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Caroline Cory, The Science of Alien Contact

Caroline Cory hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: Caroline Cory is a futurist, filmmaker, international speaker and visionary author of best-selling books on Consciousness and Quantum Healing. As a child and throughout her life, Caroline has always been deeply connected to spiritual topics, the study of Consciousness, mechanics of the universe and the discovery of the divine.

Caroline also is an experiencer, which inspired her latest film, Gods Among Us. Gods Among Us is a feature-length documentary film on the extraterrestrial and non-human presence on Earth in both physical and non-physical form as well as inter-dimensionally. The film examines how contact and communication occur and their effect on the human consciousness as it evolves within a larger galactic citizenship. Leading scientists share their insights and laboratory research on such phenomena as telepathy, transfer of energy and interstellar contact between the worlds.

For more about the film, visit: www.GodsAmongUs.com

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 149: Q & A with Fern, Audrey, and Beth: Distinction from Deliverance Ministry

This episode follows episodes 68 and 120. Fern, Audrey, and Beth minister to trauma victims whose trauma has produced DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or involved Trauma-based Mind Control (TBMC).  If those terms and associated concepts are unfamiliar to you, then episode 68 is an essential precursor to this episode. This episode focuses on addressing listener questions about this ministry. What you’ll hear in this episode, however, isn’t a model for ministry. As you listen, do not assume you can take what’s said today, get the transcript, make a checklist, and do this sort of ministry. The episode discusses in some detail how the ministry of Fern, Audrey, and Beth differs from traditional deliverance ministry and why those differences matter.

The episode is now live.

Please consider donating to Fern and Audrey’s ministry to trauma survivors.

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MJ Banias – Philosophy in Ufology – January 16, 2017

MJ-BanaisOpen Minds UFO Radio: MJ is a writer, blogger, and researcher who critically and philosophically examines the modern UFO phenomenon, and other strange Fortean subjects. With a background in Critical Theory, History, and Cultural Studies, he enjoys exploring all things weird and anomalous. He is a field investigator with MUFON, has been featured on multiple podcasts, and writes for Mysterious UniverseRoguePlanet and the Deep Talk Radio Network.

In this interview, we talk about MJ’s latest article on the disparity in UFO belief systems, and the middle ground. We also discuss the philosophical aspect of UFO research.

For more about MJ, visit his website at TerraObscura.net.

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Two New Kindle Books — Notes on Leviticus and Acts from the Naked Bible Podcast

I’m happy to announce that there are two new Kindle books available:

Notes on Leviticus from the Naked Bible Podcast ($0.99)

Notes on the Book of Acts from the Naked Bible Podcast ($0.99)

As you might guess from the titles, these are edited version of the transcripts from the episodes on the podcast series on Leviticus and Acts. Since the transcripts are available for free (by episode on the episode page), I had intended to make these free as well. But I’ve discovered Amazon Kindle doesn’t allow me to do that. Hence they are available for $0.99. Both books are over 200 pp., so it’s still a good deal. For those who want all of the material, edited for readability, in one place — and who have Kindle — here you go!  I won’t be making these available in print.

Thanks go to Spencer Robinson and Peter Rust for editing and preparing these!

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 140 – Ezekiel 24

Chapter 24 is a turning book in the book of Ezekiel. After Ezekiel’s call (Ch. 1-3), the book has, to this point, been a series of gloom-and-doom pronouncements to the exiled Jews in Babylon subverting their expectations that Jerusalem, the temple, and their friends and loved ones back in Jerusalem were safe from  divine judgment. Chapter 24 announces the judgment of the city of Jerusalem and what’s left of Israel has begun—Ezekiel is to mark the very day he received the oracles which constitute this chapter.

The episode is now live.

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Promote the Naked Bible Podcast and Win a Copy of Mike’s New Book on the Book of Enoch and the New Testament!

If you listen to episode 137 of the Naked Bible Podcast you’ll find out that Trey has come up with an idea to promote the podcast. It sounds like fun.

From now until the end of January, Trey will be tracking social media channels for anyone who shares a short post or story about listening to the podcast on their social media outlets. In other words, share a funny or inspirational anecdote about something you heard on the podcast, or something that happened while you were listening. You can do that as many times as you like — get it out there on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Trey (not me!) will be choosing three winners from all the social media traffic to receive a free signed copy of my new book, scheduled for release in February or March: Reversing Hermon: The Importance of 1 Enoch’s Story of the Watchers’ Transgression for New Testament Theology.

So spread the word about the podcast!

Here’s an image of the podcast in case anyone wants to use it:



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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 137: Ezekiel 23

Ezekiel 23 essentially takes up where Ezekiel 16 left off. The latter chapter is perhaps the most sexual explicit in the entire Bible, as its theme is to present Jerusalem and Judah as a whore to telegraph her spiritual betrayal of Yahweh. In this chapter both the defunct Norther kingdom (Israel/Samaria) and the remaining Southern kingdom (Judah/Jerusalem) are portrayed as sister prostitutes (Oholah and Oholibah), soliciting every man they can find. The names of the sisters convey the focus well: Israel went into apostasy, and her sister followed her path. And that means the remaining sister, Jerusalem, will come to the same end as Samaria did.

Sign up for the newsletter and get access in Issue #11 to two scholarly articles about explicit language in the Bible:

* Marvin, Pope, “Euphemism and Dysphemism in the Bible” (Anchor Bible Dictionary)
* Ullendorff, “The Bawdy Bible,” Bulletin of the School of African and Oriental Studies 42:3 (1979): 425-456

The episode is now live.

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 136: Ezekiel 21-22

These two chapters of Ezekiel beat a familiar drum: Jerusalem is doomed (21) because of her unrelenting wickedness and apostasy (22). Chapter 21 consists of four oracles “clarifying” for hard-of-hearing Israelites what fate awaited them as Nebuchadnezzar moved toward Jerusalem. Chapter 22 is comprised of three separate sermonettes targeting the evils of the city’s politicians, prophets, priests, and population. The city is cast as worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, as God charges he cannot find a single person (Ezek 22:30) in the city who will put himself on the line to oppose its evil.

The episode is now live.

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 135: Ezekiel 19-20

These two chapters in Ezekiel rehearse parts of Israel’s tragic history in different ways. This episode discusses both chapters, but devotes more attention to several controversial and difficult passages in chapter 20. Ezekiel 19 is a lamentation that uses animal and plant imagery to describe the demise of Israel’s last few kings. Chapter 20 reviews Israel’s history of apostasy and Yahweh’s gracious refusal to abandon them altogether.

The episode is now live.

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