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Alien Encounter in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on 2017-01-20 22:07:00 – Got chase by green glowing object on a cloudy night and then object flew infront of car n beam light of car n from there no memory of event but all people in the car saw different number of lights when it beamed a light on the car9

Me n my family were coming home after a night of playing pool at a smalltown bar there were two groups of people jn seperate cars the first load people 15 minutes early the second followed so the second load of people were driving back home n then realized there was a bright gree light in the clouds beside them following so they speeded up,note the clouds were low that night and as theh speeded up the object kept right beside them n a weird change of event happened the object flew directly in front of the car n beamed a light on the car,there were five people in the car n when the object beamed a light on them they all saw a different number of light from 1 to 5 each persk saw a different number n from there thats the last thing they could remember n all seem normal they had no memory of what happened until atleast a half hour later they all all tried to remember were tne light went afterwords n couldnt remember

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UFO Sighting in Port Canaveral, Florida on 1997-10-21 05:30:00 – Driving north to the east seentwo cigar shape hovering what looked like over ksc color fluorescent green with glow

I was driving my children to their grandparents at 5:30 am in the morning down grissom rd in port st. john like every morning as my children went to school from their grandparents. i looked over to the east into the sky for no reason, i seen two cigar shaped objects glowing fluorescent green hovering which appeared to be hovering over the kennedy space center they were very large i slowed down to show my children i was really excited and a little scared thinking these could be ufo’s as i never seen anything like this i don’t know how long they were there as i had to get my children to school soon. my son remembers this day and event my daughter was to young to remember. i kept this to myself for many yrs thinking some would think i was seeing things and laugh and say i was making this up. i remember this as if it were yesterday. i learned about mufon and asked my son if he remembered this event and decided i would tell my story.Thank you, susan olive

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UFO Sighting in Grafton, Massachusetts on 2017-01-14 17:00:00 – I was looking in the night sky with my telescope and then i looked up at the sky with my own eye and saw a bright green light pop out of nowhere and start moving.

I was looking at the planets and stars with my telescope and had a look away from my telescope to aim my laser pointer. the thing that made me first notice it was a bright green light popping up out of nowhere. at first i just thought it was a plane but then realized that it was going to fast to be a plane and knew that they dont have green lights on them. the object was a bright green color that looked to be in a spherical shape, the object was moving semi-fast through the sky and turning off at times then back on. the feelings i thought were shocked, amazed, and found it very interesting. i lost sight of the object because it went out of view.

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UFO Sighting in Colfax, Washington on 2017-03-27 15:22:00 – Only appeared on recording, did not see with naked eye, but observed while recording on screen.

I was driving home through a relatively unfamiliar area and stopped to record some pleasant scenery as the weather was quite nice for a change. as i was taking the video i noticed something strange on my screen but couldnt actually see it with the naked eye i dismissed it as something on my windshield, but then all of a sudden i started to feel as if i was having a panic attack and my heart was beating very fast and erratically so i stopped recording and continued my drive home.
upon review of the video i realized that there was some sort of craft zipping around those wind turbines i was admiring, it appeared quickly out of nowhere, and hovered in sort of a circular motion a considerable distance away, looked like two discs flying tightly in tandem, with a light radiating around them at times.

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UFO Sighting in ITANHAEM, São Paulo on 1970-02-01 00:00:00 – Parecia uma entidade

