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UFO Sighting in Boca Raton, Florida on 2017-07-17 21:00:00 – Red orange round objects

7/23/17 9:00-9:19 pm: approximately 6 balls of light crossed the night sky over our neighborhood at random intervals of time. the entire event lasted about 20 minutes. all of the balls of light were red and orange all traveling across the same exact line across the night sky, and all flickered and died out in the same vicinity. there were no planes nor cloud cover, and the balls of light were both higher and larger, and not to mention brighter, than a plane. extremely bright, heading north, all traveling across the same line. randomly appeared from a seemingly vacant spot in the sky, and disappeared into nowhere. moved at a relatively quick, yet constant speed. maintained consistent spherical shape during the entire movement. no tail or falling/separated debris.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Lévis, Quebec on 2017-07-23 22:12:00 – Un triangle noir avec 7 lumiã¨res orangã©es

Nous ã©tions 4 ã  profiter du ciel ã©toilã© derriã¨re chez moi, nous observions le passage des satellites. j’ai alors aperã§u ã  l’est filant dans notre direction ce qui ma semblã© ãªtre des chasseurs en formation v, j’ai alertã© tout le monde autour de moi et tous on alors vu l’objet triangulaire noir silencieux traversã© le ciel au dessus de nous en moins de 10 secondes il ã©tait disparu derriã¨re la maison. de 5 ã  7 lumiã¨res orangã© sur le ventre de l’appareil. on aurait presque dit une projection dans le ciel tellement c’ã©tait fluide et silencieux, sournois mãªme.

on c’est tous regardã© et on a tous dã©cris la mãªme chose.
tous le monde ã©tait perplexe, surpris, excitã©, incrã©dule, je jubilais pour ma part, enfin j’observait quelque chose.

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UFO Sighting in Maywood, Illinois on 2015-10-05 00:00:00 – I saw. at lease 15 or more ufos

I was in my back yard i happened to look up north west there they were it was at lease 15 or more. the way they were moving i thought they were ballooned they were moving up down side ways as if they were playing they were different shapes some were skillet like with rods sticking out the back some had wings like birds i knew they were larger than i could see because a pasenger plane went right pass them just a little north gong to. o’hara field the wing ones was just as large i ran to my truck to get a camera. the truck was locked i ran to get my keys i took several pictures then i ran to the front of my house to find some one to see them no one. was there i ran down the street. there was no one then i went to my neighbors she was there. i looked back to see if they were still there i could see one the largest one i told here to watch she says i can see it it was silver in color. it looked like one of the wings came off an shot to the north east and came right back looked like it hooked up and then shot straight up. it seemed to be about six blocks away from us. hovering ove the 290 express way near 5 the ave. in maywood i’ll. i had recently seen other ufos a. a cigar shaper one in broad view i’ll. near hines va. hospital that exploded in to a bright lighti thought it was falling it did not it went back in the direction it came in forest park ill about a month before that i saw a chimney shaped ufo i went on line to see if any one else saw it sure enough some one saw the same thing except the one that i saw had two parts the tall one with a short one attached to the bottom i was about blocks from it it was silver and white with vertical bricks on both i would like to be hypmatized. i think there were wires or rods sticking out no windows or sound it wobbled like it was adjusting it self then it dropped about a foot an turned. like it was going around the block or landing in a parking lot right below it i was in traffic i could not turn right where it wasi had to turn left i figured if it was a ufo some one would report it. i have seen others with witness it’s no big deal now.

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UFO Sighting in Nebo, North Carolina on 2017-07-14 00:00:00 – Ufo flew theb hovered. light as if door opened. light was a beautiful white. then light closed and ufo disappeared

I was walking my dog for the last time and checking on venus. the ufo flew below venus and hovered. ithe light appeared as if a door was opening. the light remained for a few minutes and then slowly be ame dark again. the ufo then disappeared. the light was the most beautiful i have ever seen. i felt chills and spine tingles.

