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UFO Detected by Radar, Jets Scrambled | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

UFO Detected by Radar, Jets Scrambled
The ATC scope boys said they had a “huge bogie” on the radar for more then 30 minutes. When they scrambled the old F-5’s at NAHA AFB, the object moved away quickly. (Illustration)

     I was in the USAF from 1966 to 1969, 3.4 years total. I was sent to school at Sheppard AFB for about 6 months….

I was sent to a radar site on the southern tip of Okinawa to operate a prime power plant….

Reader SUbmitted Report
The UFO Chronicles

One night in 1967 we were working the swing shift and we stayed at the NCO Club until closing, which was close to 1:00 am. A co-worker and I David M. Jxxxxx were eating a late night snack; we had no alcohol that night. When we walked out the side door with a small girl who worked at the NCO Club (she was going to get her mop and buckets to clean the club) she exclaimed, “Ok somi yo!” (Oh my god!) She went back inside and stayed inside.

I walked with David and he said he would go get his new 35mm camera. He ran back to our barracks and I slowly walked that direction staring at this large orange colored light. It was a typical misty evening that shrouds this small mountain peak that time of year. I walked along and got to the end door of the barracks and then as I turned my head to look at David—this object just disappeared.

As he came out the second floor door, he said his camera was out of film. The radar observers working at that time were closed mouth, when we asked later that day, what did they see. Later on as time passed we got bits and pieces of information.

The people of the local islands were seeing all kinds of light that night. KSBK got many sighting reports as well as ours that early AM. KSBK went off the air at 3:00 AM or so if I remember. The scope dopes, as we called the ATC scope boys said they had a “huge bogie” on the radar for more then 30 minutes. When they scrambled the old F-5’s at NAHA AFB, the object moved away quickly. This bright light was seen all over this area and even in Taiwan that night.

They estimated that it was over 200 ft in diameter based on the ping they were getting.

When we observed the light it was difficult to estimate the size or distance as there was a misty light rain. I t was about 35 degrees above the surface and it was past the end of this escarpment of the radar site hilltop

YOZA Dake Air Station was then the longest reaching radar at this island. Raytheon had recently modified the old dish and added new panels and it had the longest over the horizon look for any site at that time as we were looking for anything Russia might launch at the USA or at this huge military encampment we had during the Vietnam War. There was over 60,000 there and or passing through.

The old Major who ran the site was telling people that the “Bogie Book” was full of unidentified objects seen on radar.

I was later sent to Offut AFB Sac HQ and I was told by some people bout th Holliman AFB UFOs that shut down some missile silos.

I was assigned to work with AFB portable generators for stand-by power. We had to go out to a site where there was a long wave radio transmitter and these guys said they saw many weird lights at night near Silver Creek, Nebraska.

The radio was designed to transmit signal all over the world in the event WWIII was to ever happen. The antenna tower was half wave and was the tallest in the world at that time.

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UFO Sighting Over Lake Wylie | VIDEO

UFO Sighting Over Lake Wylie - North Carolina 1-5-16

By David Sentendrey

      A possible group of 12-15 UFO’s were seen above Lake Wylie on Tuesday evening.

A retired U.S. Navy officer says more than a dozen red/orange lights were moving back and forth above the lake. In a report on the National U.F.O. Reporting Center website, he says they circled for 5-8 minutes without a sound. […]

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UFOs and Strange Noises in Bundaberg | VIDEO

UFOs and Strange Noises in Bundaberg

By Crystal Jones

      THEY weren’t birds and they weren’t planes… so what were the strange objects in our skies on Friday night?

People across Bundaberg spotted the shiny orange objects in the night sky and took to social media with some suggesting they were Chinese lanterns and others thinking there was a more otherworldly explanation.

Reports of UFOs (keeping in mind a UFO is simply something in the sky we can’t explain) seem to be nothing new in the region – and I should know because I have reported on a lot of them.

But on Friday night I became the subject when I spotted two of these lights moving over the sky as I was getting into my car.

To me, they were not planes. Planes don’t closely follow each other, they make a different kind of light and have a sound. . . .

