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UFO Sighting in Grove City, Ohio on 2017-05-26 00:00:00 – Red orange pulsated and wobbled. two objects one behind the other pulsating light when viewed with binoculars wobbled in flight.

At approximately 1100 pm on may 26 2017 i was going to bed and looked out my window facing south. i noticed two objects under low cloud cover. the objects glowed red orange and at first i thought they might be helicopters however they began to bounce and wobble in flight. at this time i went out my front door to attempt to hear any sound from the objects and there was none. i went back inside acquired my binoculars went out again and looked at the objects through the binoculars. the shape appeared round with pulsating light but i could not observe any structure. the objects continued from south to north at a slow steady pace and finally diapered in lower cloud cover. i was extremely surprised to obverse objects behaving in this manner over town and the fact they made no noise was strange. my wife also observed the objects. we discussed the possibility of drones but it just didn’t make sense. we then decided the report the incident.

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UFO Sighting in Mahopac, New York on 2017-05-24 22:30:00 – Video a 2 orb’s yellow-orange zipping around, video b bright orb red-orange. very fast!

On may 24th around 10:30-10:45pm it was cloudy,drizzling i was facing ne, with my night vision camera on tripod i zoomed in saw 2 yellow-orange orb’s zipping around for about 15sec’s then flew off.

same night around 11:30pm a bright red-orange orb came in(1:14 in to video b) and was hovering for 20sec’s before zipping off ne at high rate of speed. as you can see in the video drizzle and debris was moving but the orb wasn’t till it flew off.

the night was cloudy, drizzling, breezy. the objects i would say where about 1000ft + high, i had to max out the night vision zoom on camera.

to be honest, i didn’t think i was going to see anything that night but i felt i had to try, this is my second report in like 2 months. wtf!

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UFO Sighting in Machali-rancagua, on 2010-12-10 00:00:00 – El objeto era plateado de como 5 metros de diametro se desplazaba en absoluto silencio y describio una trayectoria uniforme en todo momento

Estaba en e patio de mi casa regando el jardín, cuando lo vi llame a la familia, de inmediato me di cuenta que no era algo hecho por el hombre, el objeto esta muy brillante igual a una esfera plateada sin puertas ni ventanas o letras ni luces de colores, tendría un diámetro aproximado de unos 5 metros y su trayectoria siempre fue rectilínea y uniforme, mi reacción fue llamar a la familia para que ellos también fuesen testigos, el fenómeno duro como 5 minutos hasta que el objeto se perdió sobre los cerros.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Seattle, Washington on 2017-05-26 00:00:00 – Triagular arranged lights seen flying silently overhead.

Observed in west seattle near intersection of 63rd and beach dr. cloudless night, at approximately 12:30am friday may 26. standing outside looking at stars, primarily the big dipper i saw 2 sets of odd lights. i often see satellites cross the sky in the hours after a sunset, so they are very familiar.

the first set of strange lights i saw were just 2, no brighter than stars about a thumb width apart if you hold your hand up. they were traveling parallel to each (remaining constant distance from each other) from south to north through the “ladel” of the big dipper, about twice the speed of satellites i have observed, no noise at all. initially i suspected a drone but seemed far to far for their range.

but watching them travel north i noticed a new set of lights 5 lights that formed an equilateral triangle cross their path behind them. these lights were also about the brightness of stars, and moving twice the speed of a satellite just as silently. lights configured 1 at the front point 2 additional lights on either side. so they formed a chevron. these lights traveled from east to west, again through the “ladel” of the big dipper, then turned n-nw smoothly. it didn’t appear to bank (as a plane would) because it remained the equilateral triangle shape. size about twice the diameter of the first 2 lights, so maybe 2 thumb widths.

the total event was short just maybe 10-15 seconds before fading.

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UFO Sighting in Morehouse, Missouri on 2016-04-10 02:30:00 – Heavy cloud cover. no rain. hovered right above low lying clouds.

I was coming home from the store at around 1:00 a.M. as i approached my house at here was a very deep bass him above me above the cloud cover. i physically felt a sudden drop in air pressure like i was being squeezed towards the ground. the him vibrated me and felt very heavy. it lasted about 45 seconds and then i could feel the pressure easing and the him drifted away straight up. it clearly felt like some massive object had been hovering above me and could have crushed me if it came low enough. i had a migraine for 2 days afterward.I don’t believe it was a weather phenomenon. it felt intelligent to me some how.

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UFO Sighting in East Providence, Rhode Island on 2017-05-26 08:10:00 – While driving south on i 95 in the early morning i witnessed a bright, starlike light in the early morning over narragansett bay.

While riding in a van driving south on i 95 in the morning, i witnesses a bright, star-like light in the east, approx. 45 degrees from the horizon over narragansett bay. we went under the overpass of broad street and i was unable to see the object after that. the weather was overcast and rainy so i believe it could not have been a star. the object did not move and i only saw it for a few seconds before i lost sight of it while going under an overpass. immediately afterwards i felt my heart racing for a few moments and then that feeling subsided.

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UFO Sighting in Tempe, Arizona on 2017-05-24 04:20:00 – 4:20 am alerted my dogs. they were very scared. had their attention. i looking at it was drawn, it caused me to shift my focus. shift my awareness. i couldn’t see anything in front of me or beside me, it was circling hovering flashing. i saw something.