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Alien Encounter in Queens Village, New York on 2012-10-12 15:05:00 – An entity that followed me.

Before all of this happened, my friend talked about “slender man”. for a few days, i continued to have panic attacks thinking about it. couple days later my mother asked me to buy a groceries, and to take out money from the bank. i went to a store which was across the street from the bank and brought the items, and i noticed there was a tall slender male, in a really nice black suit with a hat. his skin was pale, his facial features i cannot remember, he was staring at me as well; thought to myself “that’s really weird” and was a bit nervous. i crossed the street and entered the bank, continued to think about that weird man, and went to see if he was still by the store while i took money out from the atm. to my surprise, he was in front of the door by the side of the bank outside. that’s when i became terrified, and told myself “if he comes to me or does any thing, i’m knocking his flip;ing head off” implying i would punch him as hard as i could and keep hitting him. when i got the money and turned back around to see, he was gone. from that day forward, i have not had a panic attack of “slender man”.

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Black Triangle Sighting in La Mesa, California on 2017-07-20 21:40:00 – Because of the lights on each point appeared to be equilateral triangle

At approximately 9:40 pm: on thursday july 20, 2017, i was returning from dinner in the village of la mesa. my transportation van was in the shop for servicing and i was using a motorized wheelchair. my daughter and son-in-law and accompanied me in my daughter’s truck and were playing leapfrog sure that i had no difficulty because of the darkness. there were no streetlights in the area. i was using a strobe headlamp so that oncoming vehicles could see me. as i turned from i highwood street onto wetherly street i became aware of the flashing white light approximately 50 yards behind and above me and there was absolutely no sound. i live in the area within the flight path of commercial aircraft approaching landing at lindbergh field in san diego. i thought at first the lights were landing lights of the commercial but noticed there were no navigation lights; just three white lights blinking at the same time. i assumed they were navigation lights, but the craft was too low to have been a commercial aircraft and the was no sound. i am quite familiar with jet engine, helicopter, and reciprocating engine sound and noise. because everything was silent, i stopped momentarily to listen. there were no sound of any kind, human, animal or any type of aircraft. the craft was now directly overhead but it was so dark i could not make out any shape except for the three lights which appeared to be at the points of a triangle. the craft was moving only slightly faster than i. i increased my speed as much as possible and continued up wetherly street. the craft continued above me and moved slightly faster. i estimate i was moving in about 5 to 8 mph. i stopped a second time to listen for any sounds. there were none. as i approach my driveway my daughter had moved her car onto the driveway and sheen and her husband got out. i have a motion sensor light in the driveway which came on at that point. in a normal voice i asked my son-in-law and my daughter if they’ve heard anything. they both said no. everything was silent in the craft and continued easterly direction and disappeared behind some trees in my neighbor’s yard. i called the la mesa police who were unable to verify any savings by their personnel.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Bellingham, Washington on 2017-07-20 10:30:00 – Triangle big as a house flew from the south to the north. then disappears into nothing

As i was driving home from casino i saw a huge triangle shaped object come from the south direction and travel south. it was bog as a house with red lights all over the bottom
it made a humming sound as it passed almost overhead. as it went north over by river it stopped and shot out 10 orange orbs down into the river or close to the bank anyway.I watched it for about 20 minutes. it was raining that morning but the clouds were clear out when i saw it.


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UFO Sighting in Portland, Oregon on 2017-07-22 17:33:00 – Fades, transparent white, height in sky about 80 thousand feet plus no chemtrail no other visible characteristics just 1minute 10 seconds across entire sky at about 5:33pm friday afternoon in full sunny sky. i could still see it

While standing watering shrubs and trees i noticed a white cloud like solid object flying very high like a sattelite. none listed at this time. hsd no chen trail at all kind of faded in and out though. no idea what it was but never seen that one before whatever it was. was fire and police and pilot. not one to stories.

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