UFOs Recorded Over San Miguel Volcano?

      A series of unexplained lights have been filmed hovering over a volcano in Central America. The video, taken in the foothills of San Miguel volcano in eastern El Salvador, show the lights seemingly moving together on their own. By Joseph GolderThe Mirror9-28-17 Social media users first reported […]

UFO Photographed Over Himeji City Japan | VIDEO

Hiroshi captured four color photos of the object as it silently flew overhead.      In late August of 1976, 11-year-old Hiroshi Tsutsui of Himeji City, Japan, and two of his friends were playing near his home when they spotted a dark object moving towards them in the sky. By […]

Cache Valley Has Its Share of UFO Stories

By Charles McCollumnews.hjnews.com1-16-16      At the risk of being labeled a kook, I want to talk a bit about UFO sightings. And the issue is: What should a small-town newspaper do when local residents call or come in the office to report such things? In my view, if we’re […]

Navy Arctic UFO Photos from 1971: An Open Minds Report

I highly recommend watching this Open Minds TV report. This is what’s supposed to happen with such things — people doing real investigative work. Here are some of the photos. They are indeed stunning, but most likely not extraterrestrial. Presuming you watched the video report, here’s my own two cents […]

NEW PLUTO IMAGES: Flying Over Pluto’s Icy Mountain and Plains | VIDEO

By NASA.gov Video7-17-15      This simulated flyover of Pluto’s Norgay Montes (Norgay Mountains) and Sputnik Planum (Sputnik Plain) was created from New Horizons closest-approach images. Norgay Montes have been informally named for Tenzing Norgay, one of the first two humans to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Sputnik Planum […]

Chasing Pluto – First Clear View of Pluto | VIDEO

By video.pbs.org7-15-15 See Also: NASA’s Three-Billion-Mile Journey to Pluto Reaches Historic Encounter New Horizons Probe’s July 14 Pluto Flyby NASA Spacecraft, New Horizons Powered by Plutonium REPORT YOUR UFO EXPERIENCE Read more »

Chile UFO: “Humans Could Not Have Manufactured It,” Claim Government Experts?

Did A UFO ‘Not Made By Man’ Hover Over Chile? By Lee SpeigelThe Huffington Post5-13-15      There’s a story going around that Chile supposedly revealed remarkable UFO photographs of an aerial object so advanced that government experts are claiming that humans could not have manufactured it. According to several […]

Mysterious Object is NOT ‘Made By Man’ | Chile UFO

By Mirror .co.uk4-16-15 Authorities revealed that they do not recognise the strange object which was captured hovering in the skies       A UFO that was sighted in Chile is ‘not a known object made by man’, according to the country’s government. Officials released the footage after completing a […]

Do Foo Fighter Images Represent ‘The Real Foo Fighters?’

By Gilles Fernandezskepticversustheflyingsaucers.blogspot.frl1-21-15      Foo-Fighters are aerial phenomena (usually one or more white balls of light, yellow or red) reported on numerous occasions by the crews of the Allied air forces or Axis during the Second World War ( Wiki ). I emphasized “reported” because all the research I […]

Resident Photographs UFO Over Vidor, Texas

By Guiseppe Barrancowww.beaumontenterprise.com      Larry Nash changed his phone’s ringtone to an eerie alien tune after he recently captured cellphone pictures of what he says could be a UFO. The Vidorian was working a construction job at Crystal Beach in December when he and his co-workers saw a bright […]