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Noted Actor, Kurt Russell Admits Seeing Phoenix Lights UFOs | VIDEO

Noted Actor, Kurt Russell Admits Seeing Phoenix Lights UFOs

     On a recent visit to the BBC’s The One Show, actor Kurt Russell and Chris Pratt were on promoting the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie; in the clip below the host brings up a news story about a
The One Show

pilot’s report of seeing UFOs while on approach at an Arizona airport; Russell interjects and admits that he was indeed that pilot and the event occurred the night of what is now known as The Phoenix Lights.

Interesting to note that in eyewitness, Mike Fortson’s original report, he saw what he described as a huge v-shaped craft very near the Sky Harbor Air Port and believed he was about to see a plane crash and or collision. As in Kurt Russell’s experience the craft and or object did not show up on radar.–FW

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Barry Gibb of The Legendary Bee Gees Talks UFOs

Barry Gibb

     Barry Gibb, the last remaining member of the Bee Gees, has been looking back on the group’s career, their biggest hits, their friendship with Michael Jackson and his encounters with UFOs.
By Channels Television

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Navy Declassifies Case Involving UFO Over Necochea | ARGENTINA

Argentina Navy Declassifies Case Involving UFO Over Necochea

     The Argentinean Navy published a series of documents pertaining to a UFO sighting in Necochea in 1962. The documents present the eyewitness account of a truck driver pursued by a flying saucer in the vicinity of La Dulce.
By Inexplicata

CEFORA (Commission for the Study of the UFO Phenomenon in the Republic of Argentina) recently published an Argentinean Navy file disclosing the details of an important UFO sighting event that took place in our city some 55 years ago.

On August 29, 1962, Osman Alberto Simonini told his story of a UFO encounter in the vicinity of Km 28 of Route 86. Simonini was in his truck, driving out of La Dulce from the “Malabrigo” mink farm, property of Ernesto Arias. The case become widely known through an article in Ecos Diarios: the Navy commission launched its investigation through Capt. Omar Pagani and the files now form part of the private archive of researcher Roberto Banchs.

The incident took place at around 20:10 hours as Simonini drove at slow speed and noticed – to his left and following a parallel trajectory, at a distance of 3 meters and an elevation of 2 meters – an “artifact” resembling two plates linked by their widest sides, the color of gunmetal, having an approximate diameter of 5 meters.

The object projected red-and-blue beams similar to headlights from its lower section. The beams had a diameter of two meters, according to the description.

Simonini said that the artifact accompanied his truck for some 200 meters. As it did so, the driver noticed that the grass moved as well, proof of its low altitude and some sort of “air or energy” expelled from its lower section.

The object overtook the truck after the 200 hundred meters, racing ahead some 600 meters along the shoulder at low altitude. Upon reaching Km 26, it made a sharp right-angle turn into a seedbed. Simonini followed it and saw the object had stopped at an altitude lower than one meter. He stopped his truck and got up, and tried to approach the fence separating the field from the road, placing his hands on the wire only to find that the material was hot. He removed his hands, set them down again, only to find that [the wire] was even hotter. He moved some meters along, ascertaining that the wire there was completely cold.

Two minutes later, the object took up at high speed and vanished into the sky.

The witness stated his case to the border superintendent, the head of the federal police delegation, and Air Force officers in Mar del Plata with the support of notary Juan José La Terza, who stated that the following verbatim response was received when the incident was brought up [with these authorities]:

“The officers specializing in these studies told me there was nothing extraordinary about the event, as this kind of phenomenon was already accepted as real, and that the scientific world was waiting for the next stage: making contact with these artifacts.”

At the time, Guillermo Gimenez (a member of CEFORA [and INEXPLICATA’s contributing editor for Argentina]) conducted an exhaustive on-site investigation in the area, after Juan José La Terza got in touch with him. The article can be found here (in Spanish).

The documentation contains the report by notary La Terza, who acted as a sort of attorney-in-fact for witness Simonini.

• Source: PLANETA UFO and 4 Vientos (Necochea, Argentina)

• Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO

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Hovering UFO Sphere at Tree Level, Spotted By Motorist

Hovering UFO Sphere at Tree Level, Spotted By Motorist

     An Ohio witness at Sagamore Hills Township reported driving toward an unknown light and discovered a hovering sphere just above the tree line, according to testimony in Case 83449 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was driving home from a gym at 9:30 p.m. on April 30, 2017, when the incident began.

“For some reason, I passed up my street, continued down a main road

By Roger Marsh

looking for somewhere to turn around, when a light caught my eye,” the witness stated.“I assumed it was a plane, but upon further inspection I realized it wasn’t.”

The witness continued driving toward the light.

“I parked my car in the middle of a side road where either a saucer or possibly a sphere was hovering above the tree line. It stood hovering for a few minutes, silently may I add, and then darted incredibly quickly(as in hundreds of miles per hour) down the tree line, instantaneously changed direction back to its original location and then shot up into the sky and out of sight.”

The witness was amazed.

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‘Kecksburg UFO Crash’ Movie Sparks Casting Call for Local Actors

Soldiers Approach Kecksburg UFO

     KINGWOOD — Regional actors of all ages seeking roles are invited to audition on May 7 at the Preston Community Arts Center in Kingwood for a part in a forthcoming feature film based on the historical incident of a supposed UFO crash-landing in Pennsylvania.
By www.theet.com

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Flying Saucer Reported Over H-Bomb Plant | UFOs & NUKES – 1950

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Flying Saucer Over Reported Over H-Bomb Plant - The Coshocton Tribune 12-3-1950
     ELLENTON, S.C.–(UP)–were Flying Saucers spying on the proposed site of the nation’s first hydrogen bomb plant Friday night?

