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258. Free Show: Philip Mantle

Alejandro Rojas live with UFO Updates and guest, Philip Mantle discusses several very interesting UFO cases in the UK, some fascinating unknowns, abduction accounts, recent book releases that he has published and what in the world the British tabloids are doing with the UFO topic.

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Does New Roswell Witness Hold Up To Scrutiny?

ROSWELL - Former US Deputy Sheriff Charlie Forgus Saw Alien Bodies

John Keel was Right – Another New Roswell Witness

     Well, it’s happened again, just as John Keel said it would. As I have mentioned before, Keel had written in 1991 that by the end of the century (meaning going into the 21st century) there would be dozens of people, if not hundreds, claiming to have been in Roswell at the time of the UFO crash. Another one has appeared on the scene by the name of Charles H. Forgus, a soldier who served during the Second World War and who was a deputy sheriff in 1947. No, he wasn’t a deputy in Roswell but one in Big Spring, Texas, which is Howard County.

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

Here’s how this plays out. According to him, he, with the Sheriff in Big Spring, had traveled to Roswell to pick up a prisoner. While they were on their way, they heard, over the police radio, about the flying saucer crash. They drove out to the site, saw hundreds of soldiers, though Forgus didn’t know which branch of the service they were in (the US Army on their fatigues should have been a big clue), and saw a huge disk crashed into the side of a mountain.

He was asked if there were lights on the craft and he said, “No, they went out when it banged into the wall in the creek. It was like a mountain on the side of the creek.” (Though I’m not sure how he would have known that the lights went out when it hit because he wasn’t there.)

He also said, “We couldn’t see that well because of the trees. It was in a riverbank. It slammed into a river bank. I saw them lifting one up with the crane.”

I recognized the place he was talking about. I had been there, I had walked the land and I knew that there was no creek or river there but from the picture that had been printed in The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell, it looked as if there was.

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UFOs TODAY – 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation, and Government Cover-Up

UFOs TODAY –  70 Years of Lies, Misinformation, and Government Cover-Up

     UFOs TODAY -70 Years of Lies, Misinformation, and Government Cover-Up,presents UFO studies that colleagues and I have undertaken during our thirty years as field investigators. The material is generally presented in chronological order, beginning with
Press Release
The UFO Chronicles

information that the government had been investigating the phenomena prior to the Kenneth Arnold event in 1947. The work is new and different because it focuses upon the importance of government research into this subject, whereupon most such research has centered on the investigation of witnesses and of the sites of UFO sightings.

What makes it truly unique and valuable is that several of my co-investigators and I have not only probed the organizations where the research on UFOs has been conducted, we have also worked in many of the most crucial institutions involved in the UFO field. Thus, unlike the few others that have done this kind of research, we have had an inside tract to understanding the organizations, the researchers, and the results of the studies. Examination of government knowledge of the UFO phenomena is vital because it provides important evidence about whether the subject is taken seriously by government authorities, and can potentially provide technical information about the phenomena.

The book also includes never-before-published first-hand interviews and correspondence with many of the most important and the initial investigators of the phenomena. This is significant because many of these people have died and those who are living are getting old. Thus, this research provides an historical record of the reasoning and opinions of those making an initial impact in this field.

It also covers the complexity of the phenomena, which has contributed to the difficulty and controversy in conducting this field of research.

This book also features the testimony of a former US Deputy Sheriff who was an alleged witness to the UFO crash at Roswell in 1947. This gentleman’s unique testimony will be published here for the first time.

UFOs TODAYis like no other book on the UFO subject as it comes from an academic who worked behind the scenes at a number of locations and witnessed the official cover-up for herself.

About the author:

Irena Scott PhD.

Dr. Irena Scott received her PhD from the University of Missouri in physiology, did post-doctoral research at Cornell University, has been an Assistant Professor at St. Bonaventure University, and has done research and teaching at The Ohio State University, the University of Missouri, the University of Nevada, and at Battelle Memorial Institute. She worked for the Defence Intelligence Agency and the Aerospace Center in satellite photography, was a volunteer astronomer at the Ohio State University Radio Observatory, and has taken flying lessons.

Her publications include books, and works in scientific journals, magazines, newspapers, and she was a correspondent for Popular Mechanics magazine. She served on the MUFON Board of Directors (1993 to 2000), is a MUFON consultant in physiology and astronomy and a field investigator. She co-edited eight symposium proceedings, has been a State Section Director for Ohio MUFON, was a founding member of the Mid-Ohio Research Associates (MORA) and its journal editor, and has published UFO material in books and journals (including scientific journals).

UFOs TODAY, 70 Years of Lies, Disinformation, and Government Cover-Up will be published on June 1st 2017 by FLYING DISK PRESS.

