I often get asked, ‘What is really going on? And where do I get good information?,’” says Rutkowski. “Such courses are a way to educate the public about a very confusing subject.”

Although the public’s curiosity is healthy when it comes to UFOs, it was Rutkowski’s relationship with the St. James-Assiniboia School Division that helped get the course created.

“I have been teaching courses on writing for several years. They asked me if I had ideas about other courses I could do and I suggested a course on UFOs,” explained Rutkowski. “Because my latest book came out a few months ago and is about a major UFO case in our area, and because it’s been getting a lot of attention, they knew about it and thought it would make a good special interest class.”

Rutkowski’s latest book, co-authored with Stan Michalak, is titled When They Appeared. It is about a famous alleged UFO encounter in 1967 near Falcon Lake, which is a bit less than 100 miles east of Winnipeg. According to the book’s description, the incident was the most investigated UFO event in Canada’s history.

The story is very odd. On May 20, 1967, Stefan Michalak, father of the co-author, says he came across a strange craft. It had some sort of vents on the side. It took off and in the process injured Stefan, who suffered from burns on his chest in the pattern of the vents on the craft.

Stefan Michalak's sketch of the strange craft he encountered.

Stefan Michalak’s sketch of the strange craft he encountered.

Stefan Michalak was treated at a hospital for burns to his chest and stomach that later turned into raised sores on a grid-like pattern.

Stefan Michalak was treated at a hospital for burns to his chest and stomach that later turned into raised sores on a grid-like pattern.

The news soon got ahold of the story and it became a media sensation.

“It just flipped our lives over,” Stan recently told CBC News. “It took several years before it finally died down.”

Rutkowski's UFO class will be held at John Taylor Collegiate. (Credit: John Taylor Collegiate)

Rutkowski’s UFO class will be held at John Taylor Collegiate. (Credit: John Taylor Collegiate)

I asked Rutkowski if he felt teaching the public about UFOs was important. He replied, “Yes, in that there is a real thirst from the public for information about UFOs beyond tabloid news.”

As a science writer, and someone who takes the UFO phenomenon seriously, I also asked what approach Rutkowski takes in presenting the course material.

“I include some discussion on critical thinking and how to evaluate UFO reports and claims,” Rutkowski replied. “I do acknowledge that there is much we don’t know, but that there is much we do.”

If you live in the Winnipeg area, you can register for Rutkowki’s UFO course, which starts September 25, 2017,  at www.localcourses.com, and you can find the book at the publisher’s website, McNallyRobinson.com. To find out more about his work, you can follow Rutkowski’s UFO Blog at uforum.blogspot.com.

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UFO witness spots large “spherical object” during hike in Portugal

A hiker in Portugal took some photos of an odd object recently. The witness submitted the photos and report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) yesterday. According to the report, the sighting took place on August 20, 2017.

Picture submitted by witness. Click to enlarge. (Credit: MUFON)

Picture submitted by witness. Click to enlarge. (Credit: MUFON)

Second picture submitted by witness. Click to enlarge. (Credit: MUFON)

Second picture submitted by witness. Click to enlarge. (Credit: MUFON)

The witness says the object appeared to be the size of a helicopter. The witness described it as an “irregular sphere” in the title of the report, and as a spherical object in the description. However, the odd shape that can be seen in the photos is difficult to describe.

Close-up of object in first picture. (Credit: MUFON)

Close-up of object in first picture.

Close-up of object in second picture.

Close-up of object in second picture.

The witness wrote, verbatim:

I was hiking on the mountain and taking pictures when I observed a spherical object the size of a helicopter. It flew silently and too fast, so I immediately started shooting. While doing this I lost the visual reference of the object. When I returned to look at the sky in search of the first object appeared a second object at the same speed and following the same path. The objects traveled from SE to NW at a speed of over 300 km / h, at an altitude of 100m to 200m and at a distance of less than 3km from the observation point.

Map of area submitted by witness. Click to enlarge. (Credit: MUFON)

Map of area submitted by witness. Click to enlarge. (Credit: MUFON)

Mylar balloons can look odd floating around and are often reported as UFOs. However, they are typically a regular shape and smooth. Could this one be a half deflated balloon? If so, it would not have been as large as a helicopter as the witness describes, and it does look to be rather large in the photo.

The marker shows the location of Vila Real, the area the witness says the sighting took place. (Credit: Google Maps)

The marker shows the location of Vila Real, the area the witness says the sighting took place. (Credit: Google Maps)

The vast majority of UFO sightings turn out to be mundane objects, but once in awhile there are sightings that are much more difficult to explain. MUFON conducts investigations on sightings submitted to their website, and if they share their conclusions, we will let you all know. Meanwhile, others will likely chime in and we will try to keep you up to date with any discoveries. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the object in the comments below.