My dogs wanted to go out, alerted by a noise or light . i let them out, they voiced a strange sound they don’t make. i went to check on them, saw this was i thought wasvaxstar. took photo, said wow… this is not a star, it is moving. let me catch on video. it kept. pushing my flash. but if i were to video in the home flash would work. it circled hovered for 2 hours. at 1 point i saw a entry open what liked to be like a stairway, but nothing came out. i was looking at this several session times. every time felt drawn in. it caused me to shift my focus, shift my awareness, hearing became cloudy, felt little dizzy, vibrating, my dogs were protecting their food dish and hiding under a piece of furniture. that day, we went to sleep,prior to that i showered, i noticed coming out my 1 dog licking above slightly
the pillow area next to where i sleep. excited, wagging his tail as if he recognized a family member came back from a trip or something. we went to sleep, upon weakening to go work tour 1 at job, i my 2 dogs simply felt drugged or someone gave us multiple ambien to sleep. we were all out of it. lested day and a half, hearing still effected. still feeling a vibration they my body. and i’ve been excessively thirsty . so have my dogs. thank you.

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UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2017-05-24 22:27:00 – I’ve witnessed, captured photos, and videos on a daily basis. they descend every night about 9pm. i walked outside to sit on patio and saw a glowing neon green orb on the ground. i began taking photos and it morphed into a huge t-shape with huge lights.

since december 2016, every single night about 2100, i go outback on my patio and watch these ufo’s and celestial being’s descend and take their place. i’ve witnessed over 13 different shapes, colors, and sizes of ufo’s and celestial beings in witch these flutter and fly as if they have wings. the red ones scare me in which these have wings, upper portion being human like and lower portion spinning with multicolored flashing lights. . these remind me of descriptions of some being’s in the book of revelation.There’s a huge white one in perticular that has a tiny blue and white sparkling sphere that stays a distance underneath it, following as “the queen” (as i call her) moves about nightly. i understand the importance of searching and studying ufo’s for some are good and many are evil. we need to prepare now. the world is wrapped up in politics when earth should be united as one and focus all our attention on this invasion we are about to encounter. when i talk to “the queen”, she turns towards me. . . she hears me. at about 2am, these ufo’s and celestial beings are literally hanging in the sky like ornaments on a christmas tree. in december, i witnessed 5. january, up to 20 a night. . now in may, there are literally hundreds. why me?? my mother has always called me her celestial and i used to cry every night as a baby for the moon. san antonio ufo sightings (saufosightings) founder calls me regularly and believes they are attracted to my energy. ufo’s and orbs are being seen (207,000 reports) almost daily, but most witness only once. in november’s conference on extraterrestrial existence in canada, they stated billions have been put forth towards seeking et life and ufo’s. . . i would like to personally invite anyone interested to witness these beings and ufo’s to my home. you may film, take photos, and even see how they react when i just step outside. it’s a 100% guarantee hundreds will be seen regardless of what month or what night. it is very important to me that i show someone all of these things from my backyard. my parents came all the way from west texas to sit outside and watch them with me along with neighbors and friends. they are not all over san antonio nightly, but over my home, countless. you can also tell the difference between each civilization and the fact that some of these have wings. watching them with the naked eye is different then pictures or videos. sometimes electronics pick them up differently than what you can actually see. the largest one i’ve ever witnessed was almost football field sized with huge multi colored lights all the way around this rectangular object. the lights were the size of a small swimming pool. as i was videoing a ufo hovering above me, a bright light beam down on me lighting up the ground all the way around me, terrified, i turned to look as it swooped down almost like a bird would over water, knocking me to the ground, yet it didn’t touch me. . . it had no sound, breeze, odor, or heat. i’ve jumped in my car and chased one only once. as i was navigating through the neighborhood trying to keep up with it, i saw two others just like it. i turned down newcome street in front of my sons school and afraid of it losing me, i pulled over jumped out of my car held my ipad up and just began taking photos. what came out in the photograph was totally different from what i could see with the naked eye. it was round, multicolored light beamed up words out of the object. the lights on it were huge and bulbous. it stopped and hovered over the right side of newcome. . . it knew i was looking at it. it was aware. . . then took off zipping down the street towards evers rd. too fast for me to have kept up. if anyone wants to witness or feels they have to see to believe, they are here and i will introduce them as i have many. i am a mother and nurse and an active sister at church. i finally told my pastor a couple sunday’s ago. this past sunday, he informed the congregation that he had talk to god about a few things with god answering tell your congregation that it’s time to prepare it is the beginning. this is a man of great discernment. a true man of god. my mother, tamara crockett has been a member of the paranormal and psychic research institute in switzerland since november of 1977. another strong gift in our family. i’ve seen hundreds of spirits since i was 12 yrs old. i had to finally set visiting hours with them so that i could get sleep in order to get up and work the next morning as a nurse. they were keeping me up and i wasn’t getting good rest. it just so happens that it worked! so that’s what everyone in the family now does. they set visiting hours. finally, i would like to add that i graduated first out of 120 students in college with a 4.0 with no diagnoses of schizophrenia or hallucinations. lol. i know i’m not crazy, this is real! thank you so much for your time. (i have video’s i will get in and hundreds of photos in high i will send the most shocking.)

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UFO Sighting in Virginia Beach, Virginia on 1994-03-17 21:30:00 – Me and my brother look out window and seen glowing big light hoovering then shot off

Me and brother was at baby sitters lying in bed getting ready for bed we look out window and seen a big glowing object hoovering right about tree level and after a few mins it shot off out of sight from a dead stop or hoovering how ever you look at it only me and my brother know bout it we didnt tell anybody about it till this year and this happened in va beach in spring of 1994

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