era fevereirodo ano de 1970 e tinhamos ido acampar em itanhaem na praia dos pescadores litoral de são paulo. acho que eramos em 4 pessoas ao todo.
chegamos tarde ao local, mais ou menos la pelas 16h, pois fomos de trem e onibus. improvisamos a barraca, tinhamos apenas uma lona grande e comemos alguma coisa. estavamos descansando quando vimos uma agitação de algumas pessoas que também estavam acampando. era mais ou menos 21h e este pessoal tinha posicionado o carro junto à margem do mar com os faróis acesos apontados para uma pequena ilha próxima da praia que dava para ir a pé até ela quando a maré esta baixa.
no primeiro momento pensamos que alguém tivesse ficado preso na ilha. era comum as pessoas irem até a ilha quando a maré estava baixa, porém algumas pessoas descuidada acabavam ficando presa poi a maré subia e ficava muito alta.
fomos até junto as pessoas que lá estavam e perguntamos o que estava acontecendo e perguntamos também se alguém ficou preso na ilha.Eles disseram que perceberam uma coisa estranha na ilha e resolveram posicionar o carro com os farois acesos apontando para a llha para ver mrlhor.
o que havia era uma forma estranha que daquela distancia que estavamos paracia ser bem grande. sua forma era irregular e luminosa, mas somente quando o farol do carro incilembrava um cone disforme, e o impressionate era que ele alterava seu tamanho continuamente, diminuia até ficar bem pequeno e depois aumentava o tamanho até ficar enorme. esta alteração não parava, ficava o tempo todo diminindo e aumentando.
como ninguém sabia o que era aquilo e se era perigoso ou não pessoas resolveram ir embora e passar aquela noite em um hotel na ciadade. nós com estavamos com pouco dinheiro resolvemos passar a moite na praia mesmo que preocupados. resolvemos então ficar vigiando. enquanto dois dormian, dois ficavam vigiando. e assim fizemos, porém ao amnhecer acordamos e percebemos que todos adormecemos instantaneamente e que nenhum de nós viu o que aconteceu com aquela entidade, já que já não haviua mais nada na ilha.

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UFO Sighting in Middletown, New York on 2017-03-25 21:30:00 – One or maybe two flying objects during ifr day not talking to atc erratic maneuvers

At approximately 930pm on march 25th 2017 a piper navajo n333hf described an encounter with a flying object with flashing green and white lights maneuvering very erratically and changing directions quickly. this is heard on around 26 minutes 30 seconds into the first attached audio recording of the atc archive provided by liveatc dot net. i was advised of this by atc since i, flying n224tw (goodspeed 224 on the attached audio recordings), was going to cross the huo (huguenot) vor (a ground-based radio navigation source) soon there after. atc then advises they saw a primary target (just a return no transponder or altitude information) just east of the vor. this is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the second attached atc audio file. then about a minute later i report a flying object with flashing red and white lights that was paralleling us perfectly. this one was not observed by atc on radar at all. the air traffic i saw appeared to move in, follow us for several minutes from about a mile (approximate guess) off my right wing, and pull away. it was similar to the way a military aircraft would move in to identify an aircraft (maybe looking for the ufo harassing n333hf but i’m speculating there). the green light object continues to follow the navajo into northern nj (starts at about 7 minutes 50 seconds into the 3rd attached audio recording). to summarize there was at least 1 possibly up to 3 (the green lighted one reported by n333hf, the primary target reported by atc, and the red and white lighted one reported by me) flying object(s) that were flying in close proximity to civilian aircraft and following them for miles. typically military aircraft would be talking to atc on a separate frequency but according to atc nobody else was talking to them. the conditions were ifr so any aircraft flying should have been talking to atc and squawking a discrete code on their transponders but this (or these) unidentified flying object(s) while having lighting similar to aircraft were not talking or squawking to anybody. this means they were flying illegally and had no or a very low radar profile. i estimate the altitudes of the object(s) to have been between 4000 and 12000ft based on my own account and that of n333hf. the four (at least) witnesses are myself, my first officer, the pilot(s) of n333hf, and the air traffic controller. it is possible n333hf and/or their or my passengers may have witnessed things as well as other aircraft in the area and/or people on the ground i’m not sure. the audio recordings were provided by liveatc, a third party of hobbyist radio operators that record live air traffic control and archive the files as well. our flight paths can be viewed here: flightaware dot com/live/flight/n333hf/history/20170326/0045z/kalb/kteb and here: flightaware dot com/live/flight/gpd224/history/20170325/2300z/kith/kmmu

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UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2017-03-27 13:15:00 – My wife and i were sitting outside having tea and we noticed this shiny object hovering near the sun. it changed into two objects.