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215. Free Show: Paul Stonehill

Stonehill-Paul-EA-1Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, and guest Paul Stonehill talks about his latest book co-authored with Philip Mantle: Russia’s USO Secrets with fascinating details and many very interesting reports from ancient times to 2009 across the vast land of the former Soviet Union, plus the Arctic and other explored areas of the Russian military. To hear the full shows and archives, help us out for $2 or more per month and listen in any media player.

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Scientists and the Roswell Slides

Scientists and the Roswell Slides
By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

      Since we have been repeatedly given the “facts” of the mummy as established by Richard Doble and are told that no other scientists, anthropologists or archaeologists would go on the record, I thought it time to challenge this bit of misrepresentation. As I have noted, when we are told that no American anthropologists would go on the record, it might mean that none would go on the record based solely on examination of the slides. They wanted additional information and I don’t see that as an unreasonable request. In fact, it sounds just like the question a scientist would ask when presented with something like the Roswell Slides.

But that is only part of the story. There have been statements by recognized scientists concerning what is shown in the slides. Tim Printy has published information about this, much of it found by Philip Mantle. Printy’s article can be found here.

But for those who don’t wish to access all the information provided by Printy, here are the germane points:

Dr. Daniel Antoine, Institute for Bioarchaeology – Curator of Physical Anthropology: Based on the photograph, this appears to be the mummified remains of a very young child. The mummification process is likely to have been natural (i.e. buried in a very hot or arid environment) but it may also have been intentionally embalmed.

François Gaudard, University of Chicago: To me it looks indeed like a mummy: the mummy of a child. The item on the other side of the mummy appears to be remnants of mummy bandages, but it is difficult to tell for sure. However, since some parts of the mummy look a little shiny, for example, the right hand and just below the ribs, it makes me wonder whether it could be varnished or made of plastic? And also why is the text on the label not visible as if someone was trying to hide something? [This is an accurate statement. Someone was trying to hide something.]

Frode Storaas, University Museum of Bergen: This seems to be a mummy, but not from old Egypt. Mummies are found many places. The photo indicates that this mummy is exhibited, or stored, somewhere and by someone who probably can tell more. [Should I point out here that this is right on point. That documentation exists.]

Dr. Suzanne Onstine, University of Memphis: It does appear to be human remains (and likely a child), although the photo is too blurry to tell if artificial mummification procedures were done. It is certainly possible the body was naturally mummified due to dry climate and soil. That kind of thing happened all the time in many cultures.

S.J. Wolfe, Director of the EMINA (Egyptian Mummies in North America) Project: Okay, it is a mummy, but very hard to tell if it Egyptian, South American or European. I see no wrappings of any kind, it appears to be a child or youth. Do you have a provenance on the slide??? That may help the determination.

Dr. Ronald Leprohon, University of Toronto: Where was this shot taken? It looks like a museum. What did the label say? Did you ask the folks there? I’m sure they’d have information on their displays. It certainly looks like a mummy but it’s pretty blurry so it’s difficult to see properly. Sorry I can’t be more helpful, and good luck in your quest. [A really astute comment by someone who only had a scan of the slide to examine.]

Dr. Patricia Podzorski, University of Memphis: Based on the image you sent, it appears that what you saw is the preserved remains of a human body, or a good imitation thereof. Since no wrappings are clearly visible in the photo, I can not determine the culture (Egypt, Peru, Asia, North America, etc.) or the date/ period (ancient or recent) of origin. Given that the head is turned slightly to the side and the color, it might not be an unwrapped ancient Egyptian mummy, but I am not able to be certain based on the visual information.

Salima Ikram, American University in Cairo: I confirm that the photo is of a mummy of a child, possibly Peruvian or even Egyptian. [Another scientist who was to accurately identify the remains from the slide without going off into the extraterrestrial.]

Denise Doxey, Curator, Ancient Egyptian, Nubian and Near Eastern Art. Museum of fine arts, Boston: Yes, that would appear to be the mummy of a small child.

As I have noted, Philip Mantle was the man responsible for interviewing these people and getting their statements on the record. All that can be found here.

Given all this, I hope that we can now move beyond the claims that other scientists, versed in the necessary disciplines, have not gone on the record about this. It is clear that their opinions are more informed than that of Doble. The trouble for some commenters here is that they agree with what Doble said and ignore everything else. It seems to me that there are many arrayed on the side of the image being an unfortunate human child based on their examination of the scans available and a few who are sticking to the idea it is alien while ignoring all the other documentation, photographs and evidence. For those unable to understand it, these are the remains of an unfortunate child. There is nothing alien about it.

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150. Special Show, Roswell Slides

1375075_898765706831656_5895994749649717975_nThis show is dedicated to the recent Roswell Kodachrome “Alien” Slide release, starting out with a pre-recorded Philip Mantle of UFO Today , Curt Collins of Blue Blurry Lines comes up before hour two to speak for the “Roswell Slide” Research Group and support the show to hear what Kevin Randle has to share of the latest events including his talk with Don Schmitt.

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