Four persons told today of seeing a strange, brilliantly-lighted object

The Coshocton Tribune

in the sky about 10:45 pm. It dipped up and down and flashed back and forth for about 10 minutes before it flew out of sight, one eyewitness said.

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Disappearing UFOs and a Man in Black

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Disappearing UFOs and a Man in Black

     A California witness driving in an “extremely rural” area of Imperial County reported a late-night encounter with an object moving along at the tree top level, according to testimony in Case 82810 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was searching for a specific area at 2:30 a.m. when the incident occurred.

“I pulled to the side of a two-lane, paved road to check my GPS

By Roger Marsh

mapping,” the witness stated.“I observed two white lights traveling in a slow and seemingly aimless manor to my west between 10 and 30 degrees above the ground. The distance was hard to judge due to the darkness and terrain, however, my best estimate would be less than a mile.”

The witness got out of his vehicle and leaned against the front fender to smoke a cigarette.

“I watched curiously as the lights drifted and floated silently in the sky. I got back into my car and drove up the road approximately 100 yards in order to see if I might get a better perspective. Upon exiting my vehicle, the lights appeared a little closer, however, I still heard no sound coming from the direction of the lights.”

Then the lights disappeared.

“Approximately 30 seconds later the lights simply disappeared. No bright flashes. No speeding off into the distance. They just vanished from my view. Puzzled, but not concerned, I stamped out my cigarette and got back into my car.”

But the witness was quickly startled again.

“Before I had a chance to start the engine, a man seemingly appeared out of nowhere behind the driver’s left rear of my car. I was quite startled by his sudden appearance, but for some reason I wasn’t frightened. He was dressed in dark clothing and I remember his shoes were noisy, like hard soles on gravel. …

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Cigar-Shaped UFO In The Neighborhood – MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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Cigar-Shaped UFO In The Neighborhood – MY UFO EXPERIENCE

     I was on my back porch smoking a cigar in Haverhill, Ma. It was August 10, 2015 at 10: 00 pm. this long dark elongated object, with illuminated nose went across the back of my house. My guess is it was about 50 ft in length and 15 ft across?. A cigar shape, in a way, but the bottom was flat and dark. it came from the north west and went south east. Speed was approximately 30 – 40 mph. It was very low
Reader Submitted Report
The UFO Chronicles

flying. At most it was 50 ft off ground. It was roof of house high. The object flew by only about 75 yds from me. There were no marking or Windows. No sound at all. I only saw it for about 5- 10 seconds before it went behind the houses across the street. I did noticed the front of the craft had something strange going on, but I can’t really describe it. Lite up, yet not a light. It was kind of like looking at a light through water. I do not know what it was, but I do know what it wasn’t.

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Drury UFO Incident: Cold Case Review of Sighting & Film of Unidentified Flying Object

Drury UFO - Frame of Film 1982


      An event which happened nearly 64 years ago, continues to be cited as a visual observation, of an anomalous object, which is supported by a movie film.

At about noon, on 23 August 1953, a Mr T. P. Dury, his wife and young son, observed an unusual object in the sky over Port Moresby, New Guinea. Mr Drury used his movie camera to capture images of the object. Claims have been made that the film returned to Mr Drury had some footage of the object missing.

By Keith Basterfield & Paul Dean

By Keith Basterfield & Paul Dean

Technical Note

The intention of section 1 of this paper, is to provide a chronological account, of items about the incident, in the form of direct text quotes, or summaries where items are exceedingly long. Although the chronology is lengthy, it does provide a detailed account of what Australian government Departments, civilian UFO researchers, and other interested parties, have documented about the incident.

In any set of documents, there are inevitable errors. In some cases, the main witness is said to be T. C. Drury; C. T. Drury or T. P. Drury. T. P. Drury is in fact correct. The date of the incident is actually 23 August 1953. However, it is sometimes said to have been 24 August 1953; 23 August 1957; Christmas 1953, or 23 August 1954. The location in at least one document, is said to have been Darwin, although it actually occurred in Port Moresby. The time is generally stated as 12 noon, but in at least once instance is shown as 11 am. There are other inconsistences, which the alert reader will detect.

There are numerous references to the Drury incident, in other UFO magazines; books, and on the internet. However, none of these provide any information, not already provided below, so these have not been cited.

Due to the passage of time, many of the individuals mentioned in this paper are no longer alive. The authors advise the reader, that have not re-interviewed any witnesses to the sighting, given the age of the event. Instead, they feel that there is far more value to utilising the text of sources close to the date of the event. The authors also disclose that they have not been able to view any of the colour film, or any first generation still photographs copied from the film. However, they do cite the opinions of individuals who have done so.

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UFO Photographed Over San Carlos, Venezuela

UFO Photographed Over San Carlos, Venezuela 12-20-2016

     A luminous body, elongated and light in color, was photographed on December 15 while moving over the skies of the city of San Carlos, Cojedes State, in central Venezuela.
By Héctor Escalante

After six in the afternoon, William Escobar was in the garage of his mother’s house, when he noticed the presence of a planet shining in the sky, so he took his cell phone to capture the extraordinary scene with the camera .

“I’m fond of astronomy, and I wanted to take the photo of Venus that looked pretty nice,” he said. But as he held up the cell phone pointing up at the sky, a reflection in the distance attracted his attention. “I know it was something, because with my eyes off the phone I saw something happen very fast,” he warns, but I was still doubtful.

Shortly afterwards, as he reviewed the images, William found a response to his uneasiness, discovering surprisingly that the opaque flash, almost unnoticed, had been recorded on his mobile device, and that it was not a simple reflection, it had a defined shape.

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