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Phoenix Lights Witness Goes Public | 18th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

Phoenix Lights Witness Goes Public | 18th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

Phoenix Lights Witness Goes Public;
Life Changing Experience was Much More Then a UFO Sighting!

By Scott Petrie
The UFO Chronicles
© 4-27-10 / 2015

      . . . I was working that Thursday night, March 13th 1997 and was right in the middle of trying to finish the job I was working on before our break time at 9:00 pm, which was about a half an hour away . . . all of a sudden I had a “strong urge” to stop what I was working on, which I tried to fight—this went from “an urge to a command” and I couldn’t fight it!

As I turned, I said out loud, “WHAT?”(even though I was working alone). As I stood up and turned 180° to look towards Phoenix, I dropped my tools and to my astonishment when I focused on what was appearing in front of me—there were 3 balls of light of a type and color I will never forget. It was like watching a cartoon as the orbs were lit from within. They were an orange color like “fire with red and yellow churning” inside each one.

Once all 7 were lit up one at a time (north to south), they just hung there about 500 feet above the southeastern part of the airport and river bottom. One orb kept getting out of line and zip around and then get back in line again; then they all started moving and went from the semi-circle they had been in for 4 or 5 minutes, they then made a “V-shape” and started to turn southeast in my direction.

As the pointed front part of this V swung around, the second it was directed at me, I was “hit” with something that I can only explain as “being scanned.” It instantly knew me and everything about me that second. I was so scared that my “fight or flight” clicked in and I turned and started running away. I didn’t get far before I realized that this thing was about 8 or 9 miles away. I turned back and “my fears instantly left” as I watched the V make an elegant banked turn performing a U-turn over The Point South Mountain and glided silently due west, parallel to the South Mountain range, until it got to the end of it, turning left and going behind the range over Rainbow Valley South towards Tucson.

Since that night, as the years have gone by, I’ve been watching the sky every night with nothing to report; then one night in 2008 I’m inside watching TV, when I get the same “command” to go outside and look up—I did, and what I saw flying over at the 12:00 position, right where I was “prompted” to look was a swirling cloud at an extremely high altitude traveling due south. It was swirling like water going down a drain and had a light shining through it from behind, which was dimming on and off as it flew over; it looked like a little “Milky Way Galaxy” flying along, blinking on and off as it passed.

It was starting to get farther towards Tucson, but still visible, I said to myself under my breath “well, at least it didn’t do anything crazy like zip around ” because it was at a constant speed and a constant direction. Just as soon as I finished saying this, it zigzagged back and forth and then continued it’s same heading and went out of sight. Both times I’ve had these sightings I was summoned to watch, and I know that this is only the start of what is going to be seen by all. I know that I’ve been picked to prepare for their arrival, and I’m getting like Dreyfuss [Close Encounters] lately, going a little bit nuts . . . so says my family and friends. Suffice to say: I know this is the real thing, not our government, not anything from here.

Any comments can be made here at The UFO Chronicles, as I keep in touch with Frank (Warren) exclusively; I have grown to trust him above all other professionals in the field. Thanks for reading.

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UFO Dropped Smaller, Sphere, Claims Oregon Witness

UFO Dropped Sphere, Claims Oregon Witness

By Roger Marsh

     An Oregon witness at Albany reported watching a large, hovering orange object that dropped a sphere before moving away at a high rate of speed, according to testimony in Case 63735 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness had just opened a back door when the object was first seen about 8:15 p.m. on March 4, 2015.

“I noticed a very large orange object with dark red, fibrillating light on the bottom descending approximately less than one mile away at 140 degrees southeast,” the witness stated. “The object stopped and hovered for about two to three minutes.”

The witness reached for his binoculars and noticed a second, smaller object moving out of the larger object.

“I saw a round sphere with dark red lights going crazy at the bottom of the sphere. It looked like it dropped (shot) out of sides near the bottom.”

The object then began to move.

“The object started to ascend slowly and then took off at a very high rate of speed directly south. It looked like it traveled miles in just a couple of seconds. It was just after dark. No noise.”

