Alien-themed ‘Are We Alone’ week returns tonight on Science Channel

Are We Alone? week returns to Science Channel March 2-6th. Now in it’s fourth consecutive year, the week-long event highlights programming exploring UFOs and extraterrestrial life and will feature new episodes of NASA’s Unexplained Files, Close Encounters, and UFO Conspiracies. A new feature this year is a trip to the […]

Are aliens attacking our nuclear arsenal? ‘Unexplained Files’ explores this Tuesday

Science Channel is set to explore a highly debated topic within the field of UFO research. Are extraterrestrial civilizations trying to shut down our nuclear weapons? This Tuesday, on The Unexplained Files, hear from retired USAF officer Robert Salas, Paul Stonehill, and others. A release from Science Channel explains, “From […]

Paranormal Highway of America (Part 1); The Unexplained Files episode.

For over 25 years I’ve been reading and researching reports of UFO sightings, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, and other strange phenomenon happening across the US. Some I’ve been able to investigate, others only read about, but I was always looking for a pattern. Our galaxy, solar system, and planet also follows […]

‘Unexplained Files’ to cover controversial UFO cases tonight

The hit Science Channel show The Unexplained Files is set to tackle two controversial UFO cases in tonight’s episode. The episode will first cover a mysterious skeleton discovered in Peru in 2011. The skeleton made headlines the following year when analysis revealed unusual DNA sequencing. The media quickly latched on […]

Mystery of the Dying Elk: The Unexplained Files

(Picture courtesy Science Channel’s, The Unexplained Files screen grab.) On Tuesday, July 29th 10:00pm Central time, the Science Channel premiered its second season of, “The Unexplained Files”. Their premier episode, “The Real Exorcist and Mystery of the Dying Elk” I thought was pretty good! Of course I may be biased because […]

PRESS RELEASE: Chuck Zukowski Represents the Science Channel, for a 2014 San Diego Comic Con panel.

( San Diego Comic Con July 2013 ) 2013 the Science Channel asked me to help represent their new show “The Unexplained Files” at the world famous San Diego, Comic Con, California. Sitting on the panel, I covered the animal mutilations episode I was in. This year it’s a great honor […]

Science Channel explores 1972 French UFO encounter

A new episode of the Science Channel’s Close Encounters looks at an interesting UFO case from 1972. A kid shining a light at the UFO. (Credit: Science Channel) The UFO encounter reportedly took place in Taize, France in 1972, and was witnessed by several “Christian youth” who were at a […]