Around 1:15 pm, my wife and i were sitting outside having tea when she noticed this shiny object hovering high in the south west. it was moving very slowly to the west but it eventually changed direction. it was difficult to look at since it was next to the sun. it did not look like an airplane, balloon or bird. it appeared to be shiny and reflecting the sunlight. it was making slight movements and was not heading in a particular direction. both of us noticed that it changed from one object into two objects. the objects appeared to be rotating around each other. the objects were visible for approximately 5 minutes and then suddenly disappeared.

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UFO Sighting in Sedona, Arizona on 2017-03-23 00:00:00 – Over the course of three days i saw and photographed three different objects in the sky in sedona,

Over the course of three days from 3/21/17, 3/23/17 and 3/24/17 i saw several objects in the sky in sedona, az. i was on my phone looking at the live sedona webcam. i live in connecticut and i’ve vacationed in sedona in the past, if i have a free moment in my day i’ll look at the live webcam. i’ve been looking at the webcam for over a year now at different times throughout the day and never saw anything out of the ordinary except for when objects started to appear in the sky on 3/21/17.

on 3/21/17 at 9:43am edt (6:43am mst) the first object appeared. i noticed the object was out of place for the morning sunrise and at first glance i thought it was a passing satelitte or a drone, however; the object didn’t move it was stationary. i took a screenshot and after a few seconds the webcam moved direction. once enlarging the object on my phone the shape and the light emanating from the object was unusual. after 5 minutes the webcam went back to the location where i saw the object and the object wasn’t in the sky anymore.

due to this peculiarity i kept looking at the webcam throughout the day and saw a second object in the sky that differed from the first one i had witnessed.

later that afternoon, at 3:10pm est (12:10pm mst) i saw the second object in the sky at a different location. this object differed to the first object, this one was dark in color, circular and didn’t have a glow or light emanating from it like the first object. i took a screenshot of this object and it stayed in the sky at the same location for several hours without moving. at first glance i thought it was a weird cloud but as the webcam stayed fixed at the location for several minutes the object didn’t move. i also thought there might be a smudge on the lens of the webcam, this wasn’t the case because whenever the webcam moved to a different location there wasn’t any circular dark spot visible at other locales. this second object appeared over the course of 3 days and always in the same location. interestingly, each when i looked at the webcam the object slightly changed it’s shape, as if it was fluid in nature. i have several photos of this object over the 3 day period it was visible.

on 3/23/17 at 8:16pm edt (5:16pm mst) the second object was visible again albeit it was a cloudy day. i have several screenshots over the course of thirteen minutes of the object. because it was cloudy one can see the cloud movements from one photo to the next, but the dark circular object remained stationary.

on 3/23/17 in the evening at 10:01pm edt (7:01pm mst) over the course of 3 minutes i saw a third object. this object was a large light orb up against the mountainside that’s within a valley area. the light orb went dim and then went to a full brightness. upon seeing this my reaction was disbelief because this valley/mountain area doesn’t have any residential homes, roads, nor are there any aircraft warning lights for pilots to look out for. the light orb was too big to be a hiker’s flashlight and the light certainly wasn’t from a camper’s fire.

on 3/24/17 at 5:10pm edt (3:10pm mst) the second object was in the sky again for a third day, this time the dark circular object really changed it’s shape and appeared to be slightly triangular. i have several photos over the course of an hour on 3/24/17 showing this object. in addition, i have a photo after the object left, to show that its not something fixed in the sky.

the photos attached are a few of what i took, i also have screenshot photos showing the day/time for each photo when it was taken, should you require this.

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UFO Sighting in Herts, England on 2017-01-18 18:05:00 – I went outside to smoke looked up and see this ufo didnt make a sound and was like nothing ive ever seen

i went outside for a smoke and wanted to show my mother con trails as i looked up i see this object and as it got closer i noticed it was not a plane or anything i have seen before i grabbed my phone and recorded the best video i could it was around 500 meters away and dust the object was silent i was a bit shocked when i see this but happy i got the video within 2 mins it was gone

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