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Pilot Reports UFOs Over Friday Harbor, Washington

Pilot Reports UFOs Over Friday Harbor, Washington

By Dennis Box

     Jan. 15 began as a typical evening in Friday Harbor for Jim Dunn. He and his wife were driving north on Mullis Street planning to attend a lecture at the University of Washington Laboratories on salmon migration.

At about 6:15 p.m. Dunn noticed three orange lights in the sky. He thought a plane was making a “very low approach” to land at the airport, which he thought was odd. He next assumed the lights must be a helicopter, but there was something weird about the movements.

Dunn said he stopped his car and pulled over by Browne’s Home Center to watch the lights.

“It was three orange lights moving independently,” Dunn said. “At first I rationalized it was a drone, but they were moving too rapidly for a drone.”

He said the lights traveled roughly west above Spring Street as if coming from the harbor.

Dunn, a retired architect who has lived on San Juan Island since 2000, said it was the first time he saw something that could be considered a UFO. . . .

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UFOs Glide Over Three Florida Towns | VIDEO

UFOs Glide Over Three Florida Towns | VIDEO

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

     On Saturday night, several eyewitnesses in three Florida locations reported seeing unusual groups of lights in the sky, sometimes forming a gliding triangle pattern.

At approximately 6:35 p.m., YouTube user Jennifer Schee saw three lights above a West Palm Beach, Florida, highway. . . .

“I saw one first, then it disappeared over the ocean,” Schee wrote. “Then I saw the three in this video. Then there were two that came that I have in another video. Then another. Then another. They all followed the same path and they all disappeared over the ocean up in the sky, not down over the horizon.”

Schee wasn’t alone during her sighting, and another eyewitness, Katelyn, commented on her similar observations about 13 miles north of West Palm Beach.

“I saw three, but one at a time in my neighborhood going towards the east coast, each one bright and when their light disappeared, I kept tracking it with my eye and could see a silver dot still gliding through the air in Palm Beach Gardens. It was going west to east all three of them . . ..

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Security Guard Snaps Pics of UFOs While on Duty

Security Guard Snaps Pics of UFOs While on Duty - Oxnard, Ca 11-15-14
Credit: MUFON


    I’m a security officer at a Lowes home improvement store. I was doing a parking lot patrol in the truck. When I was coming back to park the truck, I glanced up and saw 4 glowing red lights moving in one direction. One kept getting close to another. I went to go park the truck and hurried back. But couldn’t see them anymore.

I walked back and forth to see if they were really gone.

About 5 minutes later I saw one in the sky. I quickly took out my phone but couldn’t get the camera to open up quick enough. The single glowing object seemed to turn and disappear.

I don’t know if it was a helicopter an airplane but the way they were moving made me not believe it was an airplane. . . .

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UFO Lit Neighborhood Ground Orange

UFO Lit Neighborhood Ground Orange - Marietta, Pennsylvania 6-10-2013
Credit: MUFON

UFO NEWS: UFO Lit Neighborhood Ground Orange

By Roger Marsh

     A Pennsylvania witness at Marietta recalls a UFO encounter where an orange sphere-shaped object just 40 feet over his home lit up the ground as it slowly crossed the neighborhood, according to testimony in Case 61106 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was sitting on his front porch at 1:10 a.m. Sunday morning, June 10, 2013, when he noticed that his front yard had lit up orange from a source above the home.

“The light was so bright that I could barely see my front lamp post light,” the witness stated. “So I proceeded to step off my porch and out onto our walkway to see what it was.”

The object was just 40 feet above his home. . . .

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UFO Close Encounter Claimed by Olton Dog Walker

UFO Close Encounter Claimed by Olton Dog Walker

Olton dog walker claims UFO close encounter

By Mike Lockley

Man shaken by line of pulsating orange lights in the sky – and is adamant Chinese lanterns were not to blame

     Picking his way along a canal towpath Richard Westwood suddenly became aware of a strange, pulsating orange glow in the clear night sky.

The 45-year-old was walking his German shepherd Ted at the time.

He looked up at the inky blackness.

And there, 1,000 feet above, a strange craft throbbed, its lights blazing brighter than the star-spangled canopy.

Richard instantly knew the strange object above Castle Lane in Olton, Solihull, was no plane. . . .

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