Roswell, It Happens Here!

The Roswell Daily Record Newspaper ran the following article I wrote to help promote the “2017 Roswell Daily Record’s Roswell Incident” festival June 30th, thru July 2nd. My sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer and I will be speaking Saturday, July 1st at 9:00am, kicking off a great day of speakers. Roswell Daily Record […]

Darwin Rasmussen and the Roswell Bodies

     In keeping with my series on Chasing Footnotes, I have found a subtopic that is almost as interesting (well, it is to me) which is finding original sources (which, of course, is sort of the same thing). Not all that long ago I ran across an analysis of […]

Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Has Died

By www.palmbeachpost.com2-5-16      Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, who was part of the Apollo 14 space crew that flew to the moon in 1971, died late Thursday in West Palm Beach, according to his family. Mitchell, 85, lived in suburban Lake Worth and died at a local hospice at about […]

Stanton Friedman Argues The Case for UFOs on The Shulman File | VIDEO

By The Evergreens ProjectYouTube3-14-13      Editor’s Note: Stanton Friedman appeared on the The Shulman File (1977 – 1983 Canadian CITY-TV) to discuss UFOs with host, Morton Shulman; the latter’s bias is evident in the interview. Stan gets kudos for keeping his composure and staying on point–FW Continue Reading ► […]

Who Told Walter Haut about the Rowell Debris Field?

By Kevin RandleA Different Perspective9-12-15      Since this debate about the press release has gained a little traction here, I thought I’d add a few facts and perspective to see if we can’t reach some sort of a reasonable conclusion. We do have a great deal of information and […]

The Roswell [Flying Saucer] Press Release and Colonel Blanchard (Pt II)

By Kevin RandleA Different Perspective9-5-15       I often assume a level of knowledge on the parts of those who visit here and shouldn’t do that. I thought the last posting was clear but there are questions that seem to transcend the point of that post. With that in […]

The Roswell [Flying Saucer] Press Release and Colonel Blanchard

By Kevin RandleA Different Perspective9-5-15       I’ve been thinking about this press release issued by Colonel Blanchard that has the skeptics in such turmoil and I must confess worries me a bit as well. There just doesn’t seem to be any logic in it if we start with […]

The Roswell UFO Crash and Reporter, Jason Kellahin

By Kevin RandleA Different Perspective8-5-15 (Blogger’s note: Since this has come up, I thought I’d republish, with appropriate updates, the article from my The Roswell Encyclopedia about this. I believe I was the first to interview Jason Kellahin, first briefly on the telephone, and then in his home. I did […]

The Extraterrestrial Vote

By Rebecca Leberwww.newrepublic.com7-16-15       NASA’s nine-year-old New Horizons mission made history on Tuesday by giving Earth its first close glimpse at the on-again, off-again ninth planet, Pluto. In response, President Barack Obama tweeted: Pluto just had its first visitor! Thanks @NASA – it’s a great day for discovery […]

Lee Reeves and the Roswell UFO Crash

Dan Dwyer and members of the Roswell Fire Department By Kevin RandleA Different Perspective7-13-15      I have been asked about the story of Lee Reeves who supposedly accompanied Dan Dwyer out to the crash site where the alien creatures were found. Reeves’ tale appears in Witness to Roswell where […]