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Regularly occurring UFO outran jets says former Yugoslav General

On several occasions in 1975, Yugoslav Air Force jets saw a strange multi-colored glowing orb, but every time they tried to investigate, it would outrun their jet fighters. Finally, after failed attempts to get a closer look, and facing ridicule for reporting the incidents, they chose to ignore it.

This is according to General Zvonimir Jurjevic, former commander of the Air Force and Air Defense of Yugoslavia. The story was first revealed in 2011 in a book on the 172 Aviation Regiment, which was lead by Jujevic. He recently discussed the UFO encounters again in an interview with Sputnik International.

According to Jujevic the UFO encounters began in January, 1975 and lasted for several days. Every night, 50 minutes after take off, he would see the object.

Soko J-21 fighter jet. This was the type of aircraft flown at the time of the incidents. The Soko J-21 Jastreb is a single-seat, light attack and reconnaissance aircraft designed in Yugoslavia in the 1960s. (Credit: Dennis Jarvis/Wikimedia Commons)

Soko J-21 fighter jet. This was the type of aircraft flown at the time of the incidents. The Soko J-21 Jastreb is a single-seat, light attack and reconnaissance aircraft designed in Yugoslavia in the 1960s. (Credit: Dennis Jarvis/Wikimedia Commons)

“The object looked like a glowing orb, very well visible, maybe ten times lighter than the brightest star at that moment,” Jurjevic told Sputnik International. “Color constantly changed: white, yellow, light red, orange, again white, and so on. It appeared from nowhere, unexpectedly.”

“It was attracting attention on purpose,” Jurjevic speculated.

Jurjevic was not the only one to see the object, many of the pilots in his regiment also reported it. However, it never turned up on radar.

Jurjevic recalls that on January 25, he decided to attempt to get a closer look. However, once he headed towards the object, it took off and was gone. Soon after, Jurjevic devised a better plan to catch the object off guard. He recruited the pilots of three other aircraft to join in him the hunt.

On that night, in late January, Jurjevic and another aircraft took off unannounced. Two other jets took off soon after. They had decided not to inform anyone of their plans, nor discuss it on radio, just in case the object was related to some sort of monitoring of their movements by a foreign country.

“I only just stabilized the flight somewhere over Cetinje, when suddenly the object flashed over Budva, and Lieutenant Machec saw it above Niksic,” Jurjevic recalled. “I ordered Machec to stay in place, and took a course parallel to the Adriatic coast, where I tried to establish at what distance the object was: it turned out that it was at about ten kilometers.”

10 kilometers was as close as Jurjevic could get. The object continued to match his speed and movements to stay the same distance away no matter what Jurjevic tired. Two supersonic Soviet MiG-21s were dispatched to the area from Belgrade. During the entire incident, the object could not be seen on radar, until the MiGs arrived. However, it was no help. The object was able to outmaneuver the MiGs as well.

Soviet MiG-21s (Credit: U.S. Department of Defense)

Soviet MiG-21s (Credit: U.S. Department of Defense)

Jurjevic was met with a lot of curiosity by his colleagues, but also ridicule. He denied the object was of no danger, and since he did not want to deal with the ridicule, he decided to ignore it from there on out.

UFO blogger Billy Cox got ahold of a translation by Giuliano Marinkovic of the 2011 book in which Jurjevic first told the story. He gave this account of their last encounter with the unusual object.

“People watched me suspiciously and squadron commander approached and told me that 100 people at the apron are watching UFO and that I am only person who can’t see it. I replied loudly so other could hear me that I can’t see anything because I don’t want to see it so everyone should stop commenting and do his job as usual. After appearing above airport, UFO turned off its lights and vanished forever.”

U.S. acquired MiG-21 being tested near Area 51. (Credit: DOD Defense Intelligence Agency)

U.S. acquired MiG-21 being tested near Area 51. (Credit: DOD Defense Intelligence Agency)

Jurjevic told Sputnik International the last encounter was on February 12, 1975.

This story is a great example, and a common one I have heard from military UFO witnesses. Often it is not a grand conspiracy that makes people in the military sweep UFO encounters under the rug. It is ridicule or the uneasiness of being associated with a UFO event.

One retired Navy radar tech told me that he faced a lot of ridicule for reporting UFOs they caught on their ship’s radar. When he asked fellow radar techs if they also observed extremely fast unidentified aircraft on their scopes, sometimes they said they had. When asked why they they did not report them, they said they didn’t want the headache of dealing with the fallout of reporting them.

You hear this same sentiment from commercial airline pilots, police officers and many others. It makes one wonder how many other extraordinary sightings go unreported and investigated.

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