Hebrew Roots Meets Ancient Aliens?

If the source blog for this piece is promoting this idea (as opposed to reporting it), and if it’s mission statement (under About) = Hebrew Roots movement, then instead of baptizing ancient alien theory, we’re now seeing it circumcised. Here we go: The Raëlians UFO Jews of Israel This essay […]

UFO-Worshiping Raelians Are No Longer Zionists

By Zayin B’Ayinheebmagazine.com8-7-15      Here’s one that’s sure to disappoint the thin venn segment of people who love the state of Israel, and also believe that all life on Earth is the product of extraterrestrial scientific meddling. The Raëlian movement has officially (officially!) renounced Zionism, and declared themselves the […]

UFO Sect Wants To Hand Out Religious Materials To School Kids

UFO Religion Wants to Hand Out Pamphlets at Florida Schools Now Too By Chris Josephblogs.browardpalmbeach.com9-19-14       Earlier this week, we told you about how the Satanic Temple plans on handing out their literature to public school kids in Florida on the heels of an Orange County School Board […]

Sects, Cults and UFOs …

By Paul AndersonThe herald Sun7-25-14      FROM small fringe groups with wacky religious beliefs to large structured money-making organisations run by self-professed prophets, cults and sects have existed in Australia for several decades. We take a look at the cults and sects that have popped up across the landscape […]