Want to Know Why It’s Important for Christians to be Informed about the Paranormal and Spiritual World?

Short answer: Because the demise of real Christianity in the West (Europe and America), is being replaced by theological flim-flam and all sorts of occulture. (This is part of the reason why I object to Christians baptizing that stuff; “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are […]

Russians Claim ‘Indisputable Proof’ of Yeti

Russian researchers looking for the yeti — the Asian version of the North American Bigfoot — claim to have found “indisputable proof” of the long-sought mystery beast in Siberia. There isn’t a ton of evidence to work with — just a few strands of hair and some tracks in the […]

People Keep Seeing the Mothman in Chicago

It was a normal summer night for John Amitrano, working a Friday shift as security for Chicago’s popular Logan Square hangout The Owl—but when we went outside, he saw something odd. “I saw a plane flying, but also something moving really awkwardly under it,” he told VICE. “It didn’t look […]

UFO Sighting in New Britain, Connecticut on 2018-01-03 19:20:00 – Flying across the sky in steady line

Driving in my car looking straight out of my window and saw a light go across the sky and it was faster than a plane. i live near 3 airports and i know what a plane looks like. that was not a plane! nor a helicopter nor a meteor. this […]

UFO Sighting in Cheney, Washington on 2018-01-02 16:08:00 – Bright lights blinded me but i seen through and i noticed a figures in all of the ships

So i sitting on top of the park gazebo hanging out looking at girls listening to the snow crunch and melt then out of my purifrial vision i see a bright lights 4 bright lights as im looking i could kinda see almost people it freaked me out and i […]

UFO Sighting in Medicine Hat, Alberta on 2017-06-16 23:30:00 – Taking photos of the moon and when we took the photos a green like orb was caught on film, not seen by the naked eye.

Taking pictures of the moon around 11:30pm at our fire in our backyard, our vision was focused on only the moon when we viewed the photos after, the first photo there was nothing then in the second photo there was a green like orb and in the third photo the […]

UFO Sighting in Santa Cruz, California on 2017-12-26 00:00:00 – It appeared in my photo as i hadnt noticed it in my other pictures

I have the picture on my phone, i do not know how to transfer it to my laptop. i was taking pictures of the sunset when i looked at them one of them has the ufo in it, quite defined. i didnt notice it until i had